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Miningcrate Review: Is Legit or a scam?

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Miningcrate ( review is out, and the once-growing crypto store seems to be fading away.

The owner has not uploaded any new videos on their YouTube channel, but they have listed new miners on their store.

An example would be the Bitmain KA3 miner which currently tops the list of most profitable ASIC Miner.

The question remains, is a legit crypto hardware store? Yes, the owner does have some solid footing in the crypto world.

Before you even think of buying from any vendor, there are a few issues you have to line up. And that means having to do proper due diligence.

The best way to do so is by reading our crypto hardware store reviews or testimonials from other buyers.

Miningcrate Review: Pros and Cons

A quick search will reveal that Miningcrate is a store with quite a good online reputation. And that means the seller has made deliveries possible.

With over three years of experience, the store has been a darling to most crypto hardware buyers in the States.

For newbies, determining the best crypto hardware store to engage with can be a tussle. And that’s why we are here to help.

Remember, before engaging with any crypto hardware store, you must find out more about the seller.

About Miningcrate

One of the least favorite aspects of Miningcrate is the lack of proper information about who they are.

As a buyer, you would want more accountability and transparency from a store selling high-ticket items.

Despite the seller having several YouTube Videos available, there’s no mention of his name on any of the videos.

And the last video posted was 8 months ago, which says the store could be having buyer issues.

As a buyer, you certainly want to buy from a sure vendor with years of experience. Something has and seems to be throwing away.

Overall, the store does have some enticing miners and even other aspects of crypto mining ventures.

These aspects include selling crypto mining farms and conventional cooling power upgrade services.

It goes to show how serious the seller is when it comes to crypto. From what we can see, the seller is also a crypto miner.

We know is not a physical store, and the seller sells miners from his home.

That means we deal with a third party who gets miners from other sources, probably close to China.

Owner of

Advantages and cons of Miningcrate

As a buyer, the best way to engage with such stores is by weighing the pros and cons. You have to set apart the seller from others in the market.

There are a few aspects to look out for when engaging with crypto hardware. These include weighing heavily on the miner’s brand, condition, delivery, and pricing.

It has to be said that Mining Crate doesn’t have any negative reviews. And that means we have a seller who does deliver after payment clears.

The website looks professionally built,, with navigation easy. You can find the miner you’re looking for by checking on the ‘all miners’ or the ‘new arrivals’ list.

How do you weigh the pros and cons of crypto hardware or seller?

A list of miners available on the store

Apart from selling ASIC miners, you should note that the store also sells GPU mining rigs. Buyers must first determine which miner they want before engaging.

There are six types of ASIC miners up for grabs. These miners include those from established and leading crypto mining hardware manufacturers.

These include Bitmain, Ebang, Goldshell, Innosilicon, Misc Miners, and Whatsminer.

All these are reputable miners, including the top most profitable miner already available for sale on the platform.

Mining facility for sale

There’s a mining facility for sale, one aspect of crypto mining we haven’t heard about. Not a lot of crypto miners endeavor to sell their mining farms.

As said, there’s always a first time for everything. And that means whoever wants a finished mining farm can now get it in the store.

Details of the mining facility are found under the pages of the crypto farm for sale.

The mining facility has a price tag of $3.2 million. According to the details, the farm is currently running on a mixture of ASICS, FPGAs, and GPU equipment.

Kentucky is the location with large-scale mining companies receiving tax incentives for large loads.

It’s a 3MW capacity with 2MW of power already on site, having two containers having 3 phase 26,000 variable fans.

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Features to look for when buying a crypto miner from online stores such as

When buying a miner, there are some aspects to look out for before fully engaging. These are the aspects that make or break the deal.

We will help you cover five features to look out for when engaging with crypto hardware products.

The features to look out for include brand, miner’s condition, delivery and shipping, payment options, and pricing.

What other buyers are asking about Miningcrate crypto hardware store


We have already established that the store does offer reliable miners. And some of the brands found are the best in the business.

We also laud the store for availing the top, most profitable Bitmain miner. The Bitmain KA3 currently tops the chats of profitable ASIC miners.

Condition of the miner

One of the few issues we have with the seller is the failure to mention the miner’s condition. Is it a brand-new mining unit, or does the store sell refurbished mining units as well?

Delivery and shipping

Any reliable online crypto hardware vendor should deliver miners within 8 working days without delays.

A worthy seller will also offer order tracking information on the mining unit.

Payment options

We don’t recommend sending funds via crypto platforms for first-time crypto hardware buyers. Due to the anonymous nature, the transactions can be a problem.

You must also get a receipt for payment made by the seller. It’s proof you have already placed an order and paid.

Price of the miner

Here’s where each store stands aside from the rest. Some stores tend to overprice miners depending on profitability.

You need to know the average price of the miner before engaging.

Our Final Verdict Miningcrate

If you engage with the store, please let us know how it goes. Be careful and check the above features before fully engaging.

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