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KriptoPiac Review: Is a scam?

KriptoPiac is a Hungarian crypto hardware store selling cars from the look of things. Our review helps explain how best to buy miners from such stores.

Remember, Kripto Piac is a Hungarian B2B store where buyers and sellers converge. The store is not a crypto-only hardware store merchant.

And with several sellers on the platform, we fault the store for failing to deliver in terms of safety.

The store fails to vet some of these sellers properly. And this has created a loophole for scammers to exploit.

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Our KriptoPiac review shows you how best to engage with such sellers. But first, you must find out how to properly vet the seller before engaging.

And that’s why we are here, to show you how best to buy from B2B stores. But, of course, you have to be extra careful when engaging with such stores in the future.

A Close Analysis of KriptoPiac

KriptoPiac Review

Judging by the store’s overall appearance, we can tell this is a hurried platform. Not a lot of professionalism was involved in designing the website.

We notice there are some issues relating to how the store vets sellers. And this, in turn, creates a way for scammers to take advantage.

A scammer can open multiple accounts using different email addresses. And this creates a place where buyers can lose their investment.

How can B2B marketplaces protect crypto hardware buyers?

Easy, they can start by ensuring the store does offer much in terms of accountability and transparency.

Vetting the seller should be the platform’s main obligation, as the seller has all the power to close deals.

There’s also an issue with the dispute resolution center, which seems unavailable on the platform. That is a huge let-off for anyone with a complaint to lodge against the seller.

The platform also doesn’t have a video upload section where sellers can upload videos of the miners in action.

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Advantages and cons of KriptoPiac

After checking the website inside out and also reviewing some of the sellers. We rate the store a 5/10 due to its anonymous nature.

The store doesn’t even list the founding members, which is a huge letdown for buyers. You would want to know who is behind the platform.

Even the seller profile is not standard, as there’s no information about the seller. And this leaves more unanswered questions.

It would be best if you stayed away from sellers who seem anonymous. These sellers are likely going to avoid delivery even after you complete payment.

We will help you engage with the store and still keep your investment. Yes, there are some genuine sellers on the platform.

The best way to engage with these sellers is direct. You can visit their store if you are in Hungary.

For those outside the country, we recommend you go for other alternatives.

KriptoPiac store and the miners available

How Best to Buy Crypto Hardware Miners

Due to the rampant theft and missed delivery cases, we devised ways to purchase miners from online vendors.

Following our guidelines, buyers have been getting the miners they want without losing a dime. And that’s the end goal, ensuring you get the miner you want.

You must look out for several features when engaging with an online crypto hardware store.

And these features are what we will be getting into today. What every buyer needs to check and cross before making payment.

Brand available

You have to check whether the store offers crypto-mining hardware from reliable brands. Some of the most reliable brands include Avalon, Bitmain, Goldshell, Innosilicon, and Whatsminer.

There are other crypto mining brands that just recently took off, and these include Baikal, Jasminer, and the latest, Anex Miner.

Before buying a miner, check the condition of the miner.

Condition of miners

Is the miner brand new or a refurbished mining unit? Take, for example, miners listed on the KriptoPiac store, and there’s no telling the condition.

A genuine seller will list the miner’s condition and even upload a short video detailing the miner.


Another feature to check with miners is the maximum hashrate produced. It must match the hashrate made by the manufacturer.

That’s why we insist there needs to be a video upload section for sellers to upload the miner in action.


Another factor to consider when buying miners is the price aspect. Does the seller quote a price that aligns with market conditions?

Please avoid sellers who try and overprice or underprice miners. These are scammers looking to take advantage of investors.

Shipping and delivery

How long will it take for the store to deliver the mining unit? A genuine store shouldn’t take more than eight working days to provide the miner.

Another important aspect of delivery and shipping is the condition of the miner. For example, did the miner arrive in mint condition, or is there extensive damage?

You must also ensure all parts, including power cords, are available on delivery.

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Does the store offer live chat support or a direct way of contacting the seller? We do recommend you first get the seller before making any purchase.

Terms and conditions

Most sellers fail to check the terms and conditions of a store. And that will bring some significant worry to investors.

You need a store that fully engages with the fair terms and conditions. These include refund and return policies.

As you can see, none of the sellers on KriptoPiac offers such. And this can bring some major issues when complaints arise.

Is KriptoPiac a worthy store to buy crypto hardware?

For now, we can’t stress enough how careful you must be when engaging with the KriptoPiac store. Unfortunately, the store is not nearly as safe as others.

How can you protect yourself from online scams?

Before engaging with the seller, set up a video call and demand to see the miner. That will give you an idea of who is selling the miner and the condition.

You also must demand a receipt of payment from the seller.

Our Verdict KriptoPiac

Please let us know if you have bought a miner from the store. Be careful!

Do join the crypto conversation for more.

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