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Miner Ebang Review: Is a scam?

Miner Ebang claims to be the official page/store of Ebang Ebit crypto mining hardware. We have a store that wants Bitcoin miners to buy mining units specifically from their store. What most miners don’t know is that the store is a clone. It’s a store that tries to undersell miners to try and attract investors. Some miners go for as low as $600, which is unimaginable. Learn more in our clear MINER EBANG REVIEW.

A Brief Analysis of Miner Ebang

Miner Ebang Pros and cons

The store claims to reside in China and was established in 2010. However, we don’t see any mention of the store’s owners or staff members who work for it. Miner Ebang is a secretive crypto miner store that rarely dishes out miners.

After making a purchase, the store will likely want to take your contact details. Some buyers indicate that the store tries to hack into their computers. The store will use third-party screen share software to attack your computer.

There’s a reason no one wants to buy any miners from the store. The store’s hack is to target your crypto wallet. Sadly, no one gets back any stolen funds from crypto wallets. And this is why you need to be wary of the store.

The platform hits two birds with one stone by pretending to be a crypto hardware retail store. But unfortunately, the store fails to deliver the miner, steals your funds, and has information on your wallet. That’s why you need to continue reading this review for more.

Hundreds have lost funds trying to get their hands on Ebang miners. These are some of the best Bitcoin miners to have. Sadly, the store moved quickly to try and clone the original Ebang Ebit store.

Before anything else, you need to know the types of Crypto miners available. It will help you create an informed decision on which miner to go for. We recommend checking the profitability of each miner before making the final decision.

A few Miners found on Miner Ebang

Despite claiming to offer all Ebang Ebit miners, the truth is revealed. The store doesn’t own a single miner. Instead, you see images on a website with prices to match the crypto hardware.

We did send an email asking the store to furnish us with proof of having a warehouse. The store wrote back telling us to mind our own business. And that’s where we had to draw the line. As a buyer, you need to prove that the store owns these miners.

The store has to prove that they are in the procession of these miners. Otherwise, all we have is a store that puts up images and claims to sell crypto miner hardware. The first red flag we spotted was the low prices of their miners.

To attract buyers, the store does shoddy pricing of their miners. Even manufacturers don’t sell their mining hardware to stores at low prices. So it’s the first time we see a brand new miner selling for less than $1,000.

That should indicate that the store doesn’t even know what crypto mining is about. We have a store that fails to prove any relationship with crypto mining. It would be best to stay away from such stores as there is a hindrance to crypto mining.

Miner Ebang is a store that undersells miners to fool investors. For those who buy the miners they are in for a rude shock. The store will likely fail to deliver these miners or sell faulty miners at best.

Miner Ebang Sells faulty miners

Affiliate and reward program

There’s an affiliate and reward program available on the platform. The store claims to reward investors who direct other users to the store. In addition, there’s an affiliate commission of 25 percent on all sales.

It seems like a logical way to earn passive income. However, the store fails to address that no professional affiliate wants to partner with them. In addition, it’s a known feature that the store fails to release commissions.

The store fails to give investors conversion data of the sales made by their affiliation. You will only get confirmation from users that they have bought miners. The store fails to show you this data to deny commissions.

The buyer will also contact you when the store fails to deliver miners despite all these. These victims will blame you for directing them to a store that sells faulty miners. You end up losing your online credibility over a non-existing store.

For buyers, it’s heartbreaking when an affiliate directs you to a faulty store. It would be best if you did some due diligence to determine whether the store delivers miners. Try and find out from other users about delivery availability.

Business owner

Zhejiang Ebang Communication Co., Ltd is the entity we are led to believe owns the platform. However, there’s no business registry found on the Chinese register of this entity. And this is proof that Miner Ebang is an anonymous store.

It would be best if you found out the existence of a store before anything else. Unfortunately, what we have is a store that rarely does offer any transparency. Such stores target naïve crypto miners looking for affordable mining units.

We don’t know any staff members working for the store. And this is another pointer that transparency is not a vital feature of the store. It would be best to buy miners from stores that make their business registry documents available.

Since we don’t have any business registry documents, it’s clear the store is unregulated. With the crackdown on crypto mining, most stores in Chine relocated to neighboring countries. Such stores did give buyers a notice for transparency.

The store claims to have a department of more than 140 people on the about us page. You will notice that the store fails to mention names. Dealing with anonymous online stores should be the last thing on your mind.

Client Testimony

Avoid buying defective miners from MinerEbang store

Before buying any miner, try and get the user experience from other buyers. I don’t believe the reviews are found on the platform’s homepage. You need to dig deeper and read reviews from independent sites.

Trustpilot is one of them, and it seems to have negative reviews from different users. It’s proof that we are dealing with a shoddy store. We haven’t seen any positive reviews of the store from independent sites.

Contact and support

There’s a sales phone number listed on the homepage. Sadly, the number rarely goes through, and buyers have to resort to emails. After sending an email, the platform responds by asking for your contact details.

That’s how the platform gets access to your email information and direct line. The store is now ready for a screen share purchase order with those two details. During the screen share, that’s when the store tries to get information on your crypto wallet.

Disadvantages of Miner Ebang

Trying to undersell miners to target naïve buyers is the main issue. We also have a problem with the store’s failure to deliver miners. It would be best to avoid such stores as it is clear there are no miners available for sale.

Such stores need to get exposed to the general public. For example, the store doesn’t even upload new Ebang miners.

Final verdict Miner Ebang

Defective miners sold on

After checking how the store works, we have to expose and warn investors from buying any equipment.

You need to join reliable crypto mining pools once you buy a miner from a trusted store.

If you have any queries, drop a comment or write to us.

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