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MineFarmBuy Review: Is a scam?

MineFarmBuy doesn’t deserve any mentions as it has been ripping crypto investors right, left, and center. tries to double up as a crypto retail store and hosting platform. Unfortunately, the platform fails to give users pay for the mining contracts before you engage. And this is why we have to expose the store. Mining Farm Buy is the last store you would want to purchase crypto miners. Please find out more in our detailed MINEFARMBUY REVIEW.

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About MineFarmBuy

MineFarmBuy Pros and Cons

The store does an excellent job of hiding their background and history. We had to dig deeper to try and find any shred of information regarding the store’s whereabouts. The store claims to reside in Oregon, United States; that’s false.

The store tries to sell a successful hosting platform on the client service page. From what we have heard from users, the store doesn’t pay for these mining contracts. You get a platform that claims to offer the best payment modules and fails to deliver.

After trying to get mining accessories from the store, one thing was clear. MineFarmBuy is a middleman and doesn’t own any miners. The store’s version is a lie meant to fool na├»ve crypto miner buyers.

Such stores tarnish the good crypto investment name. To ensure the crypto arena stays safe, we have to expose such stores. The store has several red flags on its page, which we will help reveal.

Before you engage with any crypto miner store or hosting provider, you must do due diligence. Try and find out what others are saying about the store before signing up. It will give you insight into what to expect in terms of delivery and product quality.

Accessible ASIC Miners MineFarmBuy

Such stores try to make themselves appear successful and in partnership with leading manufacturers. MineFarmBuy is no exception, as the store claims to partner with leading crypto miner manufacturers.

These include Bitmain, Goldshell, Innosilicon, and Whatsminer. The store tries to sound credible and thriving in the eyes of buyers. Unfortunately, none of the manufacturers partner with the store after asking around.

Manufacturers want to ensure there’s a level playing field. And this is why none of them has a preferred distributor. But unfortunately, that means stores have to compete to get miners and sell them at affordable prices.

There are two types of ASIC miners available in the store. Those that mine major coins such as Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. There’s the second category of Altcoins, which come with other mining gear.

The store also claims to sell GPU mining rigs. Other Crypto services to find include the sale of AntBoxes and, of course, their hosting services. However, before you engage, we have to paint a clear picture of what to expect.

Most buyers don’t receive their mining accessories or units from the store. We tried to purchase graphic cards from the store, and no delivery was made. So there’s proof suggesting MineFarmBuy is a middleman. The store doesn’t own any miner.

MineFarmBuy Sells Faulty Miners

Affiliate and referral program

To try and get marketers to sell their merchandise, the store has an affiliate program. The program promises affiliates a 10 percent commission on all conversions. It seems to be a perfect way to earn passive income.

These professionals have a real community for those who don’t know about affiliates. No professional affiliate wants any interaction with the store. It’s a well-known fact that the store rarely releases commissions.

The store will take advantage of your connections and fail to pay for your marketing prowess. Furthermore, you will be directing buyers to buy non-existent products and services. These buyers will point the blame finger at you for leading them to a shoddy store.

And this is how your online credibility and reputation as an affiliate go down the drain. These victims might file a lawsuit against the store. The law will consider you as an affiliate of online fraud.

Before engaging with online affiliates, you need to determine whether the store is legit. Try and find out whether the store delivers its products and services as stipulated. You don’t want to lose your credibility over such a store.

Business holder

As we pointed out earlier, the store does an excellent job hiding its identity. Furthermore, the store doesn’t even reside in the States. Instead, we have a store that wants to target crypto enthusiasts in North America. With Crypto making tremendous growth in the region, it makes sense to sign up there.

Without credible information of their whereabouts, the store remains an anonymous shop. Therefore, you need to avoid unknown crypto stores that fail to provide legit addresses. The store in question doesn’t even leave the information on their place of residence.

Client Testimony

Sadly, there are no positive comments to find regarding the platform. The web doesn’t have any user who posts positive comments about their experience with MineFarmBuy. Instead, we have negative comments from buyers who have had bad experiences with the store.

Since the store doesn’t have any positive reviews, it’s best to stay away from it. However, if the store did offer legit services, there would be chatter about it on the web. And this is why we have to expose the store’s lack of online presence.

Before you engage with a store, try and find out what the crypto community thinks about it. Find out more on crypto forums and social media pages. If there’s no online footprint of the store, stay away from it.

Contact and support

Avoid Buying Miners from MINE.FARM.BUY

Mine Farm Buy LLC is the store’s name as the parent company. That’s the only contact we have regarding the store. There’s no contact information anywhere on their homepage. The page doesn’t have a contact us page.

You should find it weird that a store fails to leave any contact information. From experience, we can straightaway tell you that the store wants to control the communication aspects. Therefore, you must leave your contact details when signing up as a client.

That’s how the store communicates with you when you add products to the cart. In addition, the store will send gift emails to get you to sign up with their hosting services. If this fails, you start receiving calls from several numbers.

We know that the store is using virtual phone numbers to target investors. That way, investors are led to believe the store is near their state. It would be best to ask why none of these numbers are available on the website.

Disadvantages of MineFarmBuy

One of the most significant flaws with the store is that it doesn’t deliver miners. You buy a miner hoping to receive it within three business days. Then, three months later, you give up as the store doesn’t even bother to confirm delivery.

The next bit of con relies heavily on their hosting services. You won’t receive any profit from the hosting services. The store owns a farm whose miners belong to victims. The miner you bought and didn’t receive is mining coins for the store.

Final thoughts

is selling defective miners?

After exposing the red flags, it’s best to stay away from MineFarmBuy.

The best way of investing in Crypto is joining reliable mining pools with a proven track record.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or write to us.

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