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Est 1993 Store Review: Is a scam?

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Est 1993 Store is another Russian-based crypto hardware store that’s a complete fluke. Those who have bought miners from the store are left ruing their decision to engage.

Here’s our complete Review.

Once you land on the homepage, it’s clear the website lacks maintenance. No vendor can leave or design a website and leave it the way Est 1993 has done.

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Our platform fails to offer much productivity and engagement with clients.

All sellers have are listed miners and a price quote to go alongside the miner. There’s no name of the vendor, just their profile ID number.

Est 1993 Store Review

And that means you are dealing with anonymous crypto hardware vendors. So, naturally, that’s the last thing you want as a crypto buyer.

We can’t even begin to expose the platform’s weak points, as there are as many as you can imagine.

You get a store that posts stock images and lowers miner prices to lure bulk sales. And worse of all fails to deliver miners.

There’s not a single Russian who has come out to offer their support of the store. And this leaves us to believe this is another crypto hardware vendor scam.

Scam is written all over it as it fails to offer much accountability and transparency.

Before engaging with crypto hardware stores, you must first dive deeper and determine if the store is legit.

About Est 1993 Store

Again, what’s shocking about this website is that there’s no history or background of the platform. Instead, we have a platform that offers nothing but pain and headaches.

After purchasing any miner from the store, the vendor will likely delete your sales information. And this is aided by the culprits behind the website.

Without any transparent background, the store has other affiliates that seem to run the same scam.

How no one in Russia hasn’t decided to pull down any of the listed websites remains a mystery. These are the sort of websites that lure naïve investors into buying a handful of miners.

And delivery of these miners is nowhere near reality. No buyer gets to use the miner or even receive it.

And that’s why we must expose the store for failing to offer much authenticity and openness.

Accountability and transparency are key features to look out for when engaging with crypto hardware stores.

We don’t even know the founders or staff members behind the curtains. The design aspect is another worrying feature.

The website looks like it that built a long time ago. Even the images displayed remain unclear and don’t portray the actual miner.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Est 1993 Store

There are no advantages or disadvantages of the store. Unfortunately, this means we are dealing with a store that doesn’t offer much authenticity.

Delivery of the product is 0% guaranteed. So there’s a high chance no one gets to see the miner in action.

You have a miner that fails to offer much in terms of the trust. As a result, hundreds of victims have lost funds or their crypto hardware investment with the platform.

We must highlight these victims’ pleas to stop the store from falling into such traps.

As a buyer, before engaging with any new crypto hardware store, you should weigh the pros and cons of each store.

A quick search using Google search engines is one of the fastest ways to check whether a store is legit.

Est 1993 Store Review will give you the results to determine whether to engage the store.

There are other glaring aspects to look at, including prices, and available miners.

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Features to look out for when engaging with crypto hardware vendors and stores

Est 1993 Store is a scam

Before engaging with any store, you MUST check out these features and ensure everything is in line.

We will also help you navigate how to spot a scammer from a genuine crypto seller with these features.

Communication aspect

A genuine vendor will use every available communication aspect to close the sale. And most even accept live video calls to show they have the miners.

Est 1993 Store doesn’t offer live chat communication in this case. And that’s why we must expose the store’s issues.

Condition of the miner

The condition of the miner is essential when buying miners. Is it a brand-new mining unit or a refurbished model?

Brand new miners are costlier than used miners. In addition, scammers may list miners as new only to deliver a refurbished and faulty mining unit.

Prices of the miners

One of the best ways to lure out a scammer is to watch the prices. The scammer will try and bring down costs and insist on bulk sales.

These prices are often not in line with market conditions. And that shows we are dealing with a scam as the miner’s prices are meager.

How to safely buy ASIC miners from online vendors

One of the best ways to buy miners is to use our detailed guidelines that protect you from falling into scam traps.

Step 1

Identify the seller and ensure the seller doesn’t have much in terms of false or missing profile information.

Avoid engaging with

We recommend that you buy from a seller who accepts facetime calls. However, video calls are relevant and highly trustworthy.

Step 2

After engaging with the seller, you can ask to see the miner in action. That will help you know the condition and maximum hashrate of the miner.

The seller can post a short video of the miner and send it to you. Don’t just buy a stock image without seeing the miner with all the necessary components.

Step 3

Once you decide to buy, we don’t recommend using crypto payment channels for first-time purchases. Due to its anonymous nature, crypto is a bit risky.

You must use a bank transfer that offers details of the recipient. Ensure you get a receipt of payment and order tracking information.

Our Verdict on Est 1993 Store

Please stay away from this Russian store, as it has scammed hundreds of buyers.

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