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Goldshell Store Review: Is a scam?

Goldshell store is a clone store that tries to mimic the Goldshell brand. The store is also a clone of the Goldshell KD5 store, which shares the exact website design. With the same everything, buyers don’t know which store is legit. Here’s the answer, none, even is a clone and doesn’t deliver miners. The store will rip any buyer who attempts to purchase a miner. Here’s more in our detailed GOLDSHELL STORE REVIEW.

A Brief Overview of Goldshell Store

There’s nothing to substantiate between the two clones. Everything is the same, and the designers did so to fool naïve crypto buyers. The website in question doesn’t deliver miners and will attempt to steal your information.

Goldshell Store Sells faulty miners

The store is anonymous, but it doesn’t have any known owner. The original Goldshell manufacturer has issued a warning regarding the use of the store. Those who buy from the store should expect no delivery.

The press release reads, “We have received complaints of a store claiming to be the official partner of Goldshell brand.TThere’s a need to inform the public that we don’t have any website under the domain”

We see the manufacturer distancing themselves as more and more victims come forward. The store would pretend to be the official partner. The store would attract investors looking to buy Kadena miners in bulks by doing so.

Apart from Kadena miners, even Nervos miners are up for grabs. The store intends to fool crypto miners into buying from them. Buyers get attracted to the store thanks to the discount offers made by the store.

First-time crypto hardware buyers need to know more about ASIC Miners before engaging. First, you need to understand what makes a store tick. These miners come with their daily profitability estimates as well as running costs.

Before you engage with any store, experts recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out what makes a platform tick. The store will attempt to fool investors by claiming to offer legit miners, which is untrue.

A list of accessible Miners see on Goldshell Store

The store lists miners depending on the mineable coin on the products page. There are five classes of miners found in the store. These include Handshake, Kadena, Litecoin, Nervos, and SIA miners.

None of these miners are available in the store. Instead, the store uses stock images to try and fool investors. If the store had these miners, we would see a video of the miners working. As a buyer. It’s your right to ask for such verification.

The store has to prove ownership of these miners. Since there’s none, there’s every reason to doubt what the store claims to sell. You have to see the miner’s condition before making any purchase.

You get to see a short 30-minute video of the miner in action with a legit store. The video will highlight the miner’s condition, setup, and overall performance. That way, the buyer can assure the miner is in mint condition.

From what we see, these are stock images as the store fails to provide proof of ownership. We suspect that the owner opened multiple Goldshell-related websites. Once a website gets exposed, the owner switches domains. There’s also no pricing listed alongside these miners. You have to make contact and ensure you bargain with the store. The funny thing is, the store will take your set price, no matter how low you go.

Once you send funds, that’s the last you will hear from the store. After that, the store moves to block all communications with clients. So you won’t even receive any order tracking information after completing payment.

Avoid Buying crypto hardware miners from the Goldshell Store

Affiliate and referrals

The store opens an affiliate program to get as many buyers to sign up. However, the program is a bit different as it targets bulk buyers. If you get to direct a bulk buyer to the store, you get a promise of earning a 26 percent commission.

That seems like a perfect way to earn passive income. The only difference is that the store plans to take advantage of your connections. No one has access to conversion data as the store hides it from affiliates.

You end up not making any commission, and those you direct fail to earn a commission. We believe the store is not ideal and shouldn’t even be online. We hope the Goldshell manufacturer will have the website pulled down.

Those you direct to the store might decide to take legal action against you. These victims will want to get a refund from the store. With communication being at a standstill, victims turn to the law.

The law will consider you an accessory to online fraud. Your credibility and integrity as an affiliate go down the drain. We believe it’s in the best interest of affiliates to confirm the legitimacy of any store.

Business owner

There’s no one coming out to claim ownership of the store. With the Goldshell Company issuing a warning, the store is an anonymous store. We all know that unknown crypto hardware stores are the last resort when buying a miner.

You will note that the website doesn’t have a returning address if you look carefully. Even the disclaimer at the footer of the homepage fails to give any data on the store’s owner. And that’s why we recommend that you stay away. Buyer’s protection Goldshell StoreDDon’t expect any buyer’s protection from the store. The store fails to protect its customers to whom it claims to sell miners. Before you engage with such stores, go over the set blueprint.

We mean reading the terms and conditions. Unfortunately, the store fails to have these documents and operates freely. Don’t expect any refunds as the store also doesn’t accept returns. The store won’t even cover repair fees if the miner gets damaged while on transit.

Client testimony

Clients experience with the Goldshell Store (

Several clients have come forward with evidence of not receiving a miner. You can easily see these claims on social media platforms. Victims have gone through a harrowing experience with the store. None of them had the chance to receive a miner or even get a refund from the store.

Contact and customer support

There’s no customer support from the store. Those who have engaged with the store only do so via email. Even the contact page doesn’t’ leave any phone number buyers can use to make contact.

All you get is a store that only leaves a message board where members are to leave their messages. The platform promises to respond within a week or two. But, unfortunately, that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Delivery and shipping

Don’t expect any delivery after purchasing a miner. Those who claim to have received miners are part of the scam. The store uses them as proof of delivery which is not true. You won’t even receive order tracking information as you complete payment.

Disadvantages of Goldshell Store

Several disadvantages come to mind. First, the store doesn’t own any miners and takes buyers for a ride. Ensure you stay away from the store or risk losing your entire deposit with it. No one has received any mining unit from the store.

Final remarks

After exposing the store, it’s clear is a scam.

You need to invest wisely and start earning passive income via crypto trading platforms.

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