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Fedox Review: is a scam?

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We can’t say much about Fedox, the Ukrainian store selling crypto hardware. Apart from selling crypto hardware, is a B2B marketplace. The store is a great place to buy electronics, with growing customer numbers. And this is only possible for users living around Ukraine. Delivery may be a problem due to the Russian invasion. After the dust settles, this store does prove to be crucial. Here’s our candid FEDOX REVIEW.

Advisory: There’s a way of knowing which miner best suits you. Check the updated ASIC profitability list. Next, we show you the most exclusive miner top of the chain. Next, check the most mineable coin and the miner doing all the hashing.

About Fedox

There’s no credible background or history regarding the store. And that’s a bummer considering we would love to know about the store’s mission statement. But, all in all, the store does seem to be a suitable place to buy crypto hardware.

We can only say so for crypto miners around Kyiv and surrounding areas. Navigating the website is fast, with all the information you need available. The store even has a widget to help investors go through the platform.

Our investigation reveals there are several domain names with this address. These include,, and It seems all are all affiliated with the Fedox brand. The information would have come to light in the about us section.

Fedox review: pros and cons

Mind you; we don’t recommend outsiders to buy any products from the store at this particular moment. The way would hinder delivery. We can see the store hasn’t updated the catalog for a while.

Once you compare pricing, the store does seem to price miners on the higher end. That’s expected, however, and the store fails to list the condition of miners. For example, does it sell brand-new or used miners? Buyers need to know the condition before going in.

The only problem we might have with the store is it takes time to load. Even the search results of products such as Bitmain are a problem. And that means we could be dealing with a store facing cyber-attacks due to the invasion.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Fedox

Several advantages could come from buying miners from the store. First, with the backload of miners, the store could decide to have a sell-off. And that means lowering prices to ensure they offset the miners.

Those near the region also have an advantage. You can head to the store and view these miners firsthand. Get to interact with the store’s owners at a closer glance. You also get to test the miner before purchasing.

Just as with each store, there are some advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages come with delays in shipping. The store should make sure it lets buyers know of the possibility of delays. Everyone would expect it due to the invasion.

So, how does one engage with such a store? That could potentially help buyers or crypto miners in the region. But, first, you need to know the best place to buy miners. And that would save you thousands of dollars.

To protect sellers, we devised ways of safely engaging with online stores.

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A directory of listed miners on the Fedox store

There are several brands listed on the ASIC page. These include three notable brands, Bitmain, Canaan, and MicroBT. We didn’t see any other miners listed as available. The store also has one Innosilicon miner.

We see the store listing 13 Bitmain, 7 Canaan, 2 Whatsminer, and I, Innosilicon miner. And that’s the best way to engage with the store using the Asic page. The store also claims to have additional sections of brand new and used miners.

Fedox also claims to sell mining components such as fans, graphic cards, and PSU cords. It would be best if you remembered the store also sells smartphones. And that points to a store that pivoted from selling phones to now selling crypto hardware.

Fedox Listed miners

We do have a problem with a jack of all types of stores. You don’t get the much-deserved attention you would get from a crypto-only store. Certain attributes are missing from the store, such as a professional miner from the store.

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A safe way of buying miners from Fedox

Here’s one of the best ways of buying crypto hardware from online vendors. Of course, you must follow these rules and ensure the seller abides by them. Once both parties follow these guidelines, you’re good to go.

Rule 1

Before anything else, you need to establish direct contact with the seller. Make sure to talk to the seller regarding the type of miner you want. Establishing a connection means setting up a Skype or Zoom meeting. You eliminate any anonymity between the two parties.

Rule 2

After establishing contact, check the store’s offices or warehouse. That’s to eliminate stores that post stock images of miners they don’t have or own. Instead, you would want to engage with an authentic store.

Rule 3

Once you have seen the store’s authenticity, it’s time to see the miner. First, the vendor should send you a short 30-second video of the miner in action. The video will show you the condition and hashrate of the unit.

Rule 4

Start asking questions regarding delivery and shipping. You should also by now have read the delivery and shipping terms. Next, you must engage with a store that outlines how they deliver products.

Rule 5

You should also know the price points of the intended miner. Avoid sellers who seem to overprice or underprice miners. That’s one of the many reasons you must do due diligence. The seller should not take advantage of you.

Rule 6

Once you receive a miner, record the unboxing process. It will help reveal and share the condition of the unit. If there’s damage during transit, the store should accept returns and offer refunds.

Beware of shoddy bulk deals

There’s a growing trend of scammers who pose as owners selling miners in bulk. The scammer will claim to offer significant discounts on sales above ten units. Most of the discounts start from 30 percent upwards.

We have a reliable way of buying miners from such stores. However, you must engage with manufacturers directly to receive miners. Go for miners that offer users the truth in terms of possibilities. We urge you to select a reputable manufacturer for this.

Also you can also buy miners from reputable stores or mining farms. That includes those who want to buy miners that are used or refurbished. You should expect a certain degree of wear and tear, including lower hashrate.

Business proprietor

The problem with Fedox is anonymity. No one knows who owns or runs the store. As a buyer, you want to feel safe entrusting a store to deliver a valuable item. Unfortunately, that’s not how you think with

As a rule of thumb, we insist on transparency as it’s the only way to safeguard your interest. A founder’s or staff profile page would suffice.

Closing Remarks Fedox

For now, the store is only feasible for residents in Ukraine.

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