Crypto Hardware Retailer Scams

My Miner Shop Review: Is a Scam?

My Miner Shop claims to have offices in three different locations. It tries to get an international appeal from Crypto hardware buyers. The truth is, MyMinerShop ( will rip off investors. Those who attempted to purchase miners from the store are ruing the decision. The store failed to deliver miners and even refused to offer refunds. It’s a shambolic store that we must expose.

Note: When dealing with crypto hardware, First-time miners need to know the profitability of ASICs. In addition, you should know the full features that come with this mining hardware. It’s the best way to determine which miner suits you best.

About My Miner Shop

Another crypto miner shop claiming residency in Almere, My Miner Shop is a clone. The store has the exact website design as So yes, we know that is a replica of another scam store.

My Miner Shop Pros and Cons

Both of these stores belong to the same group of scam artists. That’s why both share the information on the about us page. The store claims that its proximity to New Jersey makes shipping easier.

We don’t know how that’s even a consideration, and you can get a miner from the furthest part of the earth. The store only wants to appeal to crypto miners in different locations. For one, the store solely wants to attract North America Crypto miners.

Sadly, most miners will take time before jumping in and buying a miner. There’s due diligence involved in determining a store’s reputation. And based on what we see, the store’s reputation is in tatters.

The majority of buyers don’t receive miners despite completing payment. That’s one of the biggest issues you will face. We have a store that takes advantage of buyers and laughs all the way to the bank.

We suspect these offshore scam artists are trying to take advantage of naïve buyers. First-time crypto hardware buyers are an easy target. Most don’t know much about costs and time of delivery.

Before you invest in any store, we recommend researching it. Try and find out the experiences of other buyers. It will give you a more in-depth look at what to expect with their services.

Accessible Miners My Miner Shop

My Miner Shop claims to have all brands from leading Crypto manufacturers like any other store. In addition, the store claims to deal with Baikal, Bitmain, Canaan, Dayun, Ebang, Goldshell, and more.

Other notable brands found on their shop list include FusionSilicon, iBeLink, Innosilicon, MicroBT, Obelisk, and more. Of course, the store will claim to have every miner imaginable to the audience.

What strikes us when we land on their shop page is the pricing. The store seems to offer lower prices as compared to market value. An excellent example would be the Goldshell KD6 Miner, which is yet to be released.

The store sells the miner at $29,000, which is not even near the lowest with proven stores. With the miner expected in April 2022, you have to pre-order it. Here are the statistics of the Goldshell KD6 Miner.

Selling the miner for nearly half of its worth was the first red flag. The store tries to lure first-time buyers into making a pre-order. Once you make the mistake of making payment, the store won’t deliver.

As a buyer, you need to prove that the miner in question is available. Most shops will provide a short video of the requested miner. The video will show the miner’s condition, configuration, hashrate, and quality.

Failure to do so gives the store a chance to send any miner they think merits you. And this includes sending a faulty miner and blaming you for the condition. Remember, the store doesn’t accept any returns.

My Miner Shop Sells Faulty Miners

Affiliate programs

To try and get other buyers, the store offers an affiliate position. You get a promise of making a 20 percent commission on all sales. Unfortunately, the store sadly doesn’t meet its commitment, and you end up doing all the heavy lifting.

Before you become their partner, there are a few skeletons in the closet. First, the store will take advantage of your connections. Then, after selling their miners, the store will shut you out by refusing to provide conversion data.

You end up losing your commission, and worse still, the buyer fails to get their miner. The buyer will blame you for the losses and might take legal action. If this happens, the law will consider you an accessory to online fraud.

And that’s where all hell breaks loose. The victims will want answers from you. That’s why there’s no professional affiliate website linking the store on their miners. You, too, should avoid becoming their partner.

As an affiliate, you have to protect yourself and the buyer. Therefore, make sure to confirm a store’s legitimacy before signing up. Failure to do so, you end up losing your credibility and reputation as an affiliate.

Business proprietor

Despite claiming to have offices worldwide, the store fails to mention a single staff member. Furthermore, we don’t see any names of the CEO or Founding members. And this makes My Miner Shop an anonymous investment platform.

Avoid interacting with anonymous crypto products and service providers. Anonymity gives them the chance to steal from buyers without any remorse. It also makes it hard to track them down and sue them.

Buyer’s protection guidelines with My Miner Shop

My Miner Shop doesn’t guarantee your safety when buying from them. And this is another aspect most buyers fail to check with any online store. Please check their blueprint to find out about liability.

The terms and conditions on indicate that all liability falls on buyers. We also have a store that doesn’t accept returns or offer refunds. Once a miner leaves their store, it’s a done deal.

These are some of the legal barriers stores set to ensure liability is on buyers. Even when the store sends a faulty miner, you get blamed for it. The store will claim handling issues from the buyer and block all communication.

What clients say about

Client testimony

There’s no positive comment about the store except on And already issued a warning saying the store tries to post positive reviews. We have seen such cases before as stores pay keyboard masters to publish positive comments.

Contact and support

The store fails to offer any live chat support or direct means of communication. Instead, you only get a forwarding email where investors leave their messages. Hopefully, the store will respond within 24 hours.

These are the issues buyers don’t bother checking on a store. The store should have more direct means of communication. These include having a phone number buyers can use to contact the store. The store wants to avoid all contact after the sale.

Depository methods

There are several depository methods for making payments. The store ensures anyone can deposit via bank and wire transfers. Crypto payments are also acceptable, with the store preferring crypto payments.

Disadvantages of My Miner Shop

One of the most significant disadvantages of interacting with My Miner Shop is delivery. The store won’t deliver your miner. It’s unlikely that the store owns any of the listed miners. Please stay away from

Delivery of miners is an issue with My Miner Shop

Final remarks

After exposing the store, it’s clear My Miner Shop is a clone.

Try and join a reliable mining pool after getting a new miner.

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