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Happy Mining Review: Is a scam?

Happy Mining ( is a French-based crypto hardware store. The store also claims to offer other crypto-related services, including Masternoding and repairs. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any positive reviews of the Masternoding service. Our readers should note that most of the positive reviews on TrustPilot are from French users. The question remains whether the store has impeccable delivery outside France. Here’s our detailed HAPPY MINING REVIEW.

A closer analysis of Happy Mining

The store claims to have everything from installing crypto miners to helping you set up your farm. In terms of Masternoding, the store offers 15 Percent APR. Additionally, the store provides cloud hosting services without a minimum vesting period.

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Landing on the homepage, one can see a professional behind the store. Every bit of information needed is available on the homepage. We only have a few issues with missing information on crypto hardware repairs.

Happy Mining Review: Pros and cons

In most cases, such repairs need to happen within a set period. However, the seller fails to issue this statement or what happens if repairs don’t happen. For example, will the store re-ship the faulty miner back to the owners?

What if the repair works and the seller claims the miner is no longer viable? Shouldn’t the owner get the shell to confirm? These are some of the missing statements we hoped the owner would straighten out.

Pricing of some of these miners is also another issue. It seems the owner overprices and underprices some of the miners. And that’s why we must be extra careful with the store’s ambition.

Before buying any miner, experts recommend researching the store before making any commitments. Try and find out whether the store delivers in terms of quality. These are the mining techniques that help protect your investment.

Advantages and snags of Happy Mining

One advantage of the store would be an all-around crypto hardware store. It’s rare to see a store that offers crypto investment solutions such as coin staking and Masternoding. However, the store is undoubtedly one of the first to do so.

After months of speculating, we found the store does deliver on its mandate. Delivery of most products goes as scheduled. But, like other stores, some issues are with the delivery of some products.

Most of the complaints we have seen come from crypto mining components. Buying a miner and finding out the fans aren’t working. And this could potentially blow back in the face of the store. Could the store be selling repaired miners as brand new units?

That remains to be seen or confirmed. What’s clear is that the store doesn’t have a clean record of service delivery. The complaints have been rising over time, and the seller needs to address them. We hope users get products they pay for and of high quality.

A listing of miners available on the store’s shop page

From what we have seen, the store doesn’t heavily sell ASIC miners. Check with the Happy Mining store if you’re looking for GPU miners and someone to set it up for you. The store also seems to sell graphic cards and PSUs.

There are only 10 ASIC units available in the store. These include brands from Antminer, Bitmain, Goldshell, iPollo, Jasminer, and Whatsminer. Unfortunately, the pricing is in euros, and some miners are overpriced.

Is Happy Mining a safe store to buy Crypto components? NO

Mining rigs come with 12GPU features depending on what setup you want. The store also claims to partner with leading graphic card manufacturers. These include AMD and NVIDIA.

Our Happy Mining review will check on how to buy miners properly. If you were to buy a miner from the store, how would you go about it? We devised a way of safely and adequately buying miners.

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A cautious way of buying miners

One way of buying crypto hardware is by ensuring transparency between the two parties. Here’s how to safely buy a crypto hardware miner from online stores.

Step 1

Make contact with the seller. Ensure you buy from a seller who is willing to meet. You can set up a Skype or Zoom meeting. From what we have seen, the store may refuse to accept such, we did request once, and it was canceled.

Step 2

A valid seller will show you or take you through a virtual office tour. You must check how the store works and their warehouse. It helps eliminate the fear the seller is posting only stock images. Most scammers do so.

Step 3

Ask about delivery and shipping before engaging with the store. It would be best if you felt assured the store would deliver the product within the set limit. Also, remember to ask if the seller offers order tracking information.

Step 4

Negotiate prices of miners when possible. You must know the average price of the intended miner before engaging with sellers. Avoid sellers who seem to overprice or underprice miners. It’s one way of knowing vendors who take advantage.

Step 5

Ask about payment options. Most stores will prefer crypto payments due to their anonymous nature. Take note of the recipient’s information to prove order placement. The store should provide a receipt of payment.

Bulk and Discounts on offer Happy Mining

Most buyers get tempted to buy in bulk from such stores due to the offer of discounts. However,  for those looking to buy a specific brand, the best way is to contact the manufacturer. Get the most affordable quote from manufacturers, as delivery is a guarantee.

Check with a reliable mining farm and stores for those looking to buy different models. The latter usually offload miners to cater to new miners after a few months. So ensure you go over the above process when buying second-hand miners.

Scammers are taking advantage and pose as discount sellers. They create a website, post stock images, and offer large discounts. That’s why you must follow the above steps to confirm proof of concept by the seller.

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Business proprietor

What clients think of store

There’s little information pointing to who owns or runs the store. One would expect the store to have a profile page of founding or staff members. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, as the store fails to offer meaningful information on their whereabouts.

The store seems weird; it doesn’t have a physical office location. Miners in France would quickly help validate the store’s service providers. For miners outside France, this looks like an anonymous online store.

Buyer’s Terms and Use Happy Mining

Another issue we must raise with the store is the lack of proper terms of use. The store fails to list delivery, refund, return, and shipping policies. We don’t even have a privacy policy meaning the store can sell your information.

These are the minor aspects most buyers ignore to check on a store. You need to have legal cover when engaging with such stores. Stores might take advantage and offer harsh buyer/seller conditions. Avoid stores that put all liability in the hands of buyers.

Our Verdicts Happy Mining

For now, be careful with the store.

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