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Fintexis Review: A Botched Crypto Investment Platform

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Fintexis ( is another false crypto investment platform. The platform promises to deliver guaranteed daily ROI within 15 days. We have seen this type of heist before, and we must expose the platform. For those who have already signed up, we can only feel sorry for them. After receiving several complaints from members, we must help expose the platform. Learn more in our clear FINTEXIS REVIEW.

A Comprehensive Outlook of Fintexis

The homepage is filtered with a dark and orange theme. A disastrous color scheme when it comes to online investing. The platform ought to go for primary colors. With the shouting colors, the hope is to garner as many users as possible.

Fintexis Review

Fintexis is failing in its quest to guarantee profit margins. As a result of this, more and more members are losing funds by the day. Unfortunately, no expert or robot can manage to achieve this feat.

We believe is another crypto exit platform. It will disappear from the web as fast as it came. But, before that happens, the owners want to take as much as they possibly can from investors.

And this is why we have to stop them. Naïve investors sign up, hoping to get wealthy quickly with the platform. Those with money issues will promptly jump in after seeing the vesting period. But, unfortunately, the platform has done its calculations right and set the trap.

Fintexis wouldn’t even bother contacting members. Once you deposit funds with them, that’s the last interaction you will have with the platform. And this is why you must altogether avoid it or receive calls from their agents.

The perfect crypto investment option offers a more realistic way of investing. But, of course, you need to do due diligence before committing funds to any platform. And that’s how you get to become a great and successful investor.

Accounts and packages Fintexis

There are three packages available on Fintexis. These three include normal, advanced, and superior. All these plans come with one notable feature; a return on your deposit. And this becomes a crowd puller for investors.

Let’s take a closer look at the three packages;


It’s the most basic account or package available on the platform. Members get a guarantee of making 2.5 percent daily with a vesting period of 18 days. The minimum you can deposit is $20, with the maximum set at $1,000.


For the advanced account holder, the vesting period is set at 20 days. After that, the minimum you can deposit is $1,001, with the maximum set at $2,500. There’s also a guarantee of making a 3 percent daily ROI.


It’s the most exclusive account and has a longer vesting period. You have to vest for 30 days before you can withdraw funds. Members can deposit a minimum of $2,501 and a maximum of $5,000.

Account Features

Accounts and Plans Fintexis

We have to address the elephant in the room. And that’s the platform returning your initial deposit. Indeed, investing can’t be this easy. If it were, we would all jump and sign up with the platform.

There are valid reasons as to why no expert has hailed the platform as a success. With the impending withdrawal issue, we believe the platform will go under. We have seen this type of crypto investment platform before.

A platform making a guarantee that you will earn 3.5 percent ROI daily for 30 days is lying. The crypto market is volatile, and prices change constantly. There’s no way their algorithm or bots have a 100 percent accuracy level.

It’s the success state and a promise of making a guaranteed profit that entices investors. The people behind this platform know that. And this is why they take complete advantage. Even claiming to return your deposit.

You have to ask yourself how the platform benefits from all of it. There’s no mention of the platform taking a commission, percentage, or rate from profits. So how does the platform profit from it? And also promise to return your deposit.

If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is not genuine. The platform won’t allow anyone to withdraw funds. Even the recent deposit amounts are way too low for us to believe the platform.

Affiliate and partnership program

The platform offers to pay users a 5 percent commission on your first referred partner. After that, there are three levels, with the second at 2 percent and the third at 1 percent. Before you become their sales partner, you need to understand the risks.

Are funds safe with

There’s no indication the platform meets these payouts. As a result, affiliate marketers are distancing themselves from the platform. There’s a good reason no one wants to direct users to such a platform.

Your reputation is at risk if you decide to invest with the platform. When no one gets to profit from it, you will be held liable. Those who you direct to the platform will name you as an affiliate of the platform.

Business owner

Fintexis Limited is the entity listed as the owner of the platform. In addition, there’s a license number displayed at the footer of the page. Despite having a UK address, we suspect the platform is offshore-based.

To try and get European investors to sign up, the platform has to appear genuine. And this means residing in a more financially stable platform. That said, there’s no profile of anyone working for the platform.

It would be best to find out the credibility and skill levels of the people who handle your funds. But, unfortunately, there’s no such information on the platform. That’s why you need to be extra vigilant on anonymity. Please stay away from anonymous platforms.

Contact and support

A genuine crypto investment platform will offer more direct access to their representatives. You need to check how fast the platform responds to emails or phone calls. We have a platform that only avails a message board.

Members are to leave their messages and wait for a response. In most cases, the platform waits for the vesting period to end. That’s when the platform starts sending messages claiming unforeseen withdrawal delays.

You can check and confirm that the platform does not avail a direct phone number. This is because the platform wants to control the communication process and decides when and who to respond to.

Deposit and withdrawal

Is Legit or a Scam?

There are plenty of deposit and withdrawal methods available on the platform. These include bank and wire transfers; the platform also accepts crypto funding. We don’t recommend you fund any account.

Withdrawing funds from the platform is a problem facing investors. Those who manage to withdraw do it with partial amounts. But, unfortunately, the platform blocks members from withdrawing as in whole. And this is what makes the platform operate as a pyramid scheme.

License and Regulation Fintexis

Fintexis is not a regulated platform. We did a check with the Financial Conduct Authority to confirm. With the platform claiming to reside in London, you expect it to have a license from the FCA.

The license number posted on the platform is a hoax as the  Company House UK has no entity registered with the above details. And this makes an anonymous and unregulated platform.

Safety of funds with Fintexis

Your funds are far from safe with a platform that doesn’t offer insurance cover. So it would be best if you stayed away from it.


After checking all the red spots, we have to flag down the platform as a scam. So please stay away from it.

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