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List Am Review: Is a scam?

List Am ( is a B2B Marketplace that doesn’t have a solid online presence. Despite claiming to start the business in 2005, the platform seems only to have one review. And the review is a negative one. We don’t know about the service delivery of other products, but for crypto miners, we do. In addition, the store fails to vet sellers, creating a loophole for scammers to take advantage of. Here’s our comprehensive LIST AM REVIEW.

A brief analysis of List Am

Imagine visiting a website that doesn’t have an about us page. That’s not common, especially in the marketplace niche. As a new customer, you would want to know more about the store before proceeding.

No one knows the platform’s history or who owns or runs it. And that makes List Am seem suspicious. The store doesn’t have a mission or objective statement to clear the air. Navigating through the many pages is also a problem.

List Am pros and cons

Instead of having a menu for all products, the store can have a drop-down menu of products. It can also have a search tab where you can search for what you want. Despite having the two, the menu tab is full of several categories.

NOTE: For those looking to buy ASIC miners, you need to know the full specs. Check out the profitability margin of all Asic miners and which one has the least electricity usage. It helps to get the information you need before proceeding.

List AM is one of those platforms that want to steal the limelight. There’s no problem with that; the store only needs to be more accountable and transparent. We need to see a professional store that vets sellers.

Scammers can open multiple accounts without vetting sellers and sell one miner to different users. Unfortunately, that has been the case, and the store hasn’t learned from this mistake. We believe the crypto niche is a sensitive one due to the value of miners.

Experts recommend researching a store first before engaging. Try and find out how sellers deliver their units before engaging. Then, find out from another crypto buyer about their experiences with the store.

Advantages and Disadvantages of List Am

From what we can see, those who buy other products get what they ordered. However, when it comes to crypto mining hardware, that’s when all hell breaks loose. We are not saying all sellers are frauds, just most of them.

These sellers are only posting stock images of the miners. The store also fails to offer a video upload section where sellers can share the miner’s capabilities. You would want to see the miner in action before buying one.

We recommend buying miners from crypto-only stores and vendors. With B2B marketplaces, there are a lot of issues in play. One such problem with the store is how they handle buyer/seller disputes.

There’s no such quote on the store’s page. It seems buyers don’t have an avenue to air their grievances. Sending an email is not enough; the store needs to have a client resolution center. It also needs to blacklist sellers with several issues under them.

NB: These are the crypto equipment for most miners.

A checklist of available miners on the List Am store

Name any imaginable miner; sellers on the store will come up with claims of having them. We see brands such as Bitmain, Canaan, Ebang, Goldshell, and Innosilicon. Others include Baikal, Dayun, Halong, iBeLink, iPollo, MicroBT, and Spondoolies.

Before you buy any listed miners, there’s a proper way to ensure you get the right seller. But, first, you must check and test the seller before proceeding with the sale. Due to rising complaints, we came up with issues as to why this is a scam.

Fails to deliver new miners: List Am

You need to invest in a store that offers a video upload section. Most sellers even claim to be direct contacts from leading manufacturers and stores. And these are the people the platform must vet before allowing them to upload products.

With our plan, you rest assured of getting the right vendor. Most of the vendors will also comply as they understand the complexity of the sale. Please avoid sellers who fail to follow or adhere to these guidelines.

A guarded way of buying crypto hardware from online vendors

Method 1

You first need to make contact with the seller. Chatting with the seller is not enough; you need to video call the seller. Use Skype or Zoom to set up a meeting. It helps to establish communication and trust between the two parties.

Method 2

After making contact, ask the vendor to take you on a virtual tour of the offices or warehouse. The seller, who claims to be a distributor, must have several miners available. For other sellers, proof of concept is also needed.

Method 3

Once the seller agrees to the second step, you must demand proof of concept. Let the seller send you a short 35-second video of the miner in action. It should show the maximum hashrate and quality of the unit. Is it a brand new or used miner?

Method 4

Ask the right questions regarding delivery and shipping. For example, when and how does the seller deliver? Will the seller offer order tracking information? These are the type of questions that help you ascertain the seller’s intent. Unfortunately, most scammers don’t know much about shipping manifests.

Method 5

Start asking about prices and, if possible, negotiate the terms. You must know the average cost of the intended miner before going in. Avoid sellers who seem to overprice or underprice miners.

Method 6

Once you get your miner, ensure you record the unboxing. This is to ensure the miner you bought is what you got. Try and see if there are any damages caused during shipping. The seller must accept returns and offer refunds in such cases.

Bulk orders and significant discounts on Liam Am

Some sellers claim to offer hefty discounts on sales of more than ten units. Beware of such sellers, as most won’t deliver a single mining unit. Instead, these are scammers looking to take advantage.

Avoid sellers who seem eager to sell miners without having to prove ownership. There are safer ways of buying crypto hardware in bulk. The best way is to contact the manufacturer directly. But, of course, this only works if you’re buying one brand.

Why not contact them and order a batch from them? With manufacturers, you get a promise of having reliable miners. What about those looking to buy used miners? You need to contact known stores or visit the closest mining farm.

User experience

With the latter, it’s best to see the miner in action before buying one. Ensure the seller offers maintenance fees if the miner fails to work. You must also review the above method when buying refurbished miners from stores.

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Business owner

We don’t have any information on who operates or owns List Am. As indicated earlier, this seems to be an anonymous store. You would want to buy from a store with a solid background.

Closing Remarks List Am

Please stay away from the store as most sellers are not delivering on their promise.

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