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Ethereum Miners Review: Is a Scam?

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Crypto retail stores are likely to take advantage of you; Ethereum Miners ( is one of them. Unfortunately, the store already has a negative perception from the crypto community. Those who have interacted with the store have nothing good to say. And this is a pointer of what to expect from the store. It would be best if you found out why we flagged down the Ethereum miner store. Here’s our comprehensive ETHEREUM MINERS REVIEW.

A Brief Overview of Ethereum Miners

Ethereum Miners Reviews: Pros and Cons

When the store started, it was offering hosting services. Ethereum Miners claims to have started offering crypto hardware services in 2012. So we have a store that wants buyers to see it as a reputable and strong brand.

Far from it, Ethereum Miners is nowhere close to offering legit services. Instead, we have a platform that won’t bother delivering miners. Instead, the store claims to sell new and used miners from leading brands.

Another false narrative is that the store is the main distributor of Bitmain, Canaan, and FusionSilicon. To be clear, FusionSilicon is no longer in existence. The manufacturer seems to have gone underground.

It would be best to find out the profitability of ASIC miners before engaging fully with them. Try and find out the stats of ASIC miners before buying one. Learn the number of coins it mines, hashrate, and efficiency it brings to the table.

Ethereum Miners has, over time, been losing its grip on the crypto market. Due to several complaints, the store no longer seems valid. Once greed sets in, most stores want to take advantage of naïve buyers.

It would be best to do due diligence before signing up with any platform. Try and find out what others are saying before committing. It gives you a clear picture of what you’re getting yourself into. You can also request us to review any store on your behalf.

Accessible Units Ethereum Miners

Ethereum Miners claims to offer leading brands. These include Baikal, Bitmain, Canaan, FusionSilicon, Innosilicon, Linzhi Phoenix, and more. The store goes ahead and claims to be the biggest miner market in Europe.

To make the platform seem feasible, delivery is within four days. And that’s impossible, even for leading manufacturers. Logistics makes it hard for the store to deliver such miners quickly. It’s a false feature the platform entirely takes advantage of by enticing clients.

Also, the store claims to pay the shipping fee without charging clients. So you would expect the prices of these miners to be high. And you’re right; the prices for their miners are exorbitant.

The store offers inflated prices for their miners, which is unacceptable. Most of the used miners are faulty, and still, the store will try and make a killing. What we have is a store that doesn’t offer fair conditions.

The store claims to offer less time with the warranty period as miners mine 24 hours. That’s not a genuine reason to provide a warranty for a month or less. Manufactures and other stores offer warranties from 180 days to a year.

There’s also the issue of raising prices even after a client makes payment. The store will demand extra funds for the already paid miner. Failure to do this, the store won’t deliver the miner or offer any refund.

Affiliate Program

Available Miners Ethereum Miners

You will notice that most ASIC review platforms don’t want any association with the store. And with good reason, the store won’t bother releasing commissions. So you end up doing all the heavy lifting and won’t get any compensation.

Worse still, you will be directing clients to a store that fails to deliver miners. Affiliates are likely to lose their credibility and reputation. And this is why you need to stay away from the platform. You will be an accessory to online fraud.

We also suspect the platform is selling personal information. Once you sign up with the store, your personal information gets sold to marketing platforms. You start getting several promotional emails from products you haven’t subscribed to.

Background and history

Despite claiming to be around since 2012, domain records show another story. From what we can see, the store is barely a year old. The website went live on 7th April 2021. So as we publish this post, the website is 257 days old.

We have a crypto store that claims to follow strict EU regulations. And yet, there are no documents to suggest the store even complies. The place of residency is in question, and we believe the people behind it want to target European clients.

 Business Owner

The platform claims to reside in Belgium on the terms and conditions page. However, the store fails to reveal their warehouse or people working for them. In addition, there’s no information on who operates or owns the store.

And this creates an issue since we don’t recommend engaging with anonymous online stores. The store ought to come clean and offer valid information on staff members. And this is why we have to expose the store.

It would be best if you avoided anonymity at all costs. There’s no way you can recover stolen funds from anonymous stores. Even getting a refund from the store is next to impossible. That’s why the store doesn’t accept any returns.

Client reviews and testimony

You won’t find any buyer praising the store. On the contrary, the store has a negative reputation thanks to selling faulty miners. Those who claim to have received working miners are part of the con. The store rarely delivers any miner at all.

Are Miners Faulty?

One of the best places to read customers’ reviews is independent review websites. Trustpilot doesn’t have any positive reviews of the store. There are no positive reviews even on crypto forums which creates a clear picture.

Contact and support

Don’t expect any support from the platform. There’s no direct point of contact. All that buyers get is a message board to leave their message. Then, buyers have to wait for a response from the store, which isn’t forthcoming.

It would be best to buy miners from a distinguished store that offers a more direct contact approach. A genuine store will try and communicate as best as possible with buyers. In addition, you need a store that even tracks shipping and confirms delivery.

What we see is a store that wants to control the communication process. The store seeks only to communicate when it fits them. And this means when trying to convince buyers to buy crypto hardware from the store.

Deposit and payment methods

To ensure you can’t track payments, the store only accepts crypto deposits. And this means risking losing everything once payment is complete. That’s why we advise that you avoid the platform.

You won’t get any miners from the store. But, unfortunately, hundreds have fallen victim to the store’s claims of fast delivery. You don’t need to be their next victim; ignore the store and find better alternatives.

Dogecoin and Litecoin Miners

Is EthereumMiners Store Legit or a Scam?

It seems the store wants to classify its miners with mineable coins. You are likely buying a used miner that’s faulty. Those who manage to get the miners to claim defective issues with the units. Most of the miners only work for a week or two.

Our verdict Ethereum Miners

We recommend that you stay away from Ethereum Miners; it’s NOT a credible store.

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