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Phoenix Store Review: Is a scam?

Phoenix Store makes the loudest noise and even claims to be the official distributor of Bitmain products. The store claims to reside in Dubai and even professes to be the leading retailer of all Crypto products. Most users don’t know that is a scandalous crypto miner store. Most investors have lost funds trying to purchase mining equipment from the store. We have all the proof we need to expose the store. Learn more in our exclusive PHOENIX STORE REVIEW.

A Brief Overview of Phoenix Store

Phoenix Store Review: Pros and Cons

On the about us page, Phoenix Store claims to be the official distributor of Bitmain in several regions. These include Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the UK. So again, we can see where the platform is going with its geographical presentation.

Before engaging with any online crypto store, you need all facts about ASIC Miners. Please know how to run them, especially the daily electricity costs. Find all the information you can before committing to buying a miner.

Phoenix Store fails to deliver miners despite claiming to be an official distributor. We have seen several complaints with the same explanation. The store took funds and could not deliver miners, which is an offense.

Such stores need to face the wrath of the crypto community. We believe that these stores are taking us back to the caveman era. We have a store that wants to take complete advantage of crypto miners.

The store doesn’t even own a warehouse and is likely a middleman. Once you make a purchase, the store will find the miner using different avenues. In most cases, the store will probably get used miners.

It would be best to do due diligence before engaging with any online store. Try and find out what others are saying before committing funds. It will give you an insight into what to expect from the store. Unfortunately, will likely take you for a ride, and please stay away.

Accessible Miners on Phoenix Store

With the store claiming to be the leading distributor of Bitmain, you don’t expect other brands. However, the store also sells several brands, including Baikal, Canaan, Dayun, Ebang Ebit, Goldshell, and more.

We have a store that wants to be the jack of all trades. The store also claims to sell AntBoxes and cold storage devices. These devices include CoolWallet S, Ledger Nano, and Trezor One models.

What’s funny about the store is that there are only three Bitmain miners available. You would expect the store to have several miners available for buyers. And this solidifies our stand that the store is a hoax.

You will notice that the store claims to have showrooms in different locations. These include Dubai and Turkey. However, no such store was found after sending some crypto enthusiasts to these locations.

And this points to a platform that has no physical address. All that we have is a website whose owner remains unknown. The miners you buy from the store will likely mine for a day or two before shutting down.

Buyers complain of getting miners with mold or rust. These buyers thought the store would deliver brand new Bitmain miners as suggested. Instead, it is a shock to see that the miners rarely work for a week.

Affiliate partnership and program

When you send an email requesting an affiliate network, the store responds quickly. You get a contract where affiliates get 10 percent of all sales. It seems like a genuine way to make passive income.

Most affiliates don’t know that the partnership will prove disastrous in the long run. The store doesn’t release commissions or offer tracking information. So you end up where you started with several complaints coming your way.

A store selling Faulty Miners Phoenix Store

The people you direct to buy miners from the store are angry at you. After leading them to a store that sells faulty miners, these victims want answers. Unfortunately, the store fails to offer any communication to these victims.

You are left to blame for the fiasco victims face with the platform. The store takes advantage of your connections and leaves a lasting mark. Thanks to this unworthy crypto store, your online credibility and reputation go down the drain.

Business owner

On the about us page, there’s a message from the CEO of the platform. For those new at crypto mining to believe what the store claims. Munaf Ali. When you take a closer look, you notice the problem.

The picture belongs to Phoenix Technology Consultants and not the Phoenix store. We have a store using the name of a renowned CEO on their platform. And this will throw away most buyers thanks to the confusing business names.

We have a store that tries to mimic the success of a UAE-Based tech firm. However, since most buyers will believe the post, we pointed out the truth. Munaf Ali doesn’t even know his face is the poser of a leading scam platform.

And this makes buying any miner from the store a risky affair. There’s no telling whether the store will deliver on its promise. Finally, we have a store that won’t bother with your calls or send tracking information.

Client Testimony

Client Testimony after receiving faulty miners from

As we said earlier, hundreds have lost funds with the store. Most vent their anger on social media and others on crypto forums. You don’t have to take our word for it; head over to TrustPilot for more.

We couldn’t find any positive reviews of the store anywhere on the web. And tells a lot regarding their credibility and transparency. You would expect that a platform backed by Bitmain would get some traction.

Without any mention of the store, it’s clear we are dealing with a clone. The store uses the names of a CEO and a leading crypto manufacturer to manipulate sales. We must put an end to it and hope authorities will take action.

Contact and customer support

One of the biggest challenges you will face as a buyer with the store is the communication barrier. The store doesn’t offer live communication channels. That means the store limits communication to written form.

Calling the store with the provided business number won’t take you anywhere. The store will change these numbers when trying to contact users. We believe the store attempts to control the communication channels.

Disadvantages of Phoenix Store

The store comes with several red flags that we must mention. Top of them is that the store is a complete hoax. We have scam artists using Bitmain as bait to attract naïve crypto miner buyers. The store also acts as a middleman.

Intermediaries will price miners at a higher plan than your average store. It’s to try and earn commissions from these stores. We also have a store that fails to prove its existence. Try asking them for a video of their warehouse.

You would expect a crypto hardware store to have evidence of ownership. But, unfortunately, there’s no proof that the store even has the three Bitmain miners on their roster. That’s how we know that the store is a scam.

False CEO

Hiking prices after delivery is another red flag to spot with the platform. After making payment, buyers would receive emails stating the miner’s price has gone up. The store insisted that you send the balance to obtain the miner.

Final thoughts

As we have exposed all aspects of the Phoenix Store. We hope that you will stay away from it.

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