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Optsale Mining Review: is a scam?

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Optsale Mining ( is another crypto hardware store we must check out. The store claims to have started the mining process back in 2017. Daniluk Mainit is the brains behind this store. The store boasts of having sold over 28,000 miners, and that’s a big haul. With over 9,000 happy customers, it makes sense to take a closer look at the store. Here’s our detailed OPTSALE MINING REVIEW.

A closer analysis of Optsale Mining

Based in Ukraine, this has to be one of the region’s fastest-growing crypto miner hardware stores. Despite the Russian invasion, the store continues to uphold the promise of prompt delivery.

Once you land on the homepage, you feel like having struck gold. The homepage is full of positive reviews from clients who engaged with the store. However, one must wonder why this store hasn’t grown by leaps and bounds.

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Optsale Mining is a relatively fast-growing store that should be awarded for fast delivery. Even their sales representatives are fast, especially when directing users. We had the privilege of talking to Elizabeth, who clarified what the store was all about.

Optsale Mining Review Pros and cons

The store has a 4.9-star rating from most reviews, with several open communication channels. Sadly, these reviews are not from TrustPilot. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any as the store is unavailable or listed on the page.

Navigating through the miners and the pricing is straightforward, with relevant information. Miners around Germany and neighboring countries have been praising the store. So what makes the store stand out from the rest?

Experts recommend doing due diligence before engaging with online stores. First, you need to try and figure out more about the store and what you want. Then, ask the right questions and try to spot vendors’ weaknesses.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Optsale Mining

Each store has advantages and disadvantages. There’s no store with excellent quality without blemish. And that’s why you need to find out more about the store before moving in for the purchase will help if you keep your interests first for buyers making contact for the first time. Safety should be a priority when engaging with online stores. We urge that you go over the terms and conditions before engaging.

You must read the refund and return policies to know the exact position of the store. There are also the delivery and shipping policies buyers and sellers must contend with. Unfortunately, most clients don’t go over these terms, which puts them at risk.

There’s also the issue of handling disputes in case they arise. You need to engage the seller and know how the store plans to handle such situations. Once satisfied, you can move ahead and start the sale process.

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A checklist of available miners on the store

The store offers a barrage of crypto mining hardware from different brands. You can choose from a whole assortment of leading and new crypto-mining manufacturers. Some reputable brands include Aladdin, Bitmain, Canaan, Cheetah, Dayun, Ebang, and Goldshell.

Optsale Mining miners available

Others include FFMiner, FusionSilicon, Hummer Miner, iBeLink, Jasminer, and StrongU. As a buyer, you must weigh each miner’s pros and cons. That includes checking the overall price and condition.

From our talk with Elizabeth, she indicated the store hadn’t updated the miner price for a while. With miner prices going down in China, the store should have lowered the prices by now. And that’s one of the few mishaps to encounter.

We also don’t know the condition of these miners. Are these brand-new or used miners? Again, the store needs to come out clean and offer the condition. As a buyer, you must know what you’re getting before purchasing.

To avoid any mishaps, we devised ways to engage with online stores. Follow these rules, and you will be good to go. Ensure the seller also follows and abides by these rules. Don’t be in a hurry to purchase if you are satisfied with the seller.

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A guarded way of buying miners from online stores such as Optsale Mining

The store did send us a Google sheet of available miners. It seems there are only two brands. The store only sells Bitmain and Whatsminer. There are 17 Bitmain miners available for sale and 15 MicroBT Miners. Here’s how to safely engage with the store.

Method 1

Make direct contact with the seller. You must facetime with the seller, especially the owner, for more. It also helps to establish direct communication lines with the store’s sales representatives. You want to know who handles the sale of your hardware.

Method 2

After making contact, it’s time to ask the vendor for a virtual tour of the offices. Know how best to ask for a tour of the premise. It helps to ascertain the store is real and that they possess listed miners.

Method 3

Ask the seller for a short video of the miner in action. The video should show the condition and maximum hashrate. It would be best if you also saw all possible accessories for the miner to work. Then, during delivery, you should inspect whether all accessories are available.

Method 4

Start asking questions regarding delivery and shipping. For example, how does the store use the delivery channels? Are there any additional fees to incur during shipping and delivery? How long will it take for the store to start the shipping process after completing payment?

Method 5

Once you are satisfied with the answers, you can move to make payments. We recommend using payment methods that are comfortable and easily accessible. Please take screenshots of all transactions. Ask for order tracking information and receipt of payment.

Method 6

When you get your miner, make sure to record the unboxing. In case of damage, you need to have proof of the issue. The store should cover repair fees, or you should return the miner and expect a full refund.

Bulk orders on Optsale Mining

Yes, the store does accept bulk orders of listed miners. However, you must contact the store to get a complete quote and determine whether discounts are available. What if you are in the market for brand-new miners?

The best way to get brand-new miners at a discount is by contacting manufacturers directly. With manufacturers, you get affordable pricing, and delivery is guaranteed. You can also return the miners for repairs later.

Contact reputable stores if you are in the market for used miners and for different brands. You can also contact a mining farm close to your location. We suggest visiting the mining farm and checking to see whether these miners are working.

Business holder

staff members working for store

Sergey Danilyuk is the store owner, and there are various channels to reach him. Again, it goes to show how transparent the store is to buyers. You can even facetime with the owner for any information needed.

Contact and support

It’s easy to make contact with support as we have experienced it.

Closing Remarks Optsale Mining

Try the store today if you are close to Ukraine and neighboring countries. Let us know your experience with the store.

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