Cryptocurrency Scams Review: A Clone Crypto Investment Platform (GalaxyDigita) is a clone of and other platforms. The Crypto investment platform poses a considerable danger to crypto investors. With most victims hailing from the States, regulators such as CFTC plan to issue a warning. We have the full expose containing all the red flags. You have to check the full Galaxy Digita post for more. Learn the truth in our detailed GALAXYDIGITA.COM REVIEW.

A Clear Summary of Review

For those that have already signed up, we can only feel sorry for them. The platform is blocking any withdrawal attempts. Those that claim to withdraw only do so in partial amounts.

Galaxy Digita doesn’t allow users to withdraw their whole investment amount. And this is seen by experts as a way of blocking crypto investors from accessing funds. We have seen this type of activity before, mostly with offshore-based investment platforms.

For those new at investing, you should be able to access your funds at any time. With a credible investment platform, chances of winning increase by the day. Galaxy Digita even fails to add an “l” on their name for fraudulent reasons.

The platform wants to sound like a professional investment platform. With a clone platform, we can see why they would omit the “L.” The website is similar to that of And this got us thinking the platforms are aligned together.

You should avoid cloned platforms as they are an extension of the original scam. The owners create the same web design but use different names. If you check our review on Digital Exchange 24, you will notice the pattern.

Your priority when investing is to look around and check for legitimacy. Try and find out what others are saying about a particular platform. You can also read our thorough reviews for more on crypto-related investment opportunities and platforms.

Accounts offers three investment accounts. Just below the investment plans, the platform makes a bold statement. With your investment, Galaxy Digita claims to make 90 percent ROI. And this is a guarantee.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the three accounts;


It’s the most basic account, and the platform insists it’s best for beginners and newbies. The minimum investment amount starts from $100. You can deposit a maximum of $1,000 with the account. There’s a guaranteed 50 percent ROI after seven days.


Quoted as the economic plan, members have to deposit $500 to $5,000 with the account. You get a promise of getting 100 percent ROI three days after investing. It has to be one of the fastest ways to invest and earn a considerable ROI.


For the premium account holder, there’s a minimum acceptable deposit of $50,000. What we did notice is that the platform fails to mention the vesting period. Instead, you get a promise of making 250 percent in ROI.

Account Features Galaxy Digita

Accounts and Plans

There’s something fishy with these accounts. When investing with Crypto, there are a few critical features to check out. These include the expected ROI and the vesting period. Unfortunately, with the platform, both are way off reality.

Members get a cash back promise with the premium account. That means you will get back your deposit after completing the vesting cycle. It doesn’t make sense as investors ought to withdraw as much as they like.

Since the platform also claims to pair Crypto with leading forex pairs, leverage information is missing. We also don’t get to see information on available spreads. The platform pairs Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin with major forex pairs.

When trading, regulators in different jurisdictions put a cap on leverage. In Europe, the regulators have a maximum leverage of 1:100. The United States has a maximum leverage of 1:50 for retail traders.

We suspect the platform changes its leverage to up to 1:500. High leverage means your chances of losing a large volume of trade is imminent. And the platform profits heavily from your losses.

Business Proprietor

Saul Goodman is the woman we are told is the CEO and Founder of the platform. Unfortunately, there’s little information about her. We got to see her info in the client testimonial section. There’s no other information on staff members.

And this makes an anonymous investment platform. You need to stay away from the platform or else risk losing your funds. Anonymity is the last feature you would want in an online investment venture.

Despite claiming to reside in the United States, we firmly believe this is an offshore-based platform. Based on the clone features, the platform is taking investors for a ride. You should dump such platforms for good.

Client Testimony

To try and sell the success of the platform, we have a compelling testimonial section. Funny thing, we couldn’t find any professional or social profiles of these members. It seems these are fictitious characters.

And that’s why you need to stay away from the platform. These are all false comments meant to entice investors to sign up. We don’t get to see any withdrawal proof from these clients. The testimony is also the same as the other cloned platforms.

Are your funds safe with Galaxy Digita?

Contact and support

When selecting your investment platform, you need first to test its support structure. Then, ensure you check and find out if support is effective and fast. For instance, we only get a chat tab where members get to leave their messages.

There’s no direct way of communicating with the platform’s representatives. And this is the reason why we have to expose the platform’s cruel ways. It’s now clear the platform is trying to control the communication channels.

You can’t get a hold of their representatives using the mobile phone listed on the website. The number is ever busy as it’s the same on the other cloned platforms. These are some of the red flags naïve investors will miss.

Deposit and withdrawals.

To ensure anyone can fund their account with ease, the platform avails several depository channels. These include bank and wire transfers. With wire transfers, the platform might claim not to have received funds.

Once you fund your account, the balance will usually reflect within 24 hours. We don’t recommend you fund your account. The platform’s inability to release funds makes it impossible to withdraw funds. License and Regulation is not a licensed or regulated platform. Therefore, we don’t see the reason why the platform would expose investors. The platform should have a valid license from U.S authorities. It doesn’t, which makes Galaxy Digita an unregulated platform.

You should instead move away from unregulated platforms and opt for compliant once. With a compliant platform, the safety of funds is a guarantee. Rather, we have a clone platform and doesn’t offer investors any meaningful investment opportunity.


Despite claiming to have an MT4 trading terminal, the platform invites users to use their custom-built platform. The problem with custom-made platforms is stability, and most are slow at executing trades.

Safety of funds

Funding Methods Galaxy Digita

Your funds are far from safe with an unregulated platform. These platforms won’t bother with protecting your interest. The platform fails to segregate funds as dictated by trading regulations.

We suspect the platform is holding funds in an offshore account. If and when the platform decides to wind up, no member will receive any compensation.

Verdict on

It would be best if you stayed away from Galaxy Digita.

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