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LeetMiners Review: Is a Scam?

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Despite having a 4.3-star rating on TrustPilot, LeetMiners uses paid comments to deceive crypto hardware buyers. As a result, buyers don’t get the miners delivered on time. Leet Miners plans to take advantage of investors by failing to deliver miners. Instead, the store undersells miners to try and attract newbies to buy, thinking miners are that affordable. Here’s more in our exclusive LEETMINERS REVIEW.

A Brief Analysis of LeetMiners

On the about us page, LeetMiners tries to sell us the value of income against the value of time. That would set the tone straight for crypto miner buyers who want to take complete advantage. Sadly, the about us page tells little about the store.

LeetMiners Sells faulty miners

We get a store that tries to hide vital information from buyers. These include information such as their mission and objective. There’s also no information on the store’s background and history. And that’s why we have to expose the store’s wrong ways.

You would expect that such a store would offer integrity and transparency. Instead, we have a store shrouded with mystery. There’s even no indication of who were the founding members. These are some of the features most buyers will fail to spot.

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Despite having a long about us page, the store evades the serious questions a buyer would ask. For example, there’s not a single mention of the store’s reputation as a worthy place to buy miners. Instead, the store wants us to take their word for it.

Before you buy a miner from any store, we recommend researching it. Try and find out the experiences of other buyers with the store. It will help shed light on what to expect with the store in the future.

Accessible crypto hardware miners on LeetMiners

The store claims to be a proud partner of several different crypto hardware manufacturers on the homepage. These include Bitcoin, Canaan, Goldshell, and Innosilicon. These are some of the best crypto hardware manufacturers for mining companies.

None of them have the desired distributor for furnishing retail customers. These manufacturers want to keep the market competitive at all times. It also opens up room for other stores to offer competitive prices for retail buyers.

The homepage seems to have only Goldshell miners. These miners surprisingly come with low prices. The store tries to undersell these Goldshell Miners. We aren’t sure whether these listed miners are brand new or refurbished miners.

Even if that’s the case, the pricing doesn’t relate to market prices. We haven’t seen a miner going for $500, and it’s a first for us. The store also seems to be selling miners that are no longer profitable. It’s weird for a store to still have such miners on their roster.

Their shop page only appears to have less than eight miners available. And this points to a shop that doesn’t restock miners. So the store’s attempt to appear reliable is not the case in reality.

Most of the miners listed come with low prices designed to lure na├»ve buyers. We suspect that the store doesn’t even own any of these miners. The store could be a go-between and will look for miners on your behalf.

That said, the store fails miserably in attempting to prove legitimacy. There’s no proof of the store owning any of these miners. You would expect the store to provide evidence of ownership in the form of a video.

Cons of buying from LeetMiners

Affiliate and referral program

The store provides an affiliate program to get as many users to sign up as possible. It’s a different affiliate program designed for bulk purchases. The platform insists on high commissions on bulk purchases.

It looks like a perfect way to earn passive income. Unfortunately, the store sets these traps to take advantage of your connections. Once you direct buyers for bulk payment, the store doesn’t deliver a single mining unit.

You end up facing the blame for directing buyers to buy from a non-existing store. In addition, these victims might take legal action against the store. And this means you’re reputation is on the line, and you could probably pay for the delivery issue.

The store won’t send you any conversation data and will try and remain silent. Conversion data helps affiliates know their conversion rates with affiliates. The store tries to hide such crucial information from affiliates.

Once victims take legal action, the law will consider you an accessory to online fraud. After all, you directed buyers to buy non-existing goods from an unknown store. These are the consequences you face as their affiliate.

All affiliates need to protect their credibility and reputation. Try and investigate and see whether the store you partner with delivers on its promise. Failure to do so means that you are not interested in the safety of buyers.

Buyer’s protection LeetMiners

The store fails to provide comprehensive buyer protection policies. As a buyer, the store puts all liability on them. Before you engage with any store, we recommend reading their terms and conditions. It’s the blueprint that the store uses to operate.

Since no one is interested in such, some stores will even fail to list these policies. Leet Miners is one of them as there are no refund or return policies. And this means the store won’t accept returns or offer refunds.

That’s the dilemma facing buyers who try and purchase miners from the store. It’s a scenario meant to put all liability and losses on buyers. The store fails to deliver miners and also fails to offer refunds.

Imagine the pain these buyers go through after not receiving the miner. These victims will also cry out for help as the store fails to accept returns. If the store sends a faulty miner, no refunds are acceptable.

Client testimony

There’s a client testimony section that seems to highlight the advantage of The review also quoted as the source. We did check with and found no such reviews.

However, we did find positive reviews on What’s weird is that these reviews are from the same timestamp. The posts are within one month of each other. And this goes to show that the store pays for these reviews.

Leet Miners Fails to Deliver Miners

You won’t find any positive comments regarding the store anywhere on the web. Instead, victims have posted their experiences on articles, blogs, and crypto forums. Others have turned into social media platforms.

It’s also weird that the store fails to have any social media footprint. You would expect any online store to have social media profiles. It’s a sign that the store plans to rip off investors and have no way of contact.

Disadvantages of LeetMiners

Failure to deliver miners from clients who have completed payment is a problem. The store also undersells miners to attract newbies. Unfortunately, none of their miners work as the store doesn’t own any of these mining units listed.

Final thoughts LeetMiners

Is a scam? YES

After exposing the store, you should stay away from

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