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FINN Review: Is a scam?

FINN ( claims to offer the best Crypto-related products. Far from it, investors who bought miners from the store are upset with the outcome. None of them received any miner from the store. FINN claims to be a marketplace for different products, ranging from apparel, electronics, and cars. The problem with a jack of all trades is that most don’t verify sellers. Here’s what you need to know regarding FINN.

Note: First time crypto hardware buyers need to know what they are getting into. You must have all the ASIC Features on hand before buying a miner. Know the expected profitability and running costs of these miners.

A Brief Analysis of FINN

There’s no about us section for the platform, and that’s a concern for any user. In addition, the store tries its best to hide actual details of when the platform came into existence. So even Norwegians haven’t heard of the platform.

FINN sells faulty Crypto Hardware miners

And that makes buying any electronics from the store a hard sell for us. The store doesn’t even have a physical address despite claiming to be the biggest store in Norway. These are some of the facts we need to put out there.

These stores often take advantage by creating an engaging website. The store will also lure buyers with low prices of even some expensive products. When buying from online stores, buyers need to be extra careful.

Without the full background and history of the store, credibility is out of the question. Unfortunately, the store doesn’t have any ounce of transparency, so we have to expose it. FINN is the last store you would want to buy any miner.

That said, we have to expose all the red flags. These are the features that may look attractive but are traps. One of them being the low prices of some of these miners. The store does a terrible job by failing to vet vendors.

These vendors can open multiple accounts and sell the same miner to different customers. Without a rating system, the store seems to advocate for such behavior. It’s such behavior that leads us to question the intent.

Before buying a miner from any store, we recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out which store gets the stamp from the crypto community. You can also reach out as we would gladly do a review on your behalf.

A List of Miners found on FINN

FINN claims to have every type of miner imaginable. In addition, the store has several vendors who also claim to sell other mining accessories. These include GPU and other accessories such as graphic cards and PSUs.

The status of some of the miners is in question as all vendors claim to sell new miners. Victims have clearly stated that some vendors sold used miners. Yes, some vendors deliver miners but not in the expected condition.

These vendors take advantage by posting stock photos of new miners. So a buyer goes in thinking that they are getting a new miner. But, unfortunately, it’s not the case as the store doesn’t even bulge when showing the conditions.

As a buyer, you need to check the condition and quality of a miner before purchasing one. And that means asking for a short video showing how the miner works. Thanks to the photo, you would have to be out of your mind if you buy a miner.

A credible seller will offer a short 30-second video showing the miner in action. That helps buyers get the right quality and confirm the condition. These vendors are posting new miners and delivering relics for all we know.

Another issue we have with these vendors is their pricing model. To attract buyers, it seems the vendors lower the prices. With low prices, a buyer may feel obliged to buy in bulk. Once you make a payment, the vendor deletes their account.

It has happened before, and that’s why we feel exposing such behavior is crucial. None of the users can even claim to offer any valid miners when we contact them. The store should ensure verifying sellers is their priority.

FINN Pros and Cons of buying a crypto hardware from the store

Affiliate and partner programs

Disclaimer at the footer of the homepage has an affiliate program. The store claims to offer a 20 percent commission on all sales, only bulk deals. We see most vendors trying to widen their trap by offering affiliate programs.

It seems like a perfect way to earn passive income for the naked eye. But unfortunately, that’s not the case, as these vendors are only looking to take advantage of your connections. That’s why we have to expose the store’s affiliate wing.

Once you refer a user to buy from the vendors, don’t expect any payment. These vendors even fail to offer conversion data. You realize your affiliate network worked only after the buyer gets to you.

As an affiliate, you need to protect those you direct from such scenarios. So try and first determine whether the vendor does deliver products. That’s the only way to protect yourself from civil liability.

These victims may decide to take legal action against the vendor. The victims have a right to get compensation. Your name will come up as an affiliate. The law will consider you an accessory to online fraud.

Business holder

There’s little evidence to point to the party that runs the entire marketplace. So instead, most vendors open different accounts and claim to be distributors of major crypto hardware providers. And that’s a load of crap as there’s no evidence to support it.

The platform doesn’t give buyers a chance to rate vendors. If there were a rating system, vendors would know some of the best vendors on the platform. Without one, it’s easy to fall for the next vendor selling miners at low prices.

Anonymous vendors make it hard to recover funds or ask for a refund. Once payment is complete, these vendors are more likely to delete their accounts. The platform doesn’t protect buyers from such scenarios.

Buyer’s protection and guidelines FINN

FINN doesn’t engage buyers with a buyer’s protection clause. As a result, you won’t get to read the terms and conditions of the entire marketplace, and there isn’t one. And that’s where the problems start for buyers.

You wouldn’t get any refunds even if delivery was not complete. The vendors also fail to accept returns in the event of a damaged miner. These vendors are only out to profit from selling faulty miners, most of them anyway.

Client testimony

Delivery and shipping a problem with

Most clients have turned to social media channels to vent their anger. You can also get to read scathing comments on TrustPilot. The store doesn’t have any footing in the Crypto space.

The store doesn’t even have any social media accounts. Even the vendors don’t have social media footing, which is weird. Considering the store sells via the online platform, you would expect some footing.

Contact and support

Don’t expect any contact or support from the store. The store fails to deliver any meaningful contact aspect between buyer and seller. With such stores, we recommend staying away from them.

Final verdict

Please stay away from the FINN store, especially when buying Crypto mining hardware.

PS: You can go for mining contracts that are an essential part of crypto investing.

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