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MiningStore Review: Is a Scam?

MiningStore ( claims to be one of the longest-standing large-scale crypto miner store. However, most buyers don’t know that Mining Store has a lot of shipping delays. As a result, you won’t get your mining equipment on time. To make matters worse, the platform fails to deliver the right equipment. You will buy a used miner for the price of a new one. That’s what buyers are facing with the store. Here’s more in our conclusive MININGSTORE REVIEW.

About MiningStore

MiningStore Review

From the look of things, MiningStore doesn’t look practical or professional. Judging by the homepage’s aesthetics, this is not your average crypto retail store website. Instead, mining store claims to be a US-based crypto hardware store.

The platform claims to have been mining Crypto for over five years. You get claims of having a setup of over 300 GPU miners. The platform also claims to mine over 500 Ethereum per day, which is a large sum.

The platform fails to mention the problems users are facing when purchasing miners. All the platform wants from you is to take your funds. will even raise the price just after you make payment.

Buyers have no other option but to send more funds to the platform. So if you’re thinking about getting a refund, forget about it. There are no refunds as the platform has a no return policy on sold products.

And this is a huge problem for buyers. The support structure is not convincing as the platform fails to provide adequate support. So all you get is a platform with no way of providing support.

When looking for the right miner, you need to check the profitability estimates. Check out ASIC Profitability stats to determine which miner works best for you. Once you know the specs, you stand a better chance of buying an efficient miner.

Accessible Miners with MiningStore

MiningStore deals with new and used ASIC machines. The problem is that they will sell used machines for a new ones. Unfortunately, you also get used miners that don’t have the right accessories. For example, buyers have complained about getting miners who don’t have PSU.

The platform deals with two brands, Bitmain Antminer and MicroBT miners. These are leading and trusted brands in the industry. However, the platform only deals with four types of miners from what we have seen.

You get S19 Pro, S19, L7 (all Bitmain Antminers), and M30s MicroBT Whatsminer. Unfortunately, these are the only miners available in the store. And it begs the question of what ASIC miners they use to mine Ethereum.

The platform did claim to mine over 500 Ethereum in a single day. However, mining store fails to mention whether they mine using any GPU rigs. So even the setup they claim to have doesn’t stand a chance to mine Ethereum.

What we have is a store that wants to be seen as reputable. You get a store that claims to mine two of the largest Crypto coins. All this is an effort to attract as many potential crypto miner buyers as possible.

When you click on their marketplace, most miners are out of stock. And this means potentially losing clients. So what the platform does is a claim to have another batch coming in the following month.

MiningStore ASIC Products

Affiliate Program

There’s also an affiliate program with Mining Store. Before you jump the gun, you need to understand the risks. Those who have an affiliation with the platform are ruing the decision. The platform does not release payments.

Mark has been an affiliate member for the past three months. During that period, he has been directing his friends to the store. Unfortunately, none of them has received any bought miner from the platform so far.

Now everyone is blaming Mark for directing them to a non-existent platform. There’s no need to lose your credibility and reputation over such a store. You will also find leading stores don’t affiliate with the platform.

You need to worry when you find that the store in question doesn’t partner with other leading stores. There’s a good reason why most ASIC stores don’t want any partnership with

Beware of the Remote Hands Program

Mining store doesn’t stop there, and the platform also has a remote hands program. The program claims to provide your mining with technical expertise. That means the platform will manage your crypto-mining remotely.

You have to buy their miners and let them create a mining firm for you. But, of course, the platform claims to do so remotely. So you will likely not get to see the mining rigs in action. Nevertheless, the remote hands program is another roost to attract large-scale crypto hardware miners.

Even their consulting aspect is a fraud. You don’t need to pay for consultations from a firm you bought miners from. It’s weird that the platform even charges for consulting with them. Most stores will remotely help you set up your mining equipment.

Business Holder

There’s a mining store team’s page where you get to see individuals claiming to be owners. These include JP Baric as the CEO and Ronald Huff as the Chief Financial Officer. Others include Zac Safron as the investor relations officer and Jack Z. Sherman as the Chief relations officer. Owners

The funny thing is, none of these people have any professional profiles under their names. You would expect to find their names on platforms such as LinkedIn. Instead, none of them exists, and there’s a reason for it.

These are made-up names with stock images to match the faces. The platform is completely anonymous despite claiming to be a leading platform. It would be best to avoid anonymity when it comes to online crypto hardware stores.

Client Testimony

Despite claiming to be mining for over five years, there are no positive comments regarding the store. Unfortunately, you don’t get to see any positive reviews about We know for a fact that the platform is facing buyer’s remorse.

You should find out what other users are saying about a platform before signing up. It helps you make a more rational decision. Five years without a single positive review says a lot about user experience.

Compliance, License and Registration MiningStore

MiningStore is not a compliant platform. It doesn’t offer users any chance of buying products safely. We don’t get to see any registration documents on the platform. You would expect a license from the business or company registrar.

Without any compliance, the platform is free to operate as they wish. And this is why we must strive to expose such platforms. Buyers get unfavorable conditions such as a no return policy. Before engaging with any online store, you should also read the terms and conditions first.

Contact and support

Mining Store Remote Hands Program

Support is not available despite claiming to be a leading crypto hardware provider. You have to email the platform and wait for days before getting a response. In addition, the phone number found at the disclaimer of the homepage is non-existent.

We believe Mining Store is using a Virtual phone number provider. These are numbers that mimic an area code, in this case, the United States. The number helps create the illusion that the platform resides in the States.

Our verdict

After finding out the platform’s way of handling buyers, we strongly recommend avoiding MiningStore.

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  1. Wow. Your writing is exceptionally lazy. Did you even try to do your homework or are just churning out garbage to smear other crypto companies for clicks?


    Everyone on the team has LinkedIn profiles, including JP:

    He regularly goes viral on TikTok and Instagram doing videos inside our facility:

    He’s also airing on the Dr Phil show tomorrow:

    So definitely not a “stock photo” pretending to be the CEO.

    Regarding the Remote Hands program, you clearly just have poor reading comprehension. Remote Hands is a consulting service where we will help you deploy your own mining site (infrastructure, planning, site suitability, etc). This has nothing to do with us hosting our miners at our site, and everything to do with helping you deploy your own, in your space.

    We have no idea who this Mark person is. And we are well networked with, and collaborate with, nearly all the reputable brokers in the space. The only one with reputation issues here, is you.

  2. These guys are dodgy as sh*. I’m glad someone is calling it like it is. Do not trust them with your money. They have so many fake positive reviews.

    • Funny thing, ALL their positive reviews are from the same period. So that’s a paid positive comment. Got you!

  3. Hello!

    To anyone reading this post, please just note that the author is confusing ‘’ with ‘’.The author is using the poor reviews on and tying them back to the website and team for reasons I do not understand. is a USA company and we are not affiliated with at all. We are out in the public at bitcoin events, and always open to scheduling a video call to discuss how interested clients can start bitcoin mining by scheduling a call on our website here:

    The case studies are previous projects the team has completed, and explains that JP Baric, CEO, began mining ETH as his first involvement with crypto mining – 8+ years ago now.

    There are a number of scams within this industry, and while this author may be well intentioned to attempt to protect people – attacking an unrelated company with hit pieces doesn’t make much sense. Please immediately add a correction to this story and review the correct company if you are intending to help consumers.

    Finally, MiningStore is a bitcoin mining company with operations in Iowa, USA where we use primarily renewable wind energy to mine bitcoin for ourselves and clients. We look forward to helping those searching for a trusted bitcoin mining solution.

    You can review the Managed Mining Program here:

    If interested, please schedule a video call with one of our team members to learn more:


    Jordan German
    VP Sales & Marketing

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