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EVO Miners Review: Is a Scam?

A store that will rip you off is EVO Miners (, which sells faulty miners. The store has been making all the wrong headlines of late. Buyers have turned up the heat with a call for a class suit. We believe the store will soon end after failing to deliver bought miners. That’s the experience you’re likely to face with EVOMiners. We recommend you stay away from Learn more in our exclusive EVO MINERS REVIEW.

A Brief Overview of EVO Miners

EVO Miners Pros and Cons

What we have is a store that once was the darling of the crypto community. But, unfortunately, EvoMiners is now a shell of what it was a while back. It seems greed took over the platform immediately after it started gaining recognition.

Now, buyers are wary as the platform rarely delivers miners. The prices are steep, and some of the crucial components are missing from the store. And this is why we have to expose the store and protect crypto miner buyers.

It would be best to find the right miner first before engaging with a crypto hardware store. Find out the profitability of ASIC miners before buying one. Check to see their stats, such as efficiency and hashrate.

EVO Miners doesn’t care about your end game. The store only wants to sell faulty miners to investors. And this is why we must put an end to this charade. The store will soon shut down due to numerous complaints forwarded by buyers.

Cracks started appearing a few months back when the store failed to deliver Goldshell KD2 Miners. At the time, the Goldshell KD2 Miner was making a hefty profit. You can get the stats of the Goldshell KD2 Kadena miner for more.

It would be best to do due diligence before signing up with any store. Ensure you find out the experience of other uses with the store. Getting such information will help you make a clear decision.

Accessible Miners on EVO Miners

Evominers claims to have the best miners around. The miner has the latest and most profitable miners when you look at their list. Unfortunately, it’s all a roost as the platform fails to show proof of ownership. There’s no video showing their warehouse with any of these units.

Some of the miners the store claims to have include Bitmain, Goldshell, iBeLink, Innosilicon, and Whatsminer. The fact is that EvoMiners doesn’t have any of these units. Instead, it’s a store that acts as a middle man.

Once you make payment, the platform will get the miner from a different store. And this is why most buyers don’t get the miner. Its clear buyers are buying miners for the store. And there’s no way you will get your refund.

If you’re looking for the most profitable miner, we recommend Goldshell KD5 Kadena miner. The unit is a hot miner straight from the kitchen. Get to learn the profitability and stats of the Goldshell KD5 Kadena miner.

With all their attempts to offer discounts, the prices of these miners are way above average. So the middleman tries to take a huge cut for any miner the platform claims to deliver. There’s also the issue of raising prices during shipping.

What happens is that after you make payment, the platform claims to release the miner. Two days later, you receive an email that the miner’s price has gone up. And now, you have to send the extra cost.

ASIC Miners EVO Miners

Advantages and Disadvantages of EVO Miners

There are several disadvantages of buying a miner from Likely, you won’t receive the miner in the first place. Secondly, you will pay way too much for the miner. Finally, the miner will also lack crucial components such as a PSU.

Complaints regarding delivery are rife as buyers don’t receive their mining units. We suspect that those who do get refurbished miners. Since no one bothers to check the inside, the platform refurbishes the front cover.

We did try and check the motherboard of a miner from the store. But, unfortunately, it wasn’t working, and still, the store was selling the miner as a new one. So that’s what you’re likely going to face with the store. And this is why you need to stay away from it.

Selling used miners is not a bad thing; in fact, we recommend it. The only problem is EvoMiners sells faulty miners. These miners rarely mine for a week. The miner will overheat within two to three days and ultimately fail to work.

Affiliate Programs

We don’t recommend that you join their affiliate network. From an affiliate point of view, the platform will lessen your credibility. In addition, you will likely lose your reputation for directing users to a store that fails to deliver mining units.

The store, on its part, fails to release commissions to affiliate members. Both you and the buyer end up losing funds with the store. The store hides conversion data from affiliates citing clerical error.

Is EvoMiners a Legit or Scam Crypto Retail Store?

Background and history

There’s a strong indication that the store is another clone. However, we found another store with a similar name but a different web domain. There’s a website of Persian origin under the domain

From what we can see about, the website is barely a year old. However, as we publish this post, the website is 575 days old. And it already has negative publicity due to failure to deliver miners on time.


The platform offers two incentives to try and get as many buyers as possible. One is for the first order, and the other is for the terms of the special sales. Instead, we have a plot to defraud investors into buying non-existent miners.

For the first-time buyer, the store promises a hefty 15 percent discount. The reason for this is to get new buyers. Thirty percent cut doesn’t make sense, especially with new miners. The store won’t be making any profit with such high discounts. Unless the miners are faulty, of course.

Business Owner

The disclaimer at the footer of their homepage suggests the platform is in the United Kingdom. Attempts to prove their physical address fail as there’s no video for buyers to see. We believe the store cites this location to target European crypto hardware buyers.

Anonymity is what EVOMiners is all about. We don’t have the names of people working for the platform. To add salt to injury, the store fails to mention the CEO or founders of the store. And this indicates the store’s intent to remain hidden in the public eye.

Client Testimony

There’s a testimony section even from the Voskcoin owner regarding the store. We know that the store uses his image to sell its merchandise. Voskcoin owner doesn’t even know his name is on the store.

Learn the truth about what clients are facing on independent review sites. For example, complaints are all over social media platforms regarding the sorry state of miners from The crypto forums also have real-life experiences of buyers.

User experience with

EVO Miners License and Regulation

EVO Miners is far from being a legit company or online platform. All online stores must comply with The Information Commission Office (ICO) for compliance in the UK. Failure to do so, the store must be flagged down.

Our verdict EVO Miners

After confirming that EVO Miners is selling faulty mining units, we recommend that you stay away from it.

Go for Crypto contracts that offer investors the best chance of investing in crypto. It’s what you need to start your crypto journey.

If you have any queries, feel free to drop a comment or write to us.

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