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PandaMiner Review: Is a Scam?

PandaMiner ( is a Crypto hardware manufacturer with huge financial problems. The platform doesn’t meet the purchase order and usually sends out faulty miners. It’s one of the few GPU-Integrated Crypto manufacturers we have in the market. What makes Panda Miner an unreliable manufacturer are the profitability results. There’s no way you will profit from their over-priced miners. Learn more in our detailed PANDAMINER REVIEW.

A Brief Overview of PandaMiner

PandaMiner Review

The platform claims to be a professional R&D technology company. With China their base of operation, we must expose the truth about China is banning all crypto mining, and this means such companies have to move out.

PandaMiner is still trying to convince users that it’s the best miner to have. All their line of miners mine one coin, Ethereum. The last release miner was the PandaMiner B7 Pro (8G) with $20 profitability.

The market doesn’t favor any of their mining equipment. A few YouTube reviews will reveal the problems facing miners who use PandaMiner as a brand. Most are noisy and easily breakdown.

You won’t get to buy any accessories such as fans. The manufacturer has, over time, dismissed attempts to have such accessories in the market. It goes to show the state of mind that the platform has over buyers.

According to the manufacturer, their Ethereum miners are the best in the industry. We can straightaway tell you it’s a lie. There are other credible Ethereum miners with better longevity and profitability.

An excellent example of a top Ethereum miner would be the Bitmain Antminer E9 (3Gh) which is coming soon. You can also go for the Innosilicon A11 Pro ETH (2000Mh), a top earner. All these are miners from trusted manufacturers.

Accessories Services

Once you land on their homepage, you get to see the accessories services page. The platform talks about professional testing and free refurbishment. Other services include debugging of mining hardware and inspection.

You also get the call to buy second-hand miners from their inventory. The page has a video running showing their inventory. Surprisingly, these are not their miners, and they look more Bitmain than PandaMiner.

Despite claiming to offer premium after-sale services with no disputes, complaints are there. The second-hand miners fail to work in most cases. Buyers also claim the platform keeps on changing the prices without warning.

Available Miners with PandaMiner

On the miners’ page, we have only three miners that are sold out. There’s no PandaMiner available for miners. Those who claim to have them are selling used Panda Miner units.

The manufacturer started releasing Ethereum miners in February 2018. Unfortunately, there has been no consistency when it comes to mining capabilities. We don’t see much improvement on any of the newer models.

PandaMiner Brand

Most of the miners have high power and are noisy at best. Those who mine at home using the miner have to have no neighbors around. In addition, the miners come with 80 decibels, which is way too much for a miner.

Such noise levels mean its best to mine on an industrial premise. And that will add more expenses to you. Moreover, you won’t even join any mining pools as none would want to have the miner. And that tells you the story of why you should avoid

These miners also have a low hashrate which in turn makes it harder to mine Ethereum. In addition, your electricity expense will rise due to the high hashrate. The energy consumption is also high with the PandaMiner units.

Business Owner

Shenzhen, China, is the place we are told hosts the manufacturer. All these are claims with no physical proof of the miner’s headquarters. And this adds to the hesitancy we have when engaging with such platforms.

China is already banning Crypto mining which means such companies don’t exist. So most crypto manufacturers had to move to other regions. And this is one of the many reasons that the Panda Miner brand is a failure.

There has been no communication from the company regarding the way forward. So we don’t know whether new miners are coming from the manufacturer. What is clear is that the manufacturer is an exit platform.

We have seen countless crypto hardware manufacturers come and go. PandaMiner is one of them and didn’t even last three years. It goes to show that miners didn’t have much trust in the miner’s capabilities.

Customer Experience with

Complaints from buyers of

Roy wants to mine Ethereum as he believes it’s the next big coin. According to him, Ethereum is better than Bitcoin in so many ways. And thus, the need to mine Ethereum. That’s why he went with

After ordering a large bulk of Panda miner units, he was shocked to receive faulty miners. The platform priced all miners as new ones, and yet, Roy received second-hand miners. Unfortunately, he’s not the only one facing such issues.

Marcus Ntlozi claims his price went up when he sent the order. He had to send more funds to receive his miner. Shipping and delivery were late for more than three months. And this goes to show how things work with the platform.

Customer Support

Expect no support from the platform, despite claiming to offer fast support. You can try and reach out via social media pages. Those who are lucky will get an email response within two weeks.

It goes to show that the support structure is dismal at best. You won’t get to invest with the platform and profit from it. There’s no support to help clients with any disputes that may arise. That’s where you have to draw the line.

When looking for a viable Crypto manufacturer, we recommend you test their communication. For example, try and send emails or call them to find out how fast the platform responds. Without fast support, it’s best to leave the platform.

License and Registration PandaMiner

PandaMiner is not a licensed manufacturer and did not have any compliance for the past three years. The manufacturer was operating in China without regulation. There’s no entity registered under the Company register with this name.

Without any regulation, it means users are engaging with a platform that operates with impunity. There’s no reason to join such a platform as your funds are far from safe. Safety of funds is out of the question with an anonymous crypto hardware manufacturer.

Profitability of Panda Miner

Does PandaMiner mine effectively?

Most of the Panda Miners don’t bring much profitability. The running expense cuts down the profitability. You also get over-priced miners that fail to deliver profitability within a few months.

Miners have to use the miner for over a year to start getting ROI. After that, the price of Ethereum could go down or up. Chances are, even if the prices go up, the miner won’t be able to work efficiently.

Warranty of the Miners

Another feature to look for in a miner is the warranty extension. The Panda Miner has three months warranty. It’s the shortest warranty period we have seen with all miners. But, again, it goes to show how easily the miners break down.

Even after breaking down, don’t expect any refunds. Those who did receive faulty miners couldn’t get a refund. In addition, the platform claims that once goods are sold, there are no refunds or returns or purchases. And this is unacceptable.

Verdict on

We recommend you stay away from PandaMiner.

You can join reliable mining pools that help users profit more thanks to increased hashing power. So what are you waiting for?

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