Cloud Mining Scams Review: Is Hashnest a Scam? claims to be the best Cryptocurrency Mining Platform. For a while, the platform did manage to offer affordable cloud mining services. But, after getting more clients to sign up, the platform started acting crazy. As a result, members could no longer get their profit from the cloud mining service provider. As a result, there’s been no activity on the website for weeks now. And that’s why we have to expose the platform. Learn more in our comprehensive HASHNEST.COM REVIEW.

A Brief Overview of

Is Legit or a Scam?

Just like most cloud mining platforms, claims to rise to fortune in 2013. Unfortunately, it was just around the same time Bitcoin was peaking. Yes, every platform wants to associate with Bitcoin success. started as a retailer for crypto mining equipment. After a few years, the platform started offering cloud mining services. The platform boasts of hosting multiple brands such as Bitmain, Innosilicon, and MicroBT.

You would mine Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. The platform made a promise to help miners mine more crypto coins in the future. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen as the platform went burst.

For a while now, members have been complaining of the failed attempts to withdraw funds. Imagine mining with a cloud mining platform and seeing all your profit go to the company. It’s what’s happening with Hashnest.

You only have to read the comments from users on TrustPilot to get a clear picture. Most members are a disgruntled lot as they can’t withdraw funds. All their efforts and expenses didn’t yield any fruits.

As a miner, you need to find proven cloud mining platforms that offer legit contracts. And that’s what we recommend as we too use these cloud mining platforms. We see them credible and transparent in all matters, starting from profitability to withdrawal.

Available Mining Contracts offers 11 different mining contracts. These include hosting miners from Antminer, GPUs, Innosilicon, StrongU, and Whatsminer. Unfortunately, the miner fails to notify members of the payback period, which is alarming.

What you get is a promise of making a daily profit in Bitcoin. An excellent example is a contract with Innosilicon A10 Pro. The platform promises a daily payout of 0.1184990 ETH. And this is where the problems start.

Most miners want to get guarantees that they will make a higher profit with cloud mining platforms. It makes sense as joining a cloud mining platform means having more computing power.

These platforms help solve puzzles quickly and thus, mining more coins than standard miners. After signing up, you make your calculations and find these projections exciting. However, there are a few issues you should note.

Mining Contracts with Hash Nest

Just like any other market, the crypto market is also volatile. And this means the prices of these coins change without warning. A spike in prices could result from a celebrity just mentioning they have vested in the coin.

We have seen this before, especially with Dogecoin. Once Elon Musk posted a Tweet supporting it, the prices skyrocketed. Away from that, it would be best if you asked whether the projected income makes sense.

From what we can see, the platform overestimates profitability. And this is a marketing tool to help sign up more users. That’s why you need to stay away from the platform or risk losing everything.

Business Holder

There are no mentions of any owner or shareholder of the platform. Despite claiming to reside in Beijing, we don’t have the names of the people behind it. And this makes an anonymous cloud mining scam.

Avoid anonymity when it comes to crypto investing. There’s no way you can get refunds or recover funds set to such platforms. Furthermore, with Crypto mining being banned in China, the platform is out of the market.

Yes, it all started when Bitcoin mining was to blame for the blackouts in Beijing. And this led to the government banning Crypto mining. All companies were affected, including Hash Nest. The platform ought to indicate their new headquarters if they have any.

Client Testimony

Experience with

Even on their page, you get to see investors asking for their funds. One example is that of a member by the name @salaheldin7777. She invested with the online mining platform, and her account is swept clean.

That’s what’s happening to new clients. It seems the member was the first to raise the flag two years ago. But, unfortunately, the trend has been happening, and such testimony makes us stay away from the platform.

On TrustPilot, the platform has a poor rating. Nearly all reviews point out that Hash Nest is a scam. It would be best if you stayed away from the platform or risk losing your funds. There’s no way you can recover funds from an anonymous platform.

Those who attempt to hire recovery agents will only lose funds. These recovery agents don’t have the mandate to freeze accounts. The people behind will probably store all funds in a single crypto wallet.

Contact and customer support

All you have is a platform that only communicates using their Facebook page. The last time the platform made a post was on September 2021. Since then, there’s been no communication from the platform.

You won’t even get a response when you send an email. The platform doesn’t have a phone number you can call. We recommend that you first test communication structures before joining a platform.

Test how fast a platform responds to emails. First, check to confirm that the platform is using the listed phone number. When you click on the help center, members can only submit a request. There’s no direct way of contacting support.

How the Scam works

The platform will claim they have moved their base of operation out of China. Asia-Pacific is the region most likely you will get as an answer. The platform will email you records of investors who withdrew funds from the platform.

Login Issues with Hashnest

You might be tempted to believe them as these transactions are on the Blockchain servers. What you don’t know is that the owners have multiple wallets. When withdrawing funds from different wallets, they copy transaction records to fool investors.

Some of the problems you will encounter include having login issues. The two-factor authentication process doesn’t work. And this is the beginning of your woes. The platform is attempting to block access to your account.

When you finally get access, you will find all your funds missing from the account. All the accrued profit from cloud mining will be missing. And there’s no communication from the platform as to why this is happening.

License and Registration is not a licensed crypto platform or a registered entity. There are no records from the Company register in Beijing regarding the platform. And this means the platform is free to operate as they wish.

Please stay away from anonymous and unregulated platforms. Without any regulation in place, the safety of funds is out of the question. In addition, these contracts providers will exit the market and fail to inform members.

Safety of funds/profit with

Available Mining Equipment with

We have seen what other members are facing with the platform. Your accrued profits are not safe with the platform. There’s no telling when Hash nest will completely shut down. And this is what you need to avoid.

You can join leading and proven cloud mining contracts that offer genuine results. Crypto experts highly recommend these platforms all over the world. So make the wise decision today and sign up with legit cloud mining contracts.

If you want to learn more, you can join our growing community.

  1. Hello. Just found this page. I am another user who can’t withdraw. Similar to other reports, at first I couldn’t even login, after much fighting with the SMS codes and the 2FA (and zero answers to my tickets) I finally managed to enter a withdrawal request but then my account was “locked for withdrawal” and it’s like that since 3 months.
    Do you know whether this site, stating to be wiling to do a class action, is legit or is it another scam in itself?

    Thank you very much for the informative page.

    • Hello Gretty

      Hundreds of crypto investors have had to go through such an experience. We will let you know when a class action takes effect.

  2. Please delete my previous comment immediately!
    My email address went public!!!!
    It said that “Your email address will not be published” !!!!

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