Crypto Hardware Retailer Scams

Millionminer Review: Is a scam?

Millionminer started as a reliable crypto hardware and retail store. That was when the store used to go by the domain However, it has changed its domain to after failing to deliver miners with its previous domains. Suffering a backlash from buyers, the store had to save face by re-branding the store. Their delivery issue is still ongoing despite refusing to acknowledge it. Here’s the full MILLIONMINER REVIEW.

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A Closer Look at Millionminer Store

On their about us page, Millionminer claims to be the best to provide reliable crypto hardware. Apart from selling crypto hardware, the store also claims to offer hosting solutions to investors.

Millionminer Sells Faulty Miners

The store also claims to offer comprehensive advice to anyone purchasing a miner. We see the store claiming to host your miner on their mining farm. The store fails to furnish us with evidence of their mining farm.

We see a store trying to lure naïve crypto miners into buying from them. The store seems to use desperate measures such as using stock images of the data center. These images are their way of proving to have a legit and working data center.

That’s not what you would expect from any mining farm service provider. Instead, most will provide a short video showing their mining facility. The video is proof for anyone watching that the center and concept is actual.

On the disclaimer part of their homepage, the store claims to have contracts with leading crypto manufacturers. But unfortunately, there’s no mention of who these manufacturers are. So we know that the store doesn’t have any meaningful contract.

Manufacturers would have listed them as their partners and distributor if they did. However, none of the Crypto manufacturers we know have mentioned the store. And that’s the proof we need to expose

Before engaging with any store, experts recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out how the Crypto community views the store. The store in question should also have a solid reputation among crypto peers.

A List of Miners found on Millionminer store

Millionminer claims to sell Bitcoin and Ethereum Miners. The store claims to have Bitmain, Canaan, and MicroBT miners for the Bitcoin miners. All their miners use the Euro currency, and there are 25 Bitcoin miners.

Under the Ethereum miners, the store sells Jasminer and Innosilicon brands. Unfortunately, there are only ten miners available for Ethereum miners. Moreover, for all the 35 available miners, there’s no mention of the condition of these miners.

There’s also the other miner’s page where the store claims to have other notable brands. These include Goldshell and iBeLink miners. Unfortunately, you only get one hosted miner available, and that’s the Bitmain Antminer S19 95 Th.

Millionminer Fails to Deliver Miners

What’s weird with the store is their pricing module for these miners. It seems the store undersells even one of the most profitable miners. Jasminer X4 is the second leading profitable miner as we publish this post. Here are the stats;

The store seems to sell the miner for pennies, and that’s one of the red flags. Even manufacturers don’t sell it under the quoted price. We see a store attempting to lure investors into buying such miners in bulk.

Once you mistake buying such miners, the store won’t deliver. Make sure to check the average price of miners before buying one. It will give you an idea of the current market prices. Even a used Jasminer X4 won’t go for €2,850.

Another issue with the store is that there’s no evidence the store owns the miners. These could be stock images of new or used miners, for all we know. Instead, the store should furnish buyers with a video showing the miner in action or their warehouse.

Affiliate and referral program

If you contact and ask for a referral partnership, the store gladly agrees. The store will try and make you feel like part of the team. It all starts with the store claiming to offer a large commission on all sales.

The store quotes a 25 percent commission on all sales as their affiliate bonus. It seems like a perfect way to earn passive income as an affiliate. However, there are a few keynotes to discern before you jump in.

First, the store rarely releases commissions or conversion data. That’s why no professional affiliate links the store with their product reviews. Word has gone around that the store rarely releases commissions.

Once this happens, those you direct to but from the store eventually fail to receive their miners. You face the blame for it and lose a chunk of trust and funds from buyers. That’s how affiliates end up losing their online credibility and reputation.

As an affiliate, you have to protect investors from such stores. Therefore, it would be best to ascertain that the store delivers miners to specified clients. If not, the law might consider you an accessory to online fraud.

 Business holder

There’s little information to point to who owns or runs the store. After changing its original domain, the store still used the German default language. So it means to the actual owner’s whereabouts and the European market’s intended target.

Without founding members’ names, it makes the Millionminer an anonymous crypto store. No one wants to engage with any online store. We suspect the store because it doesn’t even have any social media profile.

You would assume that an online store would have some social media profiles. But unfortunately, that’s not the case with Million Miner, and the store wants to remain behind the curtain. And yet, it claims to sell via an online platform.

Buyer’s protection and guidelines Millionminer

There’s no buyer’s protection when buying from the store. Millionminer fails to offer any safety net to buyers. All liability falls in the hands of sellers. And that’s the reason why we have to expose their terms and conditions.

Sadly, most buyers fail to go over a store’s terms and conditions. These are the blueprint in which the store operates. Surprisingly, the store fails to even have the terms and conditions on the homepage.

Without these terms, there’s no legal framework to follow. And that gives the store leeway to act as it wants. And that’s not right when it comes to buying and selling via the online platform. There’s no safety net for buyers on the platform.

You don’t get to read the shipping and return policies. That could indicate that the store doesn’t accept returns or offer refunds. So it doesn’t surprise seeing that the store doesn’t even have these documents.

Client testimony

Buyer/Client experience with Million Miner Crypto Hardware Store

Hundreds of clients have turned to social media to try and expose the store. The store, in turn, pays reviewers to post positive comments on platforms such as We know this as some reviewers have multiple reviews on the platform.

Closing remarks

After investigating the platform, it’s best to stay away from Millionminer.

PS: Once you get a reliable miner, join a crypto mining pool that suits your coin.

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