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IGTEC Review: is a scam?

IGTEC is boldly claiming to have over 200 pieces of T19 Hydro 145 Miners available. What the platform fails to acknowledge is that these units are not available. The Bitmain T19 hydro will be available starting October 2022. Our review will help expose this and other features of the store. We believe the Russian store is another exit scam. Here’s our clear IGTEC REVIEW for more.


The homepage describes a company that entered the crypto mining world in 2015. For the time the store has been active, it claims to have won the hearts and minds of customers. The store claims to work openly and strive to deliver miners on time.

These are false claims if they already list having 200 T19 miners as available. If it were pre-order, that would make sense. However, the store claims delivery is within ten working days once you place an order.

IGTEC Review Pros and Cons

With the war and backlash Russia is facing from the west, this is not a time to buy from them. Delivery won’t be timely as the store claims. Several logistical reasons don’t make this feasible.

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IGTEC is another crypto hardware waiting to pounce on naïve buyers. The store does indeed have an enticing feature. You get pages that work, and it loads properly. For the naïve eye, it all looks like a professional web platform.

Domain records show the website has been running for 1,941 days as we publish this post. The website was created on April 21, 2017. Claims of setting up shop in 2015 are false. The store wants to create an illusion of a credible and reputable store.

Experts recommend researching a store first before committing funds. It will give you an idea of what to expect from the store. These are the ways you can protect yourself from falling into such traps. Several buyers are already ruing buying from the store.

Advantages and Disadvantages of IGTEC

Expect what seem as advantages in the store. These are well-laid-out traps set for clients. But, unfortunately, you only get to realize these are traps too late. And that’s why we have to expose them and protect our readers.

You have to look at an online store using the eyes of a professional. It’s easy for newbies to fall for every little exciting detail. These include low prices that make the store seem affordable and pocket friendly.

Our review will help expose some of the features as high risk. These are the features that make buyers fall for such stores. Once you engage with the store, delivery will almost not happen.

To determine whether a store is genuine, it must pass some vigorous test. We will share these steps with you to help you make a better and safer decision.

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A secure way of buying crypto hardware miners from online stores

We have come up with safe ways to ensure credibility from the sellers. Some of these sellers post stock images and claim to be reliable stores. We have to end such stores by following these proven steps.

IGTEC List of faulty Crypto Mining Hardware

As a buyer, you have the right to ask questions and demand proof of concept. That means reaching out to the seller and confirming they have the mining unit. How do you proceed with such?

Buyers must first make contact with sellers before moving forward. Don’t add goods to the car without making contact. The best way to have a Zoom meeting. It will reveal who is selling and offer transparency both ways.

After making contact, ask the seller to provide you with a short 30-second video. The video should show the miner in action. Next, ask the seller to take you on a virtual tour of the warehouse or store.

If the seller complies, the next step should be to negotiate terms. For example, is the miner a brand new miner or a refurbished mining unit? You should already go in knowing the industry’s acceptable minimum deposit.

The last step should be to ask about delivery and shipping. Does the seller offer order tracking information? If not, please avoid the seller. You should be aware of when the shipment arrives without any delays.

Bulk and discounts on offer

Some unscrupulous sellers are claiming to offer discounts on bulk purchases. These are the scammers who are taking advantage of naïve buyers. The discounts range from 30 to 50 percent, which makes it seem affordable to buyers.

We recommend buying such bulk miners directly from the manufacturer. You will get the lowest possible price, and delivery is a guarantee. These are some of the features that make or break your attempt to create a large crypto mining farm.

Business owner

No one knows who owns or runs the store. And that makes IGTEC an anonymous crypto hardware store. Despite having a Russian domain, the store gives no information regarding founding members.

It would be best if you avoided anonymous stores for various reasons. These stores don’t care much about buyers. The store won’t bother offering refunds or accepting returns. Such stores sell faulty miners knowing too well the condition.

Buyer’s Terms and Agreement IGTEC

A store without the buyer’s terms and agreement is not worth your time. The store doesn’t engage with buyers in terms of fairness and transparency. There are no refund, return, or shopping policies in the store.

And that’s where matters get interesting, as it doesn’t look like there’s any fairness. All liability is on the seller. The store seems to instill a once sold, and no refund is possible scenario. And that’s unacceptable.

What if the store fails to deliver miners? Mining is a time-related factor, as the high price of a coin means more value. Therefore, your ROI depends on how long you mine and the cost of the mineable coin.

Client and customer reviews

Avoid buying from store

There are no positive or negative reviews of the store anywhere on the web. And that makes it a dangerous store to buy. Since 2015, no one has come out and listed their experience with the store.

Without customer interaction, engaging with such stores is no need. Don’t risk being the one who decided to buy from them. It could be the store hasn’t even sold a miner. No Russian crypto miner has even heard of the store.

Contact and support

You get a listed phone number that rarely goes through. Members can also leave a message and expect the store to respond. We did leave a message and haven’t received any response from them.

A genuine store would avail all possible avenues for communication. And this includes having a live chat and someone available to pick up calls. However, it shows the store isn’t interested in contacting clients.

Dispute resolution center

You should also check how a store resolves disputes. With IGTEC, that’s not the case. There’s no dispute resolution center.

Final verdict IGTEC

Please avoid IGTEC as it fails to protect buyers and offer transparency.

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