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Miners Galaxy Review: Is a scam?

Let’s put it out there for everyone to know, Miners Galaxy ( is a scam. The Miners Galaxy review will expose why the store has suddenly gone dark. Yes, the website is no longer working. However, we believe the store has already created a new domain, These two could be related and must warn investors about their engagement. Here’s our full MINERS GALAXY REVIEW.

A Brief Overview of Miners Galaxy

The store promises to deliver miners within five working days, regardless of location. However, we did notice a strange pricing structure with the store underpricing several miners. It’s a sign of the store’s intent to defraud buyers.

NOTE: To buy a genuine crypto miner, first know the ASIC Features. The profitability each miner brings as well as electricity costs. Know the mineable coin and the efficiency of each miner.

Miners Galaxy is another sorry example of a store. No one wants to handle stores that don’t deliver miners. Sadly, clients have no one to turn to, especially once a website darkens. Surprisingly, the store went dark after a few months.

Miners Galaxy pros and cons

The owner decided to call it quits, with daily complaints piling up. No one has received any updates from the store or any compensation. And that bolted us to conduct a thorough review.

Cracks started to appear as soon as several clients filed complaints against the store. Delivery was vital as most didn’t receive a single mining unit. In addition, some clients ordered in bulk and wanted a refund from the store.

Viewing domain records, is 245 days old as we publish this post. The store was registered on 27th December 2021. The website is no longer working with just a few months in the game.

Experts recommend doing research on a store first before committing funds. So we have devised ways to check whether a crypto store is legit. Follow these steps, and you’re in the right place to make a wise decision.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Miners Galaxy

Before anything else, you must weigh the pros and cons of each store. Check to see what others are saying about the store before moving forward. It would be best if you were extremely careful with new stores.

New stores have a hard time penetrating the market. However, the successful ones do so by offering accountability and transparency. New stores will also market themselves better to the crypto and larger mining community.

Miners Galaxy only has negative reviews floating all over the web. However, even social medial platforms have several buyers sharing their experiences. Here’s what we found out as we uncovered the root decay of the store.

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A checklist of miners on Miners Galaxy store

Name any imaginable miner, and the store claims to have it. Miners Galaxy claims to partner with three of the largest crypto hardware manufacturers. These include Bitmain, Goldshell, and Innosilicon.

Listed miners include Aladdin, Baikal, Canaan, Dayun, Ebang, Jasminer, iBeLink, MicroBT, and Spondoolies. What most don’t know is that the store uses stock images. The store doesn’t even have one miner under its wing.

And that’s how the store gets to trick buyers. It also lowers prices than other stores to try and lure bulk purchases. We have come up with several reasons that make the store a scam. Here’s how to safely buy miners from online vendors.

Miners Galaxy sells defective crypto miner hardware

A guarded way of buying crypto hardware from stores

Your first step should be to make contact with the vendor. Don’t just add goods to cart; and you need to know who is selling these miners. The best way is to set up a Skype or Zoom meeting with the owner or staff.

Once this happens, ask for a virtual tour of the office or warehouse. Make sure to ask for proof of concept. Let the owner show you the miner in action. Check the condition and hashrate of the miner.

Your following line of action should ask about delivery and shipping if satisfied. How long will it take for the store to deliver miners? What happens if there’s a delay or the miner gets damaged via transit?

Does the store cover maintenance and repair fees? Will the store refund clients for missed deliveries? These are some of the questions you need answers to directly from the seller. Once the seller ticks the boxes, move on to the final step.

Ask about the payment methods available. Most stores will accept crypto payments. Make sure the store offers order tracking information and a receipt of payment. In cases of wire transfer, get the details of the recipient.

Bulk purchases

The reason why Miners Galaxy is a proven scam is mainly because of bulk purchases. Once the seller lowered prices, buyers went in and ordered in bulk. Little did they know the store was not operating in good faith.

Before you buy in bulk, make sure you know the average industry price of the miner. We also ask that you buy in bulk directly from the manufacturer. That’s the safest way to buy new miners at the most affordable price.

You need to check with mining farms for those looking to start a large mining farm with used miners. Ensure the mining farm is willing to offer maintenance and repairs. Before buying any unit, check the condition to avoid buying faulty miners.

Buyer’s conditions and terms Miners Galaxy

The store failed to offer tangible buyer/seller agreements. We mean there are no legal policies such as delivery, refund, return, and shipping. Buyers are also to blame for not checking up on such details.

Without a buyer/seller agreement, the seller is ready to introduce harsh conditions. The seller has no contract with the buyer to deliver any miner. Therefore, the seller can claim you didn’t order any miner.

These are some of the features that most buyers ignore. Unfortunately, most overlook these features and assume all sellers are legit. You must review these policies and ensure all liability doesn’t fall on buyers.

Client reviews and testimonies

why is a scam.

Several clients have lodged complaints against the store. Most claim the store failed to deliver miners, while others received faulty miners. Those who managed to obtain miners did so after weeks of protest.

You can see why the owner would decide to shut down the store and create a new one. With complaints hitting the crypto market, the store would soon fade away. And that’s what made the owner plug it off.

Before you buy from any store, try and get reviews and testimonials from other buyers. It will help you make a rational decision on whether to move forward. These are the game changers that make or break a deal.

Contact and customer support

There’s none available as the store didn’t even offer live chat support. All listed phone numbers were virtual and didn’t show the owner’s physical location. It would be best if you stayed away from such stores.

Dispute and resolution center

It would be best if you bought from a store that highlights how they handle disputes. Without a dispute resolution center, buyers risk losing their investment.

Closing remarks Miners Galaxy

Please stay away from

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