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Hashlake Review: Is a scam?

Hashlake claims to be a Blockchain company designed to offer crypto solutions. These include crypto investments such as providing mining contracts and mining hardware. Those who bought either of the services offered by are ruing the decision. It turns out that the platform is another skewed website designed to fool naïve investors. We have to end the store and ensure no one falls into the traps set. Do learn more in our eye-opening HASHLAKE REVIEW.

Note: There’s a need for first-time crypto hardware investors to go for reliable miners. You first need to know which miner works best for you. Then, learn the ropes of the algorithm used, efficiency, electricity costs, and hashrate.

A Brief overview of Hashlake

On the about us page, Hashlake tries to sell itself as a platform created by a group of data engineers. Who these engineers remain a mystery as the store fails to name them. And that automatically makes an anonymous platform.

Hashlake Sells Defective Miners

Buyers need to avoid buying from anonymous stores. Despite claiming residency in Illinois and Chicago, there’s no proof. We don’t have any office pictures as those available seem doctored.

According to the homepage, its mission is to provide professional ASIC equipment. These include computers and other crypto mining accessories. The store claims to offer these devices to retailers and large-scale institutions.

We also see the platform claiming to have solved the Bitcoin miner puzzle. In addition, the store claims to have created a solid reputation among manufacturers. These include overseas manufacturers from China, such as Bitmain and Canaan.

Like any store, the platform wants you to believe every word. So we have to scoop deeper and find out why clients are complaining. It turns out the store fails to deliver miners to the general public.

And that’s why we have to expose the store for failing to furnish members with the truth. There are delivery delays, and, likely, you won’t get a working miner. The store is another middleman earning commissions from after-sales.

Experts recommend doing due diligence before engaging with online stores. You have to consider the experiences of other users before committing funds. You can also request that we review any platform, free of charge.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hashlake

As a buyer, you have to weigh the pros and cons of every store before buying from them. Every store has to have these two features, and you must weigh them. If the cons outweigh the pros, you need to stay away.

We have to help expose the cons well hidden from plain sight. The store does a pretty good job of hiding the traps. Some of them appear as advantages to naïve investors. These are cons driven to lure you into buying from them.

Let’s take a closer look at the drawbacks of Hashlake

A list of miners on Hashlake

The store claims to have several miners available on the product’s page. These include leading miners such as Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, iBeLink, Innosilicon, and iPollo. The store also sells other relatively known miners.

These miners have one thing in common; most are entirely underpriced. So the store tries to lure buyers by lowering the prices. That said, the condition of listed miners remains unknown, new, or used.

Most miners on Hashlake are faulty

There’s no proof that the store does own any of the listed miners. For all we know, the store could be posting stock images. We have seen this happen countless times before. But, again, there’s no proof that the store owns these miners.

Just as they posted their offices, the store ought to post these miners in their warehouse. Instead, all we see are photos of miners alongside prices. The store doesn’t even have a short video description of the miners.

As a buyer, you deserve to know the condition of a miner before buying. So ask for a video showing the miner in action. The video will show the miner’s condition, hashrate, and overall quality.

Pricing of the miners moves most buyers to buy in bulk. And that’s the aim of the store. To move buyers to buy in bulk, especially those looking to start a mining farm. Little do they know that it’s a trap set for them to send large chunks of funds.

Affiliate and referrals

There’s an affiliate program set up for anyone interested in attracting more users. You have to email the store and request one. The store gladly agrees to terms below 20 percent commission on all sales.

There’s a good reason why the store readily accepts such terms. The store is only interested in taking advantage of your connections. We have a store that will do anything to get more users to buy non-existing miners.

You won’t find any professional affiliate signing up with the store. In addition, word has gone around that the store doesn’t release commissions. So you won’t even get to see your conversions on the affiliate dashboard.

Days before the withdrawal time reaches, the store deletes all data. You face the blame from victims who didn’t get their miners from the store. We have to expose the store for such insults to the affiliate community.

Before you affiliate with any store, you have to research it. Then, try and ensure the store delivers on its promise of delivering miners. Failure to do so, you end up facing the wrath of victims.

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ASIC hosting services

Buyers experience with

Please don’t fall for their hosting services as the store wants to take advantage. Once you send your miner their way, you won’t enjoy any benefits. And that’s why we have to expose the store for failing to protect consumers.

The contracts provided do not offer any profit margins to clients. Those who tried these contracts claim payment is late, and the store doesn’t give information on miners. We have a store that takes complete advantage of buyers.

Buyer’s protection Hashlake

Hashlake doesn’t list any terms and conditions on their homepage, especially delivery and shipping. So members are to take their word that the store will deliver miners in good faith. That’s a dumb move from any buyer.

Most buyers usually fail to go through the blueprint of such stores. And this gives stores to offer harsh conditions. An excellent example would be the store putting all liability in the hands of buyers.

The store won’t cover any costs arising from delays in shipping or damage. In addition, the store doesn’t accept returns or offer refunds. That’s a store that doesn’t have your interest at heart. It would be best if you avoided buying from such stores.

Client testimony

Hundreds of clients have lost funds with the platform for various reasons. These include those from the contract aspect and those who failed to get their miners. Unfortunately, their story tells it all as the store doesn’t offer any transparency.

Contact and staff support

Don’t expect any support from the staff members once you clear payment. Instead, the staff moves quickly to block or ignore all communication with members. We see the store as a platform designed to fool naïve crypto hardware buyers.

Final verdict Hashlake

Please stay away from Hashlake as it defrauds crypto investors.

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