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Leed Store Review: Is a scam?

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Leed Store ( claims to offer quality Asic Crypto Miner equipment. The store also claims to have a crypto miner factory in China. What most don’t know is that no one in the crypto community has heard of the store. The store doesn’t have a reputable background despite claiming to have 14 years of experience. We know of such stores that will try and publicize their stay. Here’s our candid LEED STORE REVIEW.

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About Leed Store

The name Leed Store caught our eye, which doesn’t relate to the domain. We feel the store bought the domain after the earlier store went under. So what’s to stop the store from playing the same antics?

Only time will tell; we believe Leed Store is another crypto hardware and retailer scam. Those who have invested with the store are ruing the decision. It’s best to avoid the store or risk losing your investment.

Leed Store pros and cons

Hundreds of clients cried foul after the store failed to meet its obligations. So it seems delivery and shipping are major problems for the store. And that’s why we started our investigation with the domain name.

Looking at domain checker tools, we realize something big regarding the website The website is barely 262 days old as we publish this post. The domain profile indicates the website went live on 10th December 2021.

Claims of having over 14 years of crypto experience are false. The store doesn’t even have proof of it. So we have the first red flag that indicates we are dealing with a liar. And that’s not what you would want as a buyer.

Buyers want to engage with an accountable and transparent crypto store. After all, you are sending funds to an unknown entity. Anonymity is another reason why we insist you stay away from the store.

Before investing in any store, experts recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out what makes the store tick. That’s the best way to move forward regarding reliability and consistency. Also, avoid anonymous and unlicensed stores.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Leed Store

There are no advantages to dealing with the store. From what we’ve gathered, the store intends to take buyers for a ride. Please stay away from the store or risk losing everything. We have a store that won’t help bring any miner to your doorstep.

You only get misery and pain if you purchase any mining unit from the store. Even looking at the website’s design, one can tell something’s off. The store is using a clone to disguise itself.

We list it as a clone because of their offices’ video presentation. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t work, and that’s not what you would expect from a reliable store. There’s also the issue of mining farms; where exactly is their mining farm?

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A catalog of miners on the Leed store

The store claims to be the official partner of Bitmain and Innosilicon. There are a handful of other miners listed on the homepage. That includes miners from Avalon, Goldshell, iBeLink, Jasminer, Spondoolies, and Whatsminer.

If the store had any of these miners, we would gladly want to see them. And a video presentation would do just that. But, unfortunately, we now know the video is not working. How about a virtual tour of their office or warehouse?

Leed Store fails to deliver or ship crypto hardware

That will not happen as the store fails to offer proper information on the physical address. The store uses stock images to try and sell as a reputable store. We won’t take that as we have more questions.

A safe way of buying miners from online stores

Due to the rampant scams taking advantage of buyers, we have devised a reliable way of buying miners. Once you follow these steps, you are on your way to earning more. And that’s why you need to follow these guidelines;

Step one is to make contact with the seller. Don’t just sign up and add goods to the cart; make sure you contact the seller or staff members. Set up a Skype or Zoom meeting to learn more about the seller.

Once that goes through, ask the seller for proof of concept. Let the seller show you the intended miner in action. Make sure to check the condition and hashrate of the miner. That’s one of the ways to ensure the miner works perfectly.

Your next line of action is to ask about delivery and shipping. When is the store expected to deliver the miner? In case of delays, will the store offer compensation? Is there a chance the store provides maintenance and repair services?

The last step is to ask about payment methods. In the case of a bank transfer, get as much information as possible regarding the recipient. The store should also furnish you with a receipt of payment after the deal goes through.

Follow these steps, and you’re good to go. Avoid any seller who doesn’t comply.

Bulk buying

Contact stores are no need for those looking to buy miners in bulk. Instead, you can directly contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer will offer brand new miners at the most pocket-friendly price.

What about miners looking for refurbished units? Manufacturers rarely sell used miners. In such cases, we recommend contacting a known mining farm close to your location. Make sure the mining farm is ready to follow the above guidelines.

Business holder

why is a scam

Despite claiming to reside in Shenzhen, there’s no information on who owns or runs the store. And that makes buying any miner from the store a risky affair. No one wants to engage with anonymous stores.

There’s no hint of any staff member working for the store. All we have is a group photo of people claiming to be staff members. Why doesn’t the store furnish members with an owner and staff profile page?

Buyer’s Agreement and Terms Leed Store

The store fails to offer any solid buyer/seller agreement policies. For example, you won’t find any delivery, refund, return, or shipping policies. And that’s risky for buyers as the store doesn’t offer legal cover.

Nothing is stopping the store from failing to deliver miners. The store doesn’t have any obligation to it. And that’s why there’s no legal framework to follow. The seller won’t refund or accept returns from members.

Why would you engage with such a store that doesn’t protect your interests? We also blame buyers for not going over such documents. The store will try and use every trick in the book to avoid delivery.

Client Testimony

Several clients have lodged complaints, and others share their experiences on social media. It’s best to avoid the store or risk losing everything. Unfortunately, we have a store failing to offer much in terms of happy clients.

Contact and support

Don’t expect customer services such as live chat or working phone numbers. The entire store is a fluke ready to rip off buyers.

Our Bottom Line Leed Store

Please avoid the store; it’s a scam failing to deliver miners.

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