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EasyForex.Pro Review: A Disastrous Trading Platform

EasyForex.Pro does not stand out as a legit trading platform as it has no regulation. The platform is an offshore-based investment and trading platform. You stand to lose your funds if you engage with the platform. And this is the reason why we have to expose the platform. No one else gets to withdraw funds with Easy Forex Pro, which is a considerable challenge. It would be best if you found out more in our detailed EASYFOREX.PRO REVIEW.

EasyForex.Pro Review

A Detailed Summary of EasyForex.Pro

There’s nothing to write home about when it comes to trading with EasyForex.Pro. Several investors have lost their funds with the platform, which led to this investigation. But, first, you need to find out the reasons that led to the platform’s downgrade.

For those who have already signed up, we can only feel the pain. Not withdrawing funds even after making profitable trades is painful. And this is why we must expose the platform and ensure no one else falls for it.

EasyForex.Pro comes out as an aesthetically appealing website. And this is all a show to ensure users fall in love with it. But, unfortunately, the platform does not have any meaningful relationships with investors. There’s not even a direct line of communication with the platform.

To make the platform appear professional, they use moving imagery. So you get to see people in a boardroom with words like strategic investing written all over it. It’s their way of enticing investors into signing up.

Before you deposit funds with any platform, we suggest you do some thorough research. Get to find out what others are saying about a particular platform before you sign up. And this means having the right information even before committing funds.

Easy Forex Pro will leave you in tears. No one has been able to withdraw funds for the past few weeks. Regulators are already planning to issue a warning in regards to investing with the platform. It’s best to read this review for more.

Accounts EasyForex.Pro

EasyForex.Pro offers three live accounts and a separate demo account which we will check in later. What caught our eye is the exorbitant minimum allowed deposit, even with the most basic account.

Here’s a closer look at the three live accounts on offer;


It’s the most basic account, with investors having to deposit $9999 to start trading. The amount is way above the industry-recommended funding amount of $250. To add salt to injury, the account doesn’t even offer any relative advantage.


For the VIP account holder, you must deposit $50,000 to get started. The amount is also seen as way too much. There is no advantage of holding this account, especially with the available features.


We don’t know whether it’s a type as the account also comes with a minimum deposit of $50,000. However, when we wrote pretending to be interested in this account, the platform insisted on a deposit of $500,000.

It seems the platinum account is set for institutional traders. The platform claims the account has better features that are available once investors fund it. There’s no way we can fund an account without knowing the full features.

Account Features

EasyForex.Pro Accounts

When selecting your trading platform, ensure you find out available features. The platform hides vital information regarding leverage and spreads. Investors are signing in blind without knowing the full account features.

You should know the sufficient leverage and minimum deposit in the industry. When it comes to leverage, most jurisdictions allow maximum leverage of 1:100. However, in the United States, retail traders must use maximum leverage of 1:50.

Account Trading Specialist

With the platinum account, you get a trading specialist. Although you might think that this is a huge advantage, it’s not. The specialists are call agents who want to take advantage of wealthy clients.

Members who signed up with the platinum account claim harassment by these managers. These managers will call you at odd hours, claiming to have a lucrative investment deal. You will have to deposit funds with the account manager, different from the trading account.

Those who make the mistake of depositing funds with the account manager end up losing everything. After depositing funds, the account manager will disappear with your funds. Attempts to get help from the platform fall on deaf ears.

We believe the platform hires account managers to steal funds from investors. These are call agents who will entice you into believing they can double your profit. The urge to feed this satisfaction is what makes some investors deposit over $100,000.

Assets and Trading Instruments

There are five classes of trading instruments found on the platform. These include commodities, crypto, forex, indices, and stocks. You also get to trade bonds from different countries, which helps spread risks.

When it comes to commodities, the platform avails commodities from the food and manufacturing sector. The leverage of these assets is way above the recommended 1:100. With high leverage, chances of making huge losses increase.

Crypto trading has become an integral part of investing. And this means having crypto pairs with leading currencies. The platform offers leading currency pairs from EUR to USD. Available crypto assets include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Are Funds Safe with Easy Forex Pro?

Business Proprietor

Glastrox Trade Ltd is the entity we are told owns and runs the platform. The entity is registered in the Marshall Islands. There’s a good reason why the platform would seek registration in an offshore location.

Most of these platforms are afraid of the strict registration guidelines in most jurisdictions. It’s this reason that some prefer registering platforms in offshore locations. Nonetheless, the platform also hides vital information regarding ownership.

There are no records of the CEO or CFO of the platform in question. And this puts your funds at risk, not knowing who is held responsible for them. It’s why you need to stay away from EasyForex.Pro as it’s an anonymous platform.

Contact and support

Customer support is critical when selecting which platform to choose. Unfortunately, the platform in question does not offer users any direct means of communication. And this is a problem for investors. You need a platform that offers more direct access to support.

What we have is a phone number that rarely goes through. We suspect the platform is also using a virtual phone number for easy access. It would be best if you went for platforms that offer live support 24/7 to users.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Funding methods include bank and wire transfers. Unfortunately, you don’t get to fund your account using crypto. Today’s trading platforms avail crypto, which is much easier to transfer. After funding your account, the balance will reflect within 24 hours.

We don’t recommend funding accounts with offshore-based platforms. With several withdrawal complaints, it’s best to stay away from the platform. And this means having to interact with their agents.

EasyForex.Pro License and Regulatory Status

Is legit or a scam?

EasyForex.Pro is not a licensed or regulated platform. The platform does not offer investors any chance of actual trading. We don’t get to see documents to prove the license details at the bottom of their homepage.

Fund Safety EasyForex.Pro

Your funds are far from safe with a platform that fails to offer genuine investment services. The platform doesn’t segregate accounts as dictated by trading regulations. Please stay away from such high-risk platforms.

Our Verdict

We recommend that you stay away from the platform for obvious reasons. First, it’s a high-risk investment platform.

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