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Musk Miners Review: Is a scam?

Before buying from Musk Miners,, you need to read this MuskMiners review. The store seems to sell faulty miners to the public. To try and hide such details, the store hires keyboard masters to try and hide the fact. These keyboard masters post positive reviews on sites such as However, those who have recently engaged with the store are ruing the decision. Please find out more in our compelling MUSK MINERS REVIEW.

A Closer Look at Musk Miners

Due to the admiration of Elon Musk, the store got its name from it. Musk Miners seems to be a store that claims to reside in the States. Far from it, we suspect the store is another offshore-based crypto hardware store.

It’s more likely that the store fails to offer any working hardware to buyers. In addition, the store doesn’t have a legit claim of owning any mining warehouse. And that could mean we are dealing with a third party.

Note: When buying ASIC Miners, you need to know the full stats of these miners. Try and find out what makes the miners a darling to the community. Check out the ASIC Hashing rate to find out which ones work best for you.

Musk Miners doesn’t even have images of their warehouse or office. Is this a store that you would buy from? Even the links on some of the pages don’t work. An excellent example would be the links associated with founding members.

Musk Miners Stay away from the store

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, and the store is nowhere close to offering genuine services. The store doesn’t seem to generate any positive comments with a handful of complaints. The crypto community is growing tired of such stores.

These stores make it impossible to get a trusted mining store. That’s where we come into the picture. As more buyers get easily attracted by the prices, we help expose the red flags. It’s what you need to spot with these stores.

Experts recommend researching a store first before making any commitments. Then, try and find out the reception a store gets from buyers. That’s the only way to guarantee your safety. You can also request we do a review for you, free of charge!

Advantages and cons of

As indicated earlier, it’s best to highlight the pros and cons of each store before making any decision. But unfortunately, making a rushed decision is what moves buyers to make simple mistakes. We are here to guide you in spotting these mistakes.

One of the first things that caught our eye with the store was the prices of such miners. An excellent example would be the Goldshell KD5 Miner. The store seems to undersell it at $19 624.00. If this price is for a new miner, that’s not acceptable.

Even used miners don’t go for that price; most will shift towards the $25,000 range. Pricing is one of the attractive features, and we can see why the store gets users to buy. The store uses the prices to attract naïve buyers.

Available ASIC Miners on Musk Miners

Think of every imaginable ASIC miner, and Musk Miners claims to have them. These include miners from leading brands such as Bitmain, Goldshell, and Innosilicon. You would think the store is a major depot for miners with the list.

If you look closely at these miners, the store claims only to sell new miners. That means you expect the condition to be brand new when purchasing. However, if you get a miner from them, the condition is usually a refurbished miner.

The store wants to encourage buyers to purchase in bulk at low prices. That means buying more miners from the store, thinking it’s a bargain. The store seems to target large-scale mining farms with discounts.

Once you place an order, the store won’t deliver a single mining unit. Instead, we have seen the store giving refurbished miners and selling them for the prices of new ones. That’s one of the reasons to stay away.

When dealing with a legit store, you want a store that owns the miners. Unfortunately, there’s no proof of ownership with the store. As a buyer, you need to see evidence of the condition of the miner in question.

A short 30-second video will determine the ownership as well as the condition of the miner. In failure to do so, investors risk getting a used miner. That’s why we insist on seeing the store’s warehouse or miners in action.

Musk Miners sells damaged and faulty crypto hardware miners

Please stay away from such stores that undersell prices. Apart from selling miners, the store also claims to sell mining accessories. These accessories include mining supply units and overclocking control boards.

Bulk Discounts

We get bulk discounts available to attract buyers to the store. You have to email the store to get bulk discounts. The store moves the communication outside the platform’s client page, and with good reason.

Once you buy in bulk, the store sends a quote via email. The store will then promise a set delivery date once you complete payment. A few customers used this route to purchase in bulk.

The store promised 40 percent off if you bought five miners from them. But, unfortunately, no client has received any miner from the store. And that’s why we don’t recommend using their bulk discount offer.

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Business owner

Little information is available as to who owns or runs the store. Instead, we see two founders named Blake Greiner and Chris Wavra. The two claimed to be fascinated with cryptocurrency and decided to open the store.

When you try and click their social pages, none works. We suspect that these are stock images of friends downloaded from the web. That’s what the store does to fool members; the store belongs to the two.

Buyer’s protection Musk Miners

Don’t expect any buyer’s protection from the store. We have a store that doesn’t offer much to protect clients. You only get a private policy and refund policy. That means the store doesn’t accept refunds.

There are no actual terms and conditions set between clients and the store. Without any legal framework, the store is open to taking advantage. You don’t get to see the procedure used when refunding clients.

The store also fails to have a dispute center. Today’s crypto store must have a dispute center to protect investors. What if the miner didn’t arrive as promised? Where does the client move to next?

These are the reasons that make us question the store. With no legal framework to follow, it’s clear the store is taking advantage of buyers. All liability falls in the hands of buyers in this case, and please avoid such scenarios.

Client reviews and testimonies

The clients who post negative reviews on TrustPilot get their comments revoked. We have a store that hires keyboard masters to paint a positive picture. With these in play, views negative comments as hurting the store’s reputation.

Contact and support from staff

Your investment not safe with

Don’t expect any support from staff members with the platform. There’s no live chat, and the listed phone numbers are virtual. That’s why no one gets to talk to founders, as the numbers are ever busy.

Delay in shipping Musk Miners

It’s the biggest obstacle you will face as a user.

Final verdict on Musk Miners

Please stay away from

Use reliable crypto companies to get the best miners.

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