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Only Best Miners Review: Is a scam?

Once again, there’s another crypto miner store to avoid, Only Best Miners (, a faulty store. Those who have attempted to buy miners from the store face a hard time. None of the buyers received any miner from the store, hence the issue with OnlyBestMiners. We have to expose the problems with such stores to protect naïve buyers. We found out here in our thrilling ONLY BEST MINERS STORE REVIEW.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Only Best Miners store

To find out which crypto hardware retail store works best, you have to weigh the pros and cons. That way, no buyer will have to fall for such antics. Only Best Miners store is not your cup of tea; kindly consider our recommendation.

Only Best Miners Sells faulty miners

On the about us page, the store claims to open its doors to people wanting to start mining cryptocurrency. But unfortunately, the entire website looks like a professional crypto miner store, which throws off naïve investors.

Most investors will easily believe what they see on a website. But unfortunately, buyers usually don’t take the time to tick the boxes through a platform. And that’s why we are here, to help expose the red flags found in the store.

Note: Before you buy from any store, you need to know what type of ASIC Miners. Get to know the algorithm used, efficiency, hashrate, profitability, and warranty. Learn the expense of running a miner.

Only Best Miners will usually take advantage of buyers. No user has received their miner for the past few weeks. Once you contact support, there’s no definitive answer. The store claims even to offer crypto training to interested parties.

Before buying any miner, you need to do due diligence. Try and find out what other buyers have experienced. It’s the only way to guarantee that store you buy from does indeed deliver. You can also reach out and request we do a review on your behalf.

A List of Miners found on Only Best Miners store

Every store has to lure in buyers by claiming to offer every imaginable miner. Only Best Miners is no different. The store lists several different miners on its roster. That includes Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, Jasminer, Jingle Mining, etc.

Apart from selling miners, the store also sells other Crypto mining accessories. These include selling graphic cards and GPU Miners. In addition, the store lists miners depending on the mining algorithm. What’s funny is that the store claims to be the official distributor of Jasminer in Europe.

We know for a fact that no manufacturer has a preferred distributor. The manufacturers want to create a competitive market for everyone. So we have to expose the store for failing to offer truthful information to the public.

Another issue with the store is not providing proof of ownership. How can a user know that the store does own the listed miners? A genuine store will show evidence of ownership by having a small video.

The video also helps buyers to determine the quality of miners. A buyer has the right to know the condition of a miner before purchasing. The store in question doesn’t show photos of its warehouse.

Pricing of the miners is another issue. The store uses the Polish złoty, which suggests the store resides in Poland. That said, most Polish miners haven’t heard of the store. As a result, the store lowers prices to try and attract bulk buying.

Avoid buying crypto miner hardware from Only Best Miners

Affiliate and referral programs

To try and attract more buyers, the store uses an affiliate program. The program promises users a 17 percent commission. It looks like a perfect way to earn passive income. However, before joining the affiliate program, you need to know the risks.

The store doesn’t release commissions to affiliates. The store is only looking to take advantage of your connections. So you end up losing your reputation due to buyers not receiving miners.

These victims may decide to take legal action against the store. Unfortunately, filing a lawsuit means the law will consider affiliates as accessories to online fraud. Therefore, you need to stay away from such programs and go for those with proven commission plans.

Before you partner with such stores, you must confirm that the store delivers. In addition, as an affiliate, you have to protect those you direct to buy from such entities. Therefore, it would be best if you stayed away from the store.

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Do Only Best Miners Terms and Conditions protect buyers?

No, the store doesn’t give a rat’s ass whether you get any protection. Proof of it is the fact that there are no such documents. The store even doesn’t offer delivery and shipping conditions to buyers.

That’s proof enough that the store doesn’t care about the well-being of buyers. A genuine buyer will have these documents already available. That means refunds and returns are not viable in the store.

Even if you get a damaged miner during transit, the store won’t cover repair fees. Also, the store won’t accept the miner back. And that’s another reason to stay away from

Are users enjoying the store?

From the many reviews, no buyer has received any miner from March 2022. Several buyers seem to have issues with the condition and shipping of the miners. The store seems to block every communication with the store.

Once you check several social media platforms, you will see the miner enjoying a backlash. The store doesn’t even have any social media footprint. You would expect a store selling miners to have some online impression.

The store in question might fail to offer any users the truth. The user interface is not ideal as the store tries its best to appear genuine and professional. However, navigating through the website is not easy as enough information is not provided.

Bulk buying offer with

What clients think of

Don’t even think of buying in bulk or wholesale. The store lowers the prices to try and convince buyers to buy in bulk. However, the store also bloats the costs when purchasing a single unit. It’s proof there’s no transparency with the store.

Business proprietor

There’s no information on who owns or runs the platform. And that makes Only Best Miners an anonymous store. Moreover, despite claiming to reside in Poland, there’s no business registry of the entity in the region.

The problem with such entities is that no one can recover funds from them. Anonymity makes it hard to get ahead in the game. We have a store failing to offer the best security and transparent services.

Contact and support

Don’t expect any contact or support from the store. And that’s a fact as the store doesn’t have any proof of showing communicating with clients. However, a genuine store should have live chat support available 24/7.

Review of Only Best Miners (our take)

After going over the website, there’s a need to show the facts about buying a miner from the store. The fact remains that the store doesn’t deliver miners. Several miners don’t even make a profit anymore, and yet, the store claims to have it.

From a buyer’s perspective, the store won’t deliver miners. Therefore, we recommend staying away from the store.

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