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Hostmine Review: Is a Scam?

Hostmine ( claims to be the best shop for buying ASIC machines and Crypto hosting services. However, the platform had a good reputation which they gradually tanked. Hundreds of complaints have recently flooded the market. Buyers are unhappy with how the store fails to profit from cloud mining services. Those who buy and rent miners for the store are an even angrier lot. Here’s more in our detailed HOSTMINE REVIEW.

A Brief Overview of Hostmine

Hostmine Review: Pros and Cons

As the name suggests, Hostmine is a leading Crypto miner hosting provider, so they claim. Unfortunately, the platform once operated in good faith until greed got the better of them. Now, you are lucky even to receive half of the profits made by your miner.

Apart from selling ASIC miners and hosting services, the store sells mining accessories. You can buy AntBoxes and graphic cards from the store. However, we don’t recommend it as the store will probably fail to offer any returns.

You need to engage in proven crypto mining contracts that experts back. Industry experts and the community have vetted these mining contract providers. Go for mining contracts that pay on time and deliver profit at an affordable rate.

Hostmine will likely take you for a ride. The store demands that you buy the best performing ASIC miners. These include Antminer S19, S19 Pro, and Innosilicon A10 Pro. In addition, the store claims to engage in Altcoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum mining only.

We can see several brands under the unit from the BTC store list. Most of these brands are, to be honest, overpriced. The store wants to rip off investors with their over-the-moon sales. It would be best to find a convenience store that goes in line with industry price standards.

Before you engage with any store, we recommend doing some research. Try and find out the experiences of other users before committing to the store. That way, you will better understand what to expect from the store.

Accessible ASIC Miners on Hostmine

The store claims to have several brands to try and look presentable to the general public. These include Aisen, Antminers, Bitfury, Canaan, Goldshell, iBeLink, Innosilicon, Whatsminer, and more.

For most of these miners, there’s little profit. An excellent example would be the Aisen miner. The store claims that it’s one of the best performing miners on their page. But, in reality, the miner is making losses.

We have the profitability data for the Aisen miner, and it currently makes no sense to buy it. The miner is making losses, yet Hostmine wants buyers to think it’s a worthy miner. And this presents a problem for buyers.

It means that those who buy from the store won’t profit from it. We believe the store doesn’t even bother informing buyers the miner is not available. Instead, the store uses the funds to advance its mining activities.

There’s reason to believe the store only wants to advance its large-scale mining activities. The running expenses are from buyers who buy obsolete miners. So we have to expose the store to take advantage of naïve investors.

The homepage is also from the caveman’s error as their coming soon miners arrived a while back. We have the MicroBT Whatsminer M21S marked as coming soon. In reality, the miner went live in June 2019.

Hostmine Sells Faulty Miners

Affiliate Program

You won’t get any professional affiliate in the UK partnering with the store. All of them know that the store is a no-go zone. Those who affiliate with the store end up paying the ultimate price. You become their scapegoat, and victims point the finger at you.

Those you lead to buy faulty miners will have a grudge against you. And this is how the platform tanks your online credibility and reputation. Hostmine is only taking advantage of your connections to further their mining course.

With victims wanting their funds back, a class lawsuit is on its way. According to the platform’s statement, affiliates are an accomplice to online fraud. Therefore, it would be best to avoid such stores that only work to take advantage of affiliates.

Altcoin Mining Machines

The store claims to offer several miners at an affordable price for altcoin mining. These include Goldshell and iPollo miners. But, unfortunately, only three iPollo miners make a profit of more than $10 in the current market prices.

We also get a store claiming to sell mining containers at an affordable price. If you mistake buying these miners, it will be the end of you. The store sells containers full of mold and rust.

There’s no way you can manage ASIC miners in such an environment. These containers don’t come with a cooling system, and you have to create one yourself. Also, the humidity will be a problem with the miner having mold and rust.

Business Holder

According to the disclaimer at the footer of their homepage, Ablawin Trading Company Ltd owns the entity. However, if you go to Trustpilot, you will see a response made by the store that contradicts this statement.

On TrustPilot, the platform even claims to have a valid business registry. We checked with the Company registrar and found that Ablawin Trading Company Ltd doesn’t exist. What we have is a store trying to use random business registry documents.

You don’t need to engage with an anonymous platform to know that an unregistered store is worse. The store won’t bother confirming tracking information to users. And this is why we have to expose all the red flags found under

According to reports, the owner of the platform resides in Bahrain. The store uses a UK domain to try and get trust from European investors. Sadly, the plot to defraud miners is now exposed for everyone to see.

Client Testimony doesn't offer valid cloud mining solutions

To try and get a massive following, the store placed a commentary ad. You would get paid to post a positive comment on TrustPilot. You will notice that each month, the comments were two days apart.

Victims have been ranting on social media about how the store fails to release commissions. We have to expose the store as negative comments are easily clamped down on TrustPilot. There are no positive comments regarding the store on any independent sites.

Contact and customer support

Despite their efforts to appear trustworthy, the store fails to have a good customer support base. Instead, we have a store that doesn’t offer live chat. In addition, the store limits communication to written form; there’s no verbal communication.

Even the phone number listed on the contact page doesn’t go through. However, the platform promises to contact you when an agent is available if it does. The agent will try and convince you to invest in their crypto farm.

If you buy a miner on their behalf, the agent promises daily returns. A crypto contract allows the platform to send funds after a week. You will wait for an eternity before the store sends a penny.

Disadvantages of Hostmine

There are several disadvantages, the top of them being failure to release payment. For those who buy miners and insist the store delivers, it’s not possible. The store also doesn’t have any miners to show.

We did send an email asking for proof the store owns these miners. You would expect a picture of their warehouse or mining farm. None exists as the store wants to rip off investors.

Final thoughts

Avoid Buying Products and services from

As we have exposed the store, please stay away from

Try and engage with leading Crypto exchanges for P2P trading. It’s another credible way of earning passive income with Crypto.

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  1. Hi Henry!

    A very interesting read not gonna lie.

    Although mate, I am not from Bahrain I hail from India 😊🇮🇳. And NO, we do not scam people. At the moment we don’t even have an hosting service running, so your delusional review about our “hosting service” was hilarious! 🤣

    Our company number is 12369751 and registered in the UK, you can find all our company information here on UK’s Company House website:

    Our company name is Ablawin Trading Company Ltd. which essentially is an import export company and HOSTMINE is our trading name. ‘Ablawin’ is a word made out of my parents’ and my name: ABu , LAtha, ashWIN. I hope this gives you enough info about our company 😁. There are only two directors in the company, my mate Aaroh Rathi and me.

    One thing I would agree in your review, we do not stock any servers/miners in the UK. We process them from Hong Kong to the UK when an order is placed, it usually gets delivered to customers within 7-10 working days but recently we have seen delays getting a lot worse since Nov 21 and rest assured we are working to cut down these delays in delivery.

    I would have to say that you write really good, why not try writing the truth instead by doing some research first! 🙃

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about HOSTMINE.UK , I will always be there to answer and clear your doubts 😊.

    All the best 👍

    Ashwin Abu
    Ablawin Trading Company Ltd.
    T/A HOSTMINE Hosted Crypto Mining

    • P.S. Henry, all your claims are utterly baseless, although hilarious….a container full of “mold”??? We haven’t even sold any yet!🤦‍♂️🤣 how can anyone even get away with that bro? 😂 Your mind is very fictitious and creative, so hats off for that 😂😂

  2. Meer Saeed

    April 28, 2022

    hostmine is a legit place to buy mining rig. I started my mining with antminer s19j pro. Delivery was a bit late but the miner is running satisfactory. I’m considering to expand mining business with GPU miner.

    • Hello Meer, we are glad that you received your miner. You are one of the few buyers who did. Would you kindly share the Order tracking number or proof of recipt? That would help a great deal.

  3. Seth Burns

    April 28, 2022

    Choosing my first miner was very confusing. Didn’t knew go for bitcoin mining or ethereum mining. but i chose ethereum mining and ordered Innosilicon A11 Pro miner. Miner working all fine. Wish I started earlier.

    • Hello Seth, would you mind sharing your Order tracking number, invoice, and proof of receipt? That would help a great deal. Thanks.

  4. Coles

    May 7, 2022

    May I add that I purchased an 0XMiner from Hostmine and found their service to be exemplary. I was definitely able to speak to a person and must admit they were very helpful. My rig arrived 7 days after ordering and was very thoroughly packaged. Getting it up and running was easy as they had preconfigured it for me. I have not had to use their Technical Support to date because the need has not come up. So not sure where all this rubbish Henry is posting is coming from. My experience was very much the opposite.

    • Henry

      May 8, 2022

      Hello Coles,

      Not everyone receives their miner from Hostmine. I’m guessing you’re from the UK. Unfortunately, the platform only seems to deliver miners from those around the region. Would you mind sharing your purchase details?

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