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HNT Minnes Review: Is a scam?

With a negative rating, HNT Minnes ( is another crypto hardware store to avoid. The store does nothing but accept payment and fails to deliver miners. Hundreds of complaints have started hitting our help desk. We must stop what HNTMinnes is doing to naïve crypto hardware buyers. The store needs to be on the blacklist of stores to avoid. Here’s what we found out in our clear HNT MINNES REVIEW.

A Brief Overview of HNT Minnes

We can see why most buyers would fall for the store. It has a decent website, and everything looks legit to the naked eye. However, it’s not until you dig a little deeper do you start to see a clear picture of the store.

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HNT Minnes is another crypto hardware store that fails to deliver miners. The problem with the store is that it’s still live. We hope our review will move Google to shut down the website to avoid further risks.

HNT Minnes Pros and cons

Those engaged with the store have nothing good to say about it. The store is another trap set by unknown persons to take advantage of investors. These are some of the issues we have to expose with the store.

The store doesn’t engage with buyers after the sale. Nearly every victim faced the same scenario. After completing the payment, the store blocked all communication. As a result, buyers had no way of contacting or receiving feedback.

There’s not any credible information on who owns or runs the store. And that makes the store an anonymous store. It’s one of the things that experienced buyers will spot. You need to know the background and history of a store before moving forward with them.

Experts recommend researching a store first before making any credible moves. You need to know what other buyers have experienced before committing to buy. That’s the only way to guarantee safety with the option you take.

Advantages and stumbling blocks of HNT Minnes

Honestly, there are no advantages here since the store doesn’t deliver miners. Instead, the store is another well-laid trap to convince naïve buyers to buy from them. Here, we will expose all the red flags found in the store.

These include the varying reasons why the store is a scam. We will help expose the underlying truth and features the store tries to hide. Despite their efforts to conceal the matter, the store is now revealed for its recklessness.

Before you engage with any store, make sure to know when it was created. Check with domain records to find out more about them. In the crypto world, your reputation plays a huge role in convincing buyers.

A new store will likely not have new buyers. So how do you know which is the right store? First, check whether there’s any social engagement by the store. If the crypto community doesn’t approve, please stay away.

A directory of listed miners on the store

Once you land on the shop’s page, you realize the store sells ASIC and GPU miners. You get to choose Bitmain and Innosilicon miners. The store also sells Asus and NVidia GPU miners. Apart from the two, the store also claims to sell hotspot mining devices.

We see a store trying to come out as a credible all-in-one store. With all the accessories, the store has over 58 items. We saw the store having a few Asic miners, and the miners can’t be more than ten on the list.

How do you know when to move forward with a purchase?

Avoid buying any crypto mining accessory from HNT Minnes

A safe way of buying crypto miners from online stores

The buyer has all the power, and you need assurances that the store owns these miners. For all we know, the store could be posting images of stock images. And this happens to be the case with HNT Minnes.

You need to first ask for a short video description of the miner. Next, the seller should send a video of the miner, letting you see the dashboard and hashrate. With this video, you can ascertain the seller owns the unit.

Buyers must also ask the seller to write their name on a piece of paper next to the miner. That will limit the seller from using a video from any other avenue. The video will also show the condition and quality of the miner.

HNTMinnes fails to quote the condition of these miners. Are the miners brand new or used miners? What about the pricing? Is the store underselling or overselling miners? Check the industry average before closing a deal.

Bulk buying

Most stores will try and encourage bulk buying. Scam stores do the same but with one notable feature. These stores will undersell miners to lure buyers into buying in bulk. Then, the store will claim it’s a bargain or discount.

Once you mistake clearing funds, the owner laughs at the bank. You get a store that doesn’t deliver in terms of bulk buying. All you have done is send funds to an anonymous seller.

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Business owner

There’s little information showing who owns or runs the store. And that’s why we have to expose the store as an anonymous crypto hardware store. So please avoid the store or risk losing everything.

The problem with such stores is there’s no way of knowing who owns or runs the store. We have a store that won’t deliver in terms of safety. The owner wants to remain anonymous as there are no links to their professional profiles.

Buyer’s Protection HNT Minnes

HNT Minnes fails to protect buyers as it has no buyer/seller policies. It’s one of the few shops we have seen that fails to list these documents. So we partially blame buyers for not going through these documents.

These are the blueprints the store uses to transact businesses. You won’t find any refund or return policies in the store. And that’s why you have to expose the store or risk losing it all. The store is a complete hoax.

Make sure to check if the store puts all liability in the hands of buyers. If that’s the case, please avoid it. An open store should deliver in terms of quality and substance. Protecting buyers from damage via shipping should be the store’s prerogative.

What clients think of

Client Testimony

You can turn to and see how buyers are ruing buying from the store. The store has a rating of 1.9, with all comments claiming the store ripped them off. And that’s why we insist the store is a scam.

Contact and support

Don’t expect any contact or support from the store. Despite having a live chat widget, it’s a message board where members leave a message. The problem with their phone number is that it rarely goes through.

Closing remarks HNT Minnes

Please avoid the store as it fails to protect buyers and doesn’t deliver paid miners.

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