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Modem Mart Review: Is a scam?

Modem Mart ( is another Persian electronics store wanting to start selling crypto hardware. As it stands, we haven’t heard of any satisfied customers. When it comes to disgruntled clients, that’s another case. Most of the clients claim the store fails to deliver working miners. It seems most of the miners are faulty at best. Does the store provide a remedy in such instances? No. Here’s our clear MODEM MART REVIEW.

A brief introduction to Modem Mart

The Persian-based store is only selling products in-house. That means the store won’t deliver products outside of Iran. And that could be a problem for miners in the Middle East looking for miners.

To try and get into the crypto scene, the store did list several miners under its wing. One of the most profitable Bitmain miners is available for sale. The question remains, is the store a reliable place to buy such valuable products?

Modem Mart review pros and cons

Make sure to go for stores that do offer users much-needed safety. Unfortunately, as far as crypto mining goes, many scammers are looking to take advantage. Our review informs users on how to protect themselves from scams safely.

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Once you land on the homepage, one thing’s clear: the store started selling desktop modems. Then, to try and get more customers, Modem Mart pivoted to crypto of sale hardware. And that’s where it started going wrong for the owner.

With crypto hardware, you have to be careful not to have a bad reputation. Any mishap in delivery will ensure you lose your funds. And that’s why we have come out to show you how best to buy mining units.

Experts recommend researching a store first before making any commitments. Try and buy from a store with a proven reputation. Avoid a store that tries to sell crypto hardware alongside other non-related products.

Advantages and disadvantages of Modem Mart

From where we stand, there are no advantages of buying crypto hardware from the store. The only advantage would come from buyers near the region. Instead of buying online, you can visit the store’s offices.

The store claims to have a physical office where buyers can check. Before anything else, the store should be ready and willing to demonstrate the miner in action. You must also see the condition before buying it.

Does the miner sell brand-new or used miners? It remains to be seen as the store fails to list the conditions. One area that caught our interest was the price comparison with the average market prices.

It seems the store does underprice miners. That would suggest the store could be selling refurbished miners. You must check the condition and average prices to avoid sellers who want to take advantage.

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A checklist of available miners

Sadly, the store only offers one brand of miners, Bitmain mining equipment. However, other mining brands, such as Canaan and Goldshell, are listed as coming soon. And that goes to prove the store wasn’t completely ready to offer such.

Modem Mart available miner

You would expect the store to be more up-to-date with the latest miners. However, among the catalog seen, the store seems to sell miners released a while back. The store doesn’t update its catalog, which might be another issue.

That’s the problem with all types of stores. You don’t get a store ready to offer information or various options. Instead, clients get limited choices in mining equipment. We also don’t see any crypto hardware equipment.

Suppose the miner you get fails at some point, the fans, graphic cards, or power cords. Will the store furnish you with a working replacement? Unfortunately, that’s a hard no, and the store doesn’t sell crypto hardware.

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How can you safely buy miners from stores such as modem mart?

A guarded way of buying crypto hardware from online stores such as Modem Mart

There’s a safer way you can engage with crypto hardware stores. Follow these guidelines, and you are on your way to getting the miner you deserve. Ensure the seller also follows these guidelines.

Process 1

You first need to contact the seller. Don’t just sign up with the platform and add goods to your cart. It would be best if you initiated a conversation. Set up a meeting using Skype or Zoom. That’s the best way of engaging and knowing the seller.

Process 2

After making contact, you need to ask the vendor to take you on a virtual tour of the office space or warehouse. That helps eliminate the store or vendors who pose stock images. You will be amazed by how far scam artists will go to fool naïve crypto hardware buyers.

Process 3

Next, ask the seller to send you a short clip of the miner in action. Again, it would be best if you determined the condition and maximum hashrate of the mining unit. Finally, ask the vendor whether they are willing to show the serial number for future reference.

Process 4

Start asking delivery and shipping questions. For example, how long will it take to receive the min after making the payment? Are there any additional shipping charges to expect apart from the listed price? Is the seller offering order tracking information?

Process 5

The next item should be pricing. Do you feel the price is suitable enough for you? Buyers can try and negotiate prices depending on the condition of the miner. Don’t just buy; research the average cost of the intended miner.

Process 6

Once the miner reaches your doorstep, you need to affirm its condition. Then, do an unboxing and ensure you record the process. In case of damage during transit, the vendor should be willing to accept returns and offer refunds.

Bulk orders from online stores such as Modem Mart

Sellers are looking to buy miners in bulk. The best way to do so is by contacting manufacturers. We say this to ensure buyers get the best miners directly from the service provider.

These miners are costly, paying for the most affordable quote from manufacturers. With manufacturers, you get a guarantee of getting brand-new miners. The cost is also affordable, with buyers getting prices like those of wholesalers.

avoid buying any crypto hardware from the store

What about if you’re in the market for refurbished miners? That’s when you can contact reputable stores or look for a close crypto mining farm. We recommend visiting the farm and assessing the miners’ conditions with the latter.

Scammers have started taking advantage of bulk purchases. We have seen countless store dummy websites from scammers. More often than not, they post discounts of more than 50 percent.

If you mistake sending funds, that’s the last you will see or hear from the vendor. You have to know the average price of these miners to know the vendor trying to take advantage. Bulk orders should also be a one-on-one type of meeting.

Our Verdict Modem Mart

Unless you are in Iran, we don’t recommend buying any mining units from the store.

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