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Italian Asics Miners Review: is a scam?

Italian Asics Miners ( might seem Italian, but the store claims residency in Shenzhen. The store’s attempt to lure Italian Miners into buying from them. The store has no credibility as its reputation is on the line. Several buyers have lodged complaints after the store failed to deliver miners. It’s a futile attempt to try and sell their hardware to the crypto community. Please find out more in our detailed ITALIAN ASICS MINERS REVIEW.

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A Closer Look at Italian Asics Miners

Shenzhen ASL Electronics Technology Co., Ltd claims to own and operate the store. If this is the case, the store’s background and history are even more mysterious. Claiming establishment in 2015, the store claims to have over 100 workers.

Italian Asics Miners Sells Faulty Miners

With such a large labor force, you would expect the store to have some sought of footing. Such stores usually sell miners on a large scale to retail shops. And still, no one has heard of the store, even Italian Miners.

And this is a pointer that we are dealing with a shoddy store. Apart from anonymity, the store has zero online footprints. There are no particular sales as the store fails to offer transparency with their services.

The store even boasts of having a large manufacturing area on the homepage. There’s no proof of it as we don’t see images of the company headquarters. Even after using Google maps, such an entity has no location.

And this puts us back and questions the intent of the store. Those who have engaged with the store are ruing the decision. The store is outright taking advantage by failing to deliver miners. Even if you complete payment, no miner will arrive.

Experts recommend doing due diligence before engaging with any online store. Try and find out the experiences of other users before signing up. It will help give you a more insightful approach to the platform.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Italian Asics Miners Store

To know more about a store, it’s best to weigh the pros and cons. Then, it gives you an idea of what to expect from the store. For example, we can tell that the website’s aesthetics don’t match the crypto stores from the word go.

Only buyers of crypto miners would know such small details. After engaging with crypto stores, you will soon note a theme with leading stores. The store fails to offer any valuable information about the store’s intent.

Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of

A List of Miners found on Italian Asics Miners Store

There are several brands found on the platform. These include leading brands such as Bitmain and Goldshell. Other brands found on the platform include iBeLink, Innosilicon, and Whatsminer.

The platform also attempts to sell new and used miners. You should note that such stores will try and take advantage of you. The store will attempt to sell a used miner for the price of a new one. If you look closely, these are mere stock images.

There’s no proof that the store does indeed own any of the listed miners. The store should offer proof of ownership, such as a small description video. In the video, the store should show the miner’s condition.

If not, the store sells miners to the public on an as-is basis. Buyers have to take their word that the miner in question works. That’s not going to pass with a seasoned crypto miner buyer. We need to see the miner’s condition before making payment.

And that’s where the store starts losing marks. You would expect the store to provide ample information on the miners. Instead, what we get is a store that acts as a middleman. There’s not a pricing model on the platform.

It’s an attempt to try and get as much from you. As indicated earlier, the store intends to make as much as possible from refurbished miners. However, we firmly believe that the store doesn’t own any listed miners.

These are the issues that most buyers will fail to spot with a store. And that’s why we have to insist on careful insight on a store. Once you purchase, the store might deliver a faulty and refurbished miner.

Faulty Miners found on Italian Asics Miners

Affiliate program

The store has an affiliate program to get as many buyers as possible. It’s different from others as you have to have links with bulk buyers. The store promises a hefty 15 percent commission on all sales.

That looks promising as a way to earn passive income. However, no professional affiliate wants to partner with the store. And this is with good reason. The store doesn’t release commissions and fails to offer conversion data.

Without conversion data, affiliates don’t know whether their sale went through. It’s only after the client gets back do you know that a sale was made. That’s why we have to expose the store’s passive income claim.

Victims may decide to take legal action against the platform. As an affiliate, the law will consider you an accessory to online fraud. That’s why you have to stay away or risk losing your credibility.

As an affiliate, you have to protect those you direct to the store. Failure to do so will cause all liability to fall on you. Make sure to confirm that a store indeed delivers miners and provides quality miners.

Business holder

The owner of the parent store remains underground. We only see stock images of what seems like staff members on the team’s page. These are Chinese team members, something you won’t expect.

Since the store has an Italian theme and default language, you expect Italian members. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, as the store even fails to name the owners of the store. And this makes the store an anonymous crypto hardware store.

Avoid interacting with such stores as there’s no way of recovering funds. In addition, such stores don’t guarantee money back. Experts only recommend using proven stores with a known physical location.

Buyer’s Protection Italian Asics Miners

There’s no buyer’s protection in the store. Most buyers fail to read the terms and conditions of online stores. It’s the blueprint the store uses to operate and solve disputes. Without these terms, the store is free to operate with impunity.

The shipping policy also indicates that all liability of the nature of goods is on investors. So even if the miner were damaged in transit, the store wouldn’t cover repair fees. And that’s unacceptable.

Client testimony

Several clients have turned to social media to vent their anger on the platform. The platform doesn’t have a single positive review since establishing itself as a Crypto hardware store. That tells you a lot about what to expect with it.

What Clients say about store

Contact and support

There’s no support on the platform; none is available despite claiming to offer live chat. In addition, the store fails to indicate or provide any solutions once problems occur. Therefore, it would be best if you avoided such stores.

Final verdict on

After revealing all the red flags, it’s best to stay away from the Italian Asics Miners store.

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