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Free Aggelies Review: Is a scam?

Free Aggelies is full of lies, and you won’t get a reliable miner from the hundreds of sellers. It’s more of a P2P marketplace where scammers meet to fool naïve buyers. After receiving several complaints, we decided to expose the store. Those who have interacted with some of the sellers are ruing the decision. No one gets to buy and receive a miner from the hundreds of sellers. Here’s our candid FREE AGGELIES REVIEW.

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About Free Aggelies

Once you land on the homepage, you feel you’re in the 90s. The website design is a turn-off as it doesn’t hold credible information. We also don’t know who is behind the platform or what they intend to bring to the table.

Free Aggelies Pros and cons

As there’s no background and history, buyers are in the dark about what to do next. Immediately a user gets conned, the seller deletes their account. Again, we blame the platform for not accurately verifying buyers.

That’s why we must expose the store’s callous ways that put your investment at risk. We have stores that must verify everyone before putting up any product. Not Free Aggelies, you can open multiple accounts and sell a single product.

That’s what has been happening on the platform. Sellers selling one mining unit to dozens of clients. Since no one knows them better, all clients buy the same mining unit. None of them gets their orders as the seller goes into hiding.

A Greek-based platform, we think so due to the default language. The owner doesn’t want any recognition from the public. And that’s why we must expose the store’s flaws as seen through our lenses.

The store also claims to have links to other partners. But unfortunately, none of the links work. That goes to show how unprofessional the store has become to members. That’s why we have to insist that you stay away from

Before you buy any mining product, experts recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out the experiences of other users on the platform. It will help you make a more informed decision on what to go after.

Advantages and cons of Free Aggelies

Before purchasing any mining unit, you have to weigh the pros and cons. That means having to check what makes the platform or store worthy. Unfortunately, there are some pros on the platform that are complete scams.

An excellent example would be the low pricing on some of the miners. That could mean the store offers better miners in terms of quality. But unfortunately, it’s far from the truth, and no one gets to use the miners as they are full of faulty equipment.

Here’s what to look at in regards to the cons of

A list of miners

On the homepage, there are several miners available, including mining equipment. However, with every seller trying to claim the latest miners, you get several brands. These include Baikal, Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, iBeLink, Innosilicon, MicroBT, etc.

The store even claims to sell mining gadgets such as graphic cards and PSU cords. Another service the store claims to offer is quick loans. You can get quick loans and buy a miner from the store.

That’s another scam, as these loans require some form of guarantee. For example, if you want a loan of $10,000, you have to send $5,000 in advance. After sending the funds, you won’t even see them again.

Back to the miners, the store fails to quote the condition of the miners. Are these new or used miners. That’s another reason to stay away from the store. Pricing is the third reason, and the low prices are meant to entice large-scale buying.

Think about it for a second, why would the store sell miners way less than the manufacturer? As a buyer, you need to check the market prices of the listed miners. Be in touch with reality to spot when a seller wants to fool buyers.

Without the seller rating or review, avoiding these B2B marketplaces is best. The owner ought to protect buyers by providing sufficient information on sellers. Unfortunately, there’s no transparency, and the buyer risks losing their investment.

Affiliate and referral programs

Stay away from Free Aggelies

Some of these sellers claim to be affiliates of leading mining stores. We saw one which we did a review of a while back, Newegg. These are scam stores that want to use every avenue to fool buyers.

There’s also a royalty program from some of the sellers. You become an affiliate, and the seller promises a commission for every miner sold. Some sellers even quote a 20 percent commission on all sales.

That looks like a perfect way to earn passive income. However, before selling your soul, you need to know the consequences. These sellers won’t release a dime in the form of commissions. The sellers only want to fool you into using your connections.

Those who you direct to buy from these sellers will lose their investment. With delivery being an issue, you end up facing the blame. As an affiliate, you must protect those you direct to such stores.

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Business holder

There’s little information to point to who owns or runs the platform. And that makes Free Aggelies an anonymous store. Moreover, despite claiming to have its roots in Greece, the store has no physical address.

We don’t know who is responsible for the entire website. It’s like buying from a store that doesn’t have a legit license to operate. In addition, you won’t get possible services such as a guarantee of safety while on the platform.

Buyer’s protection on Free Aggelies

Buyers don’t get any protection from the store. There are no documents that buyers can engage with as binding contracts. That includes refunds and return policies. Instead, the seller sets the terms, and the buyer has no way out.

Without these binding agreements, all liability falls on buyers. You won’t get any protection once you engage with the store. Make sure to use a store that has your interest at heart. Most buyers fail to go over the set terms and conditions.

Client testimony

Hundreds of clients have turned to social media to detail how they have lost it with these sellers. In their defense, the platform claims these sellers were kicked out. However, the fact remains that the platform failed to vet the sellers.

Are your funds safe with NO Delivery is not possible.

Contact and customer support Free Aggelies

Don’t expect any support from the platform or sellers themselves. These sellers claim to offer legit services, which is far from the truth. The only way to make contact is via written forms by sending emails.

Delivery and shipping

Most miners don’t reach the intended buyers. The sellers have already closed shop and went home happy with your funds. Without any legal cover, there’s no proof you bought from the sellers.

Closing remarks Free Aggelies

Please stay away from the store that fails to deliver miners. Most of the sellers don’t have any verification on them. You will likely lose your investment with the store. Avoid buying from

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