Crypto Hardware Retailer Scams

Jutai Technology Review: Is a scam?

Is Jutai Technology a worthy crypto hardware store? We don’t think so as the store has some serious explaining to do.

There’s every reason to doubt what the store claims to sell and, most importantly, deliver to clients.

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Jutai Technology review helps explain how best you can buy a miner from online vendors. And this is especially so if you haven’t interacted with the seller.

For first-time crypto hardware buyers, there’s an ever-present risk of the seller not delivering miners. And such is the case with Jutai Technology.

We will embark on a journey on how best to avoid such and use reliable stores. You have to be wary of scammers who also pose as genuine stores.

Plenty of scammers claim to be the licensed distributors and partners of crypto hardware manufacturers.

We’ve seen them even having websites similar to the original brand. The only difference is the domain name.

Despite warnings from manufacturers and us, these scammers use new tactics to fool crypto hardware buyers.

We must expose every new trick and extinguish their attempts to fool naïve buyers.

About Jutai Technology

Jutai Technology Review

The homepage barely gives us any credible information on what the store has to offer. And that’s why we must find out more using other means.

You can’t just believe everything written on such websites; you must ascertain the information is accurate.

The store claims to have been founded in 2001, long before the crypto craze hit the scene. And that’s one of the red flags on the about us page.

Whether the store was technology-driven first remains unknown. The owner fails to give credible information on how the store works.

Without such data, it’s clear we are dealing with a store that doesn’t have much information on its background and history.

Before you look at the products, buyers need to do due diligence before moving forward. Make sure the store you use has a high rating from the crypto-mining community.

Here are some of the features to look out for

Condition of the miner

Are you looking to buy a brand new or used miner? Does the store list the miner’s condition for you to see?

The reason we ask this is to determine the value of the miner. There are stores that list used miners at the price of a brand-new miner.

Other stores list brand-new miners and later deliver used miners. But first, you have to ascertain the miner’s condition.

How do you go about it?

That’s what we are planning to do with our review. Help you find out how best to engage with such sellers.

Overall pricing of the miner

You have to look at the overall pricing of the crypto hardware miner and ascertain it’s authentic. The price has to be in line with market conditions.

A store that overprices or underprices miners should be the last option. Scammers can underprice miners to lure investors into buying in large quantities.

Once you place an order, the store blocks all communication avenues. And that’s how you lose your investment.

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Shipping and delivery protocols

As a buyer, you must know the store’s delivery and shipping policies. For example, how does the store plan to deliver the mining unit?

With crypto mining being risky, the sooner you start mining, the better. Any delays in delivery or shipping can cause a huge upset.

An example would be the price of the mineable coin spikes, and you haven’t received the miner. That pushes your ROI to a few more weeks or months.

That’s why delivery should be within eight working days. Any later than that is not acceptable.

There’s also the issue of damage during delivery. How would you go about it if the store delivered a damaged miner?

Available Miners on the Jutai Technology store

Jutai Technology available miners

Jutai Technology store claims to offer crypto hardware from leading manufacturers. These include miners from Avalon, Bitmain, Innosilicon, and Whatsminer.

The store claims to have everything from Bitmain L7 to L9, including S9 brands. We, however, noticed the store fails to update the miners.

The available miners were released over a year ago, which could indicate the store doesn’t regularly sell miners.

And that means engagement from the crypto community is nearly nonexistent. Unfortunately, these are some of the aspects naïve buyers will miss spotting.

Pricing of these miners is unavailable; you have to chat via several platforms to contact the seller.

And that means the seller can accept even the lowest amount and fail to deliver. But, again, there’s no live chat or information on the owner.

Is Jutai Technology an anonymous crypto hardware store?

We tend to believe so as the store fails to give tangible information on who they are. Further, these owners fail to provide information on what to expect.

A reliable store will have information on who actually runs it, including a staff member profile page.

That’s not the case, as the store uses false founding dates to lure investors into buying from them. And the store has a Haitian default language and claims to be from China.

What to do when scammed by a crypto hardware store

There’s only one avenue you can use to ensure you recover funds. And that’s contacting a recovery agent who will help in legal matters.

How to Safely Buy Crypto Hardware Miners from Online Vendors

You must first contact the seller, preferably by video chat. Ask to see the miner in action with the hashrate visible.

Use stores with a proven reputation and avoid vendors who use third-party platforms.

Make payment using FIAT for first-time sales and screenshot the transaction.

On delivery, record the unboxing for proof of the miner’s condition. If there’s extensive damage during transit, ask for a full refund.

Our Verdict Jutai Technology

For now, we recommend you be careful with the store. If you have engaged with them, please share your experience with the crypto community by dropping a comment.

You can also join the crypto community for more.

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