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Hummer Miner Review: Is a Scam?

Hummer Miner ( is a clone platform that’s defrauding crypto miners. No buyer will get any mining hardware from this platform. We have been receiving tons of emails concerning the clone platform. And we have to protect potential crypto miner buyers from such a platform. HummerMiner is claiming to offer top-tier Bitcoin and Ethereum miners at lower prices. Here’s what we found out in our comprehensive HUMMER MINER REVIEW.

About Hummer Miner

Hummer Miner Review

In the about us section, Hummer Miner claims to provide high-end chips. The platform also claims to focus on the field of algorithms. There are four miners on the cards, H1, H7, H9, and H10.

You should be aware that there’s another platform with the same name but a different domain. So when checking whether a platform is legit, try and find out the actual domain name. It would be best if, for example, you didn’t mistake with

Most buyers will fail to spot the difference. We pray and hope that authorities will bring down the former domain. There have been complaints, and the legit Hummer Miner platform should clear the air.

Buying a miner is no easy task. First, you need to confirm whether the manufacturer or retailer offers efficient miners. Most of the buyers are unhappy with the result. None of them has a working miner.

Your priority is to do due diligence before buying a miner. Try and find out what others are saying about a miner and the manufacturer. We recommend checking out our reviews as we explain the pros and cons of each miner.

If you’re looking for a productive Ethereum miner, we have a list of Ethereum miners. At the moment, the most profitable Ethereum miner is the Innosilicon A11 Pro ETH (2000Mh). For more information, check out the profitability and specs of the miner.

Available Hummer Miner Units

Hummer Miner claims that all miners are in stock. That’s just a roost to ensure users buy the miner from the store. You will notice that no other reputable store has the miner. No store wants to be in partnership with a clone.

The problem with Hummer Miners is that the manufacturer doesn’t come out to distance itself from the clone. A legit manufacturer will issue a press statement and warning regarding the clone.

We believe both of these platforms are working together. The original domain was before switching to After stealing from clients, their next move was to create a similar website.

Everything looks the same, even the aesthetics. And this is proof we are dealing with the same gang of sellers. No one will give you any leads as to why the platform steals from users. All you have to do is read their comments to find out.

Most of the four miners are profitable in their own sense. The most profitable miner is the Hummer Miner E1 ETH Miner 780 Mh. With the current market price, the miner will give you a daily profit of $68.

Sadly, none of these miners are available. Soon after the miner came out, hundreds bought the miner. After selling all their stocks, the platform claims to have a second batch. Unfortunately, it’s not the case as no one receives them.

Hummer Miner List of Miners

Affiliate Programs

To try and get as many people buying their miners, the platform has an affiliate program. You get to earn a small commission of the sales made. Sadly, the platform also fails to release payment to affiliates.

You end up losing your reputation after directing users to buy a non-existent miner. There’s no word from either of the platforms as to why you won’t get paid. We strongly recommend you stay away from the platform.

The best way to earn passive income is by joining a reliable mining pool. You get to increase your hashing power with other miners. That way, you mine more coins thanks to the computing power of the mining pool.

Business Holder

Cynosure Technologies claims to be the parent company that owns Hummer Miner. According to the disclaimer at the footer, the company is in Shenzhen, China. But, of course, we all know what’s happening in China.

The Chinese government is clamping down on crypto mining. As a result, most of the companies are shifting base to neighboring Kazakhstan. And this means that and are not in China.

There’s no information on who owns or runs Cynosure Technologies. We don’t find any registration documents for the platform. And this means we are dealing with an anonymous platform.

After shifting their base of operation, the platform ought to mention their new location. We believe both of these platforms have gone under. All platforms with the HummerMiner brand are exit platforms.

You can also invest in mining contracts that offer users a genuine profit margin. These are legit contracts that, over time, produce miners with efficient ROI. It’s one of the best ways to mine and earn with crypto mining.

Client Testimony

Testimony by users

There’s no need to take our word for it, and you can read independent reviews on Trustpilot. Everyone is complaining about the platform’s inability to deliver miners. Unfortunately, most of the blame is also on the miners themselves.

The manufacturer is to blame for the high energy consumption of the miners. With high energy consumption, electricity bills will also increase. You won’t get to make a return until eight to ten months.

And that’s not a miner you would want. Miners want a miner that will be profitable in three to four months. With Bitcoin and Ethereum prices soaring, you can even have an ROI within two months.

Contact and support

You will also find that the platform only avails email support. Again, this is because there are no other means of communicating with support. And this shows a tendency to control the communication process. So, for example, the platform will only respond to emails which they deem favorable.

Get to test how well a platform communicates with buyers. The platform ought to have more direct access to their support team. It means providing users with live chat or two or more phone numbers.

In this case, all buyers have is an email address. The platform will take over three months to respond to queries. You will get an excuse that the platform receives hundreds of emails every day. That’s not a reason not to respond to emails on time.

Hummer Miner License and Registration

Hummer Miner does not have any documents to prove compliance in China or any other nation. The parent company does not provide documents with their license and registration. And this means the parent company may be a fluke.

Without compliance, there’s no way consumers get the protection they need from the government. That’s why the platform does not offer a refund policy. You won’t get a warranty for the brand.

Profitability of Miners

Shipping Delays with

Well, the miner was only profitable to those who bought the first batch. Hundreds went ahead and made orders for the second batch. Unfortunately, the miner didn’t arrive as the platform failed to deliver any miners.

Verdict on Hummer Miner

It’s not a trusted brand, and you should find better alternatives to Bitcoin and Ethereum miners. Some better miners offer a much-needed ROI. So please stay away from

To find which miner works best for you, check out the profitability of all ASIC miners.

Feel free to drop a comment or write to us with any queries.

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