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Pivot Distribution Review: Is a scam?

Pivot Distribution is a computer and electronic shop that sells Crypto Miners. The store does a dubious job in trying to sell overpriced miners. doesn’t own any of the listed miners, from what we can see. Several clients want a refund after the store failed to deliver paid miners. Others claim the store had faulty miners that rarely work. Here’s more in our exclusive PIVOT DISTRIBUTION REVIEW.

A Closer Analysis of Pivot Distribution

There’s a thin line between a crypto shop and a computer shop. We always insist on buying miners from a shop that only deals with Crypto mining hardware. But, on the other hand, a jack of all trades might not offer the quality you deserve.

Pivot Distribution Sells Faulty Miners

Pivot Distribution claims to offer unbeatable prices. From what we can see, the store even provides miners that are no longer profitable. And this means the store could be selling refurbished miners to unsuspecting clients.

We have to expose the store for failing to offer conducive crypto services. Since no one is talking about them, we must disclose the red flags found. Sure, the store could be selling worthy electronics, but it’s selling faulty crypto miners.

First-time crypto miner hardware buyers need to know the right miner for them. And this means understanding the full capabilities of available miners. Know the Daily profitability of ASIC miners and the costs of running each miner.

That way, you will have a better understanding of what to expect. That’s the only way to stay ahead of the crypto mining world. You also need to know the proper shops to get quality crypto mining accessories.

Pivot Distribution is not one of them. But, unfortunately, the store has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. And that’s why we have to put a spotlight on the faults found on the website. These include pricing, quality, and reliability issues.

Before you indulge in any store, you need to research it first. Try and get to know which store enjoys the backing of the crypto community. Avoid buying miners from stores that double up as computer and electronic stores.

A list of Miners seen on Pivot Distribution Store

Pivot Distribution has a list of 18 miners available on the list. Unfortunately, one of the miners seems to be sold out, the Goldshell CK6 miner. What caught our eye was the red flag found with one of the Innosilicon miners, the T3+ BTC Miner.

Before we get into that, we have to list the brands found on the list. First, the store would want to appear genuine and only offer leading miner brands. These include Bitmain, Goldshell, Innosilicon, and Whatsminer.

The store’s attempt to fool investors with the high pricing is another red flag. Speaking of the Innosilicon T3+ Miner, the store sells it for double the market price. And chances are you won’t even get the miner.

Before engaging with such stores, you need to check the overall market prices of relatable miners. Then, check the prices with different stores to know the average cost. That way, you will see when a store wants to take advantage.

There’s no way the store will offer a brand new miner. Instead, we suspect the store sells refurbished miners and claims to be new ones. Even the pricing of some of the other models is way above the industry normal.

The Goldshell Kadena KD6 sells at $97,000 in the Pivot Distribution store. Released in April 2022, the miner is not even out of the manufacturer’s garage as we publish this post. You have to pre-order the miner and wait for shipping to start.

Major stores are selling the miner for $46,000 to $52,000. And yet, we see a platform selling the unit for $97,000. That’s absurd and shows you the level of greed the store has. So, unfortunately, you won’t get the miner, and it’s best to wait for the manufacturer to release it.

Avoid Buying Miners from Pivot Distribution

Affiliate and referral program

A tight affiliate and referral program is only available to a selected few. You have to prove your efficiency in trying to direct buyers to the store. The store only wants affiliates who can direct buyers looking to buy in bulk.

Affiliates get a promise of making a 28 percent commission on all sales. That seems to be a promising way of earning passive income. Once you consider the price model, affiliates stand to gain a lot.

Sadly, the store fails to offer any affiliate commissions. As a result, the affiliate and buyer lose to the platform. As the affiliate, the buyer will blame you for failing to protect them. The buyer has a right to seek compensation or a refund from the store.

With the store’s harsh terms and conditions, the point of sale marks the end of the partnership. Victims can only file a lawsuit against the store and hope to get a court order. The law will also consider affiliates as accessories to online fraud.

As an affiliate, you have to protect those you direct to such platforms. Make sure to check whether a store does deliver products as expected. Failure to do so, you are also part of the problem.

Business owner

From the disclaimer at the footer of the homepage, Pivot Distribution LLC is the parent company. The platform doesn’t give any other information regarding their whereabouts. We don’t even know who owns or runs the store.

And it makes Pivot Distribution an anonymous crypto hardware and retail store. We don’t even have a return address from the homepage. It’s a clear indication that the store wants to remain anonymous.

Buyer’s protection Pivot Distribution

There are no buyer protection guidelines that would protect consumers. Instead, the store puts all liability on buyers. Even if you receive a faulty miner, the store won’t help meet repair fees. And this is an obligation of every seller.

Buyers need to read the terms and conditions of every online store. But unfortunately, the store in question knowingly leaves out these crucial documents. And that’s why we have to expose the store for failing to honor the buyer-seller agreement policy.

Client comments and testimony

Several clients have turned to social media to highlight the problems faced on the platform. These include delivery issues and failure to get a refund. We have to expose the store for failing to meet client expectations.

What clients are saying after buying miners from

Contact and support

On the contact us page, the store only leaves a message dashboard. There’s no phone number where clients can make a direct call and talk to a representative. It shows the store doesn’t want any interaction with clients.

Deposit and payment options

There are several payment options available on the platform. These include bank and wire transfers. Unfortunately, delivery is an issue despite offering fast payment options with the store. So please don’t pay for any miner on

Disadvantages of Pivot Distribution

One of the most significant disadvantages of Pivot Distribution is the failure to deliver miners. The store takes advantage of naïve Crypto miner buyers. We also see a store that overprices miners to steal from them.

There’s no buyer’s protection policy that would ensure a safe transaction. That’s why we don’t recommend buying any miner from Pivot Distribution.

Final Conclusion

Please stay away from buying any crypto miner hardware from

You stand a better chance with these mining gadgets that offer reliable crypto mining services. 

Feel free to contact us with any queries or join the crypto community for more.

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