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Higisy Miner Review: Is a scam?

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Higisy Miner is a new crypto hardware store. The store has been around for 174 days as we publish this review. And there has been no known chatter about the Higisyminer store. We are to change that with a closer look at the store. What we find out will be helpful to anyone looking to buy from the store. Here’s our detailed HIGISY MINER REVIEW.

A Check of Higisy Miner

The about us page sees the platform list 2010 as its year of establishment. Yuanye Global Co., Ltd is the listed parent company. However, a quick search of the company on the search engines shows a UK-based company and not based in Hong Kong.

That’s one of the first red flags we saw in the store. Mind you, and there has been no negative or positive review of the store. We are doing a professional check on the store to protect naïve buyers.

Higisy Miner Reviews: Pros and cons

There are two company profiles of the parent company on LinkedIn. All indicate it’s a global marketing brand, and none deals with crypto mining. One has seven followers, something you wouldn’t expect from a crypto store.

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The company claims to have been in the Blockchain industry for over ten years. However, whether the company manufactures or is a wholesaler of mining units remains unclear. The store also claims to have miners from leading brands.

You can see why we have doubts about the store’s transparency with attention to detail. Claims of having over ten years in the business don’t align with domain records. And we suspect a user is trying to use this name to gain credibility from the crypto community.

Before you buy any miner, it pays to research the vendor. Make sure to check their perception or rating. If it’s a new vendor, try buying a power cord to see if they will deliver. New stores have a hard time trying to penetrate the market.

Advantages and Downsides of buying miners from Higisy Miner store

Just as with any other store, there are some advantages and disadvantages of buying from this store. These include not knowing who the vendor is, which is risky. The prices seem decent if you look at some of the listed miners.

We are against buying from anonymous vendors. However, the store doesn’t give us a reason to buy from them. It would have been ideal if the store had been more transparent in its services. Instead, we have a store unwilling to pick up calls or have a one-on-one facetime.

Make sure to contact new vendors directly. If the vendor has an office near your location, go and confirm. We must insist on a virtual store tour before proceeding with online stores.

A listing of miners on the store

There are a wide array of listed miners in the store. We get a total of five brands on the store’s product page. These include AnexMiner, Bitmain, Canaan, Jasminer, and Goldshell. Unfortunately, a look at the inventory shows no AnexMiners are available.

Higisy Miner Might NOT Deliver MINERS

You get two Bitmain miners and one Canaan Miner. There’s a bunch of Goldshell miners to choose from, 18 in total. You can also buy one available Jasminer X4 1U. The store quotes the prices in USD.

Apart from selling miners, the store also sells mining accessories. We saw the store listing Goldshell mining fans. The store has one other issue, which is the pricing. It seems to undersell most of the listed miners.

How safe can you be when engaging with online crypto hardware users? That’s what we are here for. To help you navigate your way to the crypto maze. These are the steps to follow when engaging with online stores.

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A safe way of buying crypto hardware from online Higisy Miner store

You can start by making contact with the vendor. The vendor must pick up your call and accept a facetime or Zoom meeting. That’s in case the vendor is not in your area. It helps to know who you are dealing with in the crypto space.

The next step should be to ask for video confirmation of the miner in action. Make sure to know the condition of the miner. Is it a brand new miner or a refurbished unit? During the video presentation, make sure to check the hashing rate of the miner.

Once satisfied, the next step should be the pricing. But before that, you need to know the average market price of the intended miner. Again, avoid sellers who seem to overprice or underprice. In this case, the vendor appears to overprice miners.

It’s also possible the vendor doesn’t update their pricing. But, all in all, it shows complicity and not a virtual one you would want from a vendor. One of the key red flags was the price of the Goldshell KD Max, going for $31,999.

Other stores are selling at half the price. And this is an indicator we are dealing with a rogue store. The vendor wants to take advantage of buyers. Remember, coin prices affect the miner’s overall cost.

Bulk buying

With the store overpricing miners, there’s no way to buy bulk. Once you contact the store, it will claim to slash 30 to 50 percent off on orders above ten units. These are false claims as the store might not deliver a single mining unit.

You can contact manufacturers directly if you need a large bulk order. That way, you get the best prices directly from manufacturers. You can also contact mining farms but expect to get refurbished miners.

Buyer’s Terms and Conditions Higisy Miner

We checked, and the terms and policies don’t align with the industry’s mandate. The refund policy also doesn’t cover several essential factors. For the store to even reconsider a refund, you must send the miner back.

avoid buying crypto hardware from

What if the vendor sold a faulty miner, to begin with? These are the hard tells we need to avoid in terms of delivery. The store fails to protect buyers as it doesn’t mention the chance of a return of paid miners.

Avoid stores that try and put all liability in the hands of buyers. Such stores are far from being the best service providers. Instead, go for a store that guarantees a safe buying experience. The store doesn’t even mention delivery and shipping policies.

Client Testimony Higisy Miner

No client has come forward with mentions of delivery from the store. We did notice the store doesn’t engage with the online world. How does it expect to garner clients? The store doesn’t have any social media handles.

Contact and support

You must leave your contact information before proceeding to the chatbot. We sent a message and had to wait for hours to get a response. The follow us link doesn’t work, and there’s no way of directly contacting support.

That means you can’t call the seller. Instead, the vendor wants buyers to order miners without confirming their identity. That’s no way of buying costly miners or products from a new store barely a few days old.

Closing Remarks Higisy Miner

Please stay away from Higisy Miner.

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