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HashCryptoMine24 Review: A CFTC Blacklisted Crypto Platform

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HashCryptoMine24 ( is a clone of several different crypto investment platforms. All these clones are on the radar of CFTC, with one already having a warning. It goes to say that Hash Crypto Mine 24 is also another blacklisted platform. Those that have invested with the platform rue the decision. We have to expose the red flags found on the platform. Here’s more in our detailed HASHCRYPTOMINE24.COM

A Clear Analysis of HashCryptoMine24

Are Funds Safe with HashCryptoMine24?

For those new at crypto investments, HashCryptoMine24 is not your average cup of tea. The platform is a hoax and a trap targeting naïve crypto investors. Hundreds of investors have lost funds with the platform.

No one gets to withdraw funds from the platform. It’s not that easy. The few who do only manage to withdraw small amounts. No member has withdrawn the whole amount on the platform.

Hash Crypto Mine works like a pyramid scheme. You get to withdraw half your funds to make the platform look genuine. Members even note their account balance was increasing without actually touching the platform.

Information on how the platform invests remains unknown. Despite claiming to engage in crypto exchanges and mining, little proof exists. And that’s why we believe this is another Crypto exit scam.

You need to be vigilant and try and spot red flags before committing funds to a platform. One of the best ways to do so is by reading our reviews. You can also ask us to help review a platform on your behalf.

HashCryptoMine24 remains a substantial financial burden to members. With some having their credentials removed from the platform entirely, we need to expose it. No one will even get a piece of the 90 percent guaranteed ROI on the platform.

Accounts HashCryptoMine24

Just as with the other cloned platforms, HashCryptoMine24 offers duplicate crypto accounts. You get three different accounts, all promising to give you high returns on your investment. The three include starter, basic, and premium.

Let’s take a closer look at the three accounts;


For the starter account holder, there’s a minimum deposit requirement of $100. After that, the maximum you can deposit with the account is $1,000. In addition, you get a promise of withdrawing 50 percent ROI after seven vesting days.


The platform taunts this as the most economical account of the three. Members have to deposit $500 to $10,000. Then, you get a promise of withdrawing three days after you make your deposit. No member has made such withdrawals with a 100 percent guaranteed ROI on the account.


It’s the most exclusive account, with investors having to deposit $50,000 and above. The account comes with an over the moon ROI of 250 percent. But, unfortunately, you don’t get any information on the available vesting period.

Account Features Hash Crypto Mine 24

HashCryptoMine24 Accounts and Plans

All these accounts have an attractive feature, the guarantee to make a profit. Just below the account plans, the platform insists on earning 90 percent in trade profits. How the platform manages to keep these ROIs constantly is the issue.

No expert or robot can achieve such a high ROI. Unfortunately, the platform is fooling naïve investors who want to make quick and easy money. The platform has no pedigree to meet the goals set.

You also don’t get to see leverage information and spreads. Instead, the platform promises crypto trading by pairing leading cryptocurrencies with forex pairs. These cryptos include Bitcoin, Dash, and Ethereum.

Without leverage, the platform is putting your trading at risk. Regulators have set the acceptable leverage at 1:100 in most jurisdictions. In the United States, regulators have a cap on leverage at 1:50 for retail traders.

You also get to see a pop-up message with claims of investors winning or withdrawing from the platform. These are false claims with no way of proving them. It’s a sales tactic to fool investors into believing you can withdraw from the platform.

Business Holder

In the testimonial section, we get a glimpse of what appears as the owner. For example, Saul Goodman is the name listed as the CEO and Founder of the platform. Funny thing, the testimonial page is the same as the other cloned platforms.

To try and fool investors, the owners didn’t count on us checking testimonials. Saul is not the owner but a proxy. We even suspect that it’s not her real name. HashCryptoMine24 is an anonymous investment platform.

It would be best if you avoided anonymity in all aspects of it, especially with online investment. Transparency plays a crucial role in ensuring Safety. As an investor, you have the right to know who is responsible for your funds.

Client Testimony Hash Crypto Mine 24

Contact and customer support

Try and find out how effective and fast their communication channels are. It would be best if you insisted on direct means of communication. That’s the only way you can feel secure. With Hash Crypto Mine 24, it’s the complete opposite.

The platform avails a WhatsApp group where you can easily be kicked out. Members have been kicked out for asking about their withdrawals. The phone number listed is the same as the other cloned platforms.

Once you decide to call the representatives, the number rarely goes through. And this is why you need to stay away from the platform. Without direct means of communication, the platform easily blocks you from the platform.

Deposit and withdrawal channels

To ensure anyone globally can fund their accounts, there is a wide selection of depository channels. These include bank and wire transfers. The funny thing is that we don’t see any crypto funding method despite it being a crypto investment platform.

Once you deposit funds, the amount will appear in your account within 24 hours. For some, the platform claims they didn’t receive funds using wire transfers. It’s another way the platform steals from investors.

Despite having funds in your account, withdrawing it is a major hassle. The funds might appear to increase with time, but you won’t get to withdraw funds. It seems that the accounts are dummies, with the owners manipulating results.

HashCryptoMine24 License and Regulation

HashCryptoMine24 is not a licensed or regulated platform. Unfortunately, with their address in the States, we couldn’t find any license documents. However, the disclaimer at the footer of their homepage claims licenses from CFTC and NFA.

After reaching out to these institutions, none of them have any record of licensing the platform. And this makes Hash Crypto Mine 24 an unregulated platform. And this puts your entire investment at risk.

Without a valid license, the platform is free to operate as they wish. And this means imposing harsh trading conditions. The platform may also decide not to give crucial information to investors. As is the case with the vesting period.

You should check with regulators in your region to confirm whether a platform is legit. It’s the only way to ensure Safety. Check with reputable regulators such as ASIC, BaFIN, CNMV, CONSOB, CySEC, and the FCA.

Other reputable regulators include FINMA, FSA, and more. These regulators ensure all parties adhere to strict guidelines. For example, no one gets to take advantage of the other, and your funds are put in segregated accounts.

Is Licensed or Regulated?

Is Safety of funds a guarantee with HashCryptoMine24?

Your funds are far from safe with a platform that doesn’t offer insurance cover. Therefore, it’s best to stay away from such investment avenues.


There’s no way we would recommend using So please stay away from it.

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