Crypto Hardware Retailer Scams Review: Is a scam? is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing B2B platforms the industry offers. You can get a wide array of products and services. The store even sets up ‘find job’ ads for computers to electronics. There’s every reason to believe has good intentions. Our only issue is the crypto-mining aspect. Sadly, scammers have crept in and opened multiple accounts.

Here’s our complete MIRLIR.COM REVIEW.

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About scammers selling crypto hardware

The B2B marketplace is a store where buyers and sellers converge. And the results vary depending on the seller you get. Most of the sellers are outright genuine and honest sellers. So you get the product delivered as listed.

There have been issues arising with crypto hardware. Ever since the cryptocurrency craze hit the market, everything changed. Scammers started targeting naïve crypto investors who wanted to get into crypto mining.

You won’t get to see or read the background or history of sellers on the platform. Furthermore, there’s no review or client rating system where you can judge the seller. And we blame the store for failing to provide such features.

Buyer feedback is imperative in a B2B store. And that’s not the case with this store. That’s why we feel you need to only engage with verified sellers. And yet, the seller fails to offer a seller verification badge.

Most of the buyers and even sellers operate under faith. You cannot verify a seller is genuine until you pay and delivery occurs. Nonetheless, there are honest sellers, and there’s no doubt about that.

Our primary concern is the crypto hardware sellers who pose as genuine sellers. Most of them could not have been highlighted were it not for similar profiles on other B2B platforms. And that’s how we spotted the mistakes they made.

Before buying any product, you need to do due diligence. Find out what makes a platform or seller ideal for what you want. And that’s how you move forward and decide to purchase a miner.

Advantages and drawbacks of

As with any other store, you must weigh the pros and cons of each seller. Unfortunately, not all sellers are the same; some pose as transparent but are scammers. And that’s why we must expose these sellers and the tactics used.

Avoid sellers who overprice or underprice miners by claiming to offer large discounts. Unfortunately, that’s far from the case. Some of the sellers will even claim to partner with some of the leading crypto hardware manufacturers.

To avoid scammers, you need to take a look at competing stores. First, find out the average price of the intended miner you want. That way, you can buy from a valid seller in touch with market prices.

Sellers on the store also fail to post their complete profiles on the avatar. And that’s another critical aspect to check out when dealing with sellers on B2B platforms. A genuine sellers will easily avail themselves and list their social media profiles.

The only proven way to engage with sellers is by choosing those close to your region. Then, you can set up a meeting and test the miners. The other option is to throw the dance and hope for the best. And that’s unlikely.

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A directory of available miners on the store listed miners

You will find several leading brands listed as available in the store. The key here is to go for profitable miners. Some listings are over a year old, and the listed miner is not even making a dollar a day.

Listed brands include Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, iBeLink, Innosilicon, iPollo, and Whatsminer. When a new miner gets released, expect one or two sellers to post the miner on all b2b marketplaces. The trick is to check the prices.

There are also crypto accessories sellers on the platform. These include graphic cards and PSU cords. However, we have a problem with the platform setup, as sellers can’t indicate the miner’s condition. Is it a brand new or used miner?

Expect lower prices for refurbished miners. You need to know the condition to avoid overpaying a miner. Some sellers will look to take advantage by posting prices of new miners and delivering a used unit.

We have seen such before; worse, the store won’t mediate the issues. Most B2B platforms fail as they don’t have a dispute resolution center. That way, clients can dispute the quality of miners delivered and expect a full refund.

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A safe way of buying crypto hardware from online stores

Here’s how best to ensure your safety when purchasing a miner;

Rule 1

Ensure you make direct contact with the seller. That way, you establish the authenticity of the seller. It also shows there’s a willingness for both parties to engage honestly. Don’t rely on chat and emails for correspondence.

Rule 2

After making contact, ask for proof of ownership in the form of a short video of the miner in action. You want to avoid scammers who post stock images and list enticing price points. We have seen several of these scammers before.

Rule 3

Both parties must stipulate delivery and shipping policies. That way, you know what to expect during and after delivery. In addition, the seller should furnish you with order tracking information beforehand.

Rule 4

When it comes to making payments, avoid crypto payments, especially for first-time transactions. Instead, use bank transfers and request complete information on the store’s or recipient’s full name. Get a receipt for each transaction and take screenshots.

Rule 5

Once the seller delivers the mining unit, record the unboxing. That way, you can prove the damage therein wasn’t your fault. In case of extensive damage during transit, request a full refund.

Bulk and discounts listed on

A seller is going by the profile asicminerstrade, claiming to offer discounts on Goldshell KD6 miners. The seller is on other B2B platforms using the same phone number.

Promise of getting 35 to 50 percent off is ridiculous. These are the scammers who are talking about and hoping to expose. There’s no way the seller would be making any ROI if they decided to go with these prices.

Even the manufacturer is not selling the miner with this price point.

There’s a proper way of buying brand-new miners in bulk. And that’s contacting the manufacturers directly. With manufacturers, you get discounts and quality miners with extended warranties.

For those looking to buy refurbished miners, we recommend going to reputable stores. Make direct contact and visit the store to test the miners. Refurbished miners may have some defects, and it’s good to see whether there are needed components.

Contact and support

Despite these scammers leaving their contact details, they will insist on chats and emails. None of them accepts a live meet. And that’s why we insist we have to expose the store.

Closing remarks

Please avoid the listed scammer on The platform ought to do better when verifying sellers.

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