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KryptoMiners Store Review: Is a scam?

Amazingly, a store can use false buy claims to lure buyers, KryptoMiners Store is what we’re talking about. Despite the flashy website aesthetics, no legit crypto miners sales are taking place. We have noticed that Krypto Miners Store may deceive buyers about available miners. Our review highlights the red flags found in this store. Here’s our detailed KRYPTOMINERS STORE REVIEW for more.

A close briefing of KryptoMiners Store

There are a few red flags we immediately spotted with the store. One of them is the price points of some of the listed miners. Take an example of the Goldshell KD6 miner going for $49,999.

The miner is currently making less than a dollar a day. And that means not having much in terms of profitability. Kadena prices have plummeted, and so have the costs of miners that mine the coin. So that begs the question, why is the store selling the miner for such a high price?

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KryptoMiners also has widgets that show buyers who have bought the miner. These are scam tactics used to lure unsuspecting buyers. In addition, the store has pop-up messages claiming users buy miners from stores all over North America.

These are false claims, including claims of people using their crypto-mining containers. For one, the store doesn’t have a tangible reputation. We see a store using a false Google review image on the homepage.

KryptoMiners Store pros and cons

The store claims to enjoy a stellar rating on Google reviews. The truth is, no one has ever reviewed the store on Google. Search results don’t even appear relating to this store. Unless you have a specific address, the store remains hidden from results.

Before buying from any store, we recommend doing due diligence. First, try and find out what makes a store tick. These are the reasons that help buyers make informed decisions. Then, go for stores with proven reputations and proof of delivering quality miners.

Advantages and snags of KryptoMiners Store

Each online store has advantages and disadvantages. KryptoMiners Store is no different. Unfortunately, the store fails to offer many benefits or other crypto services. As a result, those who have engaged with the store are ruing the decision.

For all we know, the store could be posing as a crypto hardware store. There’s no proof of the store having a physical address or office one can turn to or visit. The introduction of the store to the public seems sinister at best.

And with that, we have to assume the store is not ideal. There’s a lack of accountability and transparency on the part of the owners. We even don’t know who owns or runs the store. And that’s a massive deal for buyers.

You have to engage with a store willing to offer information on themselves. Even the address provided isn’t sufficient for the store to warrant complete buyer trust. There’s more the store needs to do to convince us of its well-intentions.

That’s not the case as complaints are trickling in due to the store’s failure to offer much. The store is not able to provide much in terms of accountability. We have a store that doesn’t work well with the crypto community.

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A list of available miners listed on the KryptoMiners Stores page

The store, as with any other, would like buyers to believe they have all brands available on sale. These include brands such as Bitmain, Goldshell, iBeLink, Innosilicon, iPollo, and Whatsminer. The store also claims to sell other crypto-mining products.

These products include graphic cards and PSU cords. There’s also the issue of crypto containers available on sale. We don’t know whether the store customizes these crypto miners before selling them.

With any online store, we recommend going through the terms of use. Please avoid sellers who tend to put all liability in the hands of buyers. Such sellers claim there’s no refund and the sale is final. That’s unacceptable with such products.

There are also deals available in the store, including saving up to 65 percent on combo deals. Unfortunately, what appears like a dream come true thanks to the high bonus is a trap. We will dive into that later on.

We have an issue as the store fails to list whether these are brand-new or used miners. With the overpriced miners, it doesn’t matter. What stands out with the pricing is the owner fails to update miner prices.

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A secure way of buying crypto hardware from stores such as KryptoMiners Store

  1. Make direct contact with the seller. You must contact the seller directly by setting up a Skype or Zoom meeting. The setup ensures there’s no way of the seller being a scammer. Scammers avoid any direct contact with their targeted victims.
  2. Ask for proof of concept by getting a short video of the miner. Request a video showing the overall condition and maximum hashrate. By doing this, you ascertain the vendor does indeed have the unit and is not listing stock images.
  3. Delivery and shipping queries. Your next move is to ask questions regarding delivery ad shipping. For example, what are the delivery channels used, and is there any order tracking provided by the seller?
  4. Payment options. For first-time sales, we don’t recommend using crypto channels. Instead, go with FIAT methods and ensure you ask for a receipt. You also need to take screenshots of the transactions.
  5. Recording the unboxing. When the miner finally arrives, record the unboxing. It helps to prove the miner’s condition on arrival. In case there’s extensive damage via transit, request a full refund.

Bulk orders and combo discount deals on KryptoMiners Store

KryptoMiners Store no Google rating

These are mere sales tactics to get users to buy more than one unit. Beware, the seller doesn’t have a solid reputation for delivering miners. And that’s why we insist the seller cannot offer reliable services.

Scammers are now moving to bulk tactics to ensure they take a swipe of your investment. We have seen such cases rise in the past year. And it’s high time we call them out as more and more sellers are losing big.

There’s a credible way of buying crypto hardware miners in bulk. We suggest contacting manufacturers directly if you’re in the market for new miners. You get the best discounts with manufacturers, and the quality is undeniable.

We suggest using proven and trusted crypto miners stores for those looking for used miners. Another alternative is going for crypto mining farms. With mining farms, you should visit the site and see the condition of these miners.

Contact and support

Don’t expect any contact or support from the store. The store does its best to limit communication to a bare minimum. These stores do not align with what you expect from a commendable crypto hardware mining store.

Final Verdict KryptoMiners Store

Please stay away from this store or risk losing everything.

Do join the crypto community for more.

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