Crypto Hardware Retailer Scams

Print Crypto Review: Is a Scam?

Print Crypto ( is another Crypto retail store cleaning out hundreds of buyers. The platform is, without a doubt, a problem for buyers. You won’t get your miner on time, and the store will block all communication. It’s what has been happing in the last few days with PrintCrypto. So it would be best to find out the risks that come with buying miners from this particular store. Here’s what we found out in our detailed PRINT CRYPTO REVIEW.

A Brief Overview of PrintCrypto

Print Crypto Review

Print Crypto sells itself as a premium provider of ASIC mining gear on the about us page. The story shows how professional the staff is and their passion for mining. These are sales tactics to entice buyers to trust the platform.

From the lack of trust when buying mining equipment, PrintCrypto decided to fill this gap. And that’s when the store came into existence. In 2021, the store claims to have made $1 million in ASIC miner sales alone.

This means that the platform is one of the largest ASIC stores, or is it? If it were one of the largest stores, their reputation would be solid. But, unfortunately, it’s not the case as hundreds are losing their investment with the store.

Once you purchase, the platform will block you from accessing the miner. So you won’t get any calls from the platform to make any legit purchases. From what we have seen, your funds are at risk with this store.

Please get to know the stats of leading ASIC miners by knowing their capabilities. Find out the profitability of all ASIC miners to understand which one to get. With the right information, you get to decide which miner works best for you.

Before you purchase any miner, you need to understand the risks that come with it. You also need to find out from others about their store experience. It’s clear is not facing buyer’s remorse.

Accessible ASIC Miners with Print Crypto

From their store’s page, we claim that the platform deals with leading brands. The brands are seven in total. Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, IBeLink, Innosilicon, MicroBT, and StrongU.

However, only about three to five miners were on the platform. So, to try and make the platform appear legit, there’s a sold-out poster on most miners. What’s weird is that you can find some of these miners in reputable stores.

We believe the platform tries to manipulate users into buying new models. An excellent example is the Goldshell KD5 miner. Unfortunately, there’s a chip shortage, and the KD5 miner won’t come out until the chip issue gets resolved.

If you want to get the Goldshell KD5 miner today, you can. There’s a store which sells the miner at reasonable prices. Get to know the stats of this profitable miner and make the right decision. It’s one of the best miners to have this year.

The platform claims to have a flash sale of the IBeLink BM-K1+ miner. The flash sale is to try and make users buy the miner at the highest possible price. During the sales event, the platform will significantly increase the price.

You can get the IBeLink BM-K1+ miner for those mining Kadena at a reasonable price. Some stores have this miner. Just contact them and pre-order from a reliable store and get the profitable miner.

Available ASIC Miners Print Crypto

Affiliate Program

Despite offering an affiliate program, most online ASIC review platforms want nothing to do with it. The platform faces accusations of failing to pay affiliates even after directing clients to the store.

You will likely lose your commission and direct buyers into buying faulty miners. We have seen this happen before. The platform is out to ensure no one else buys the miner. What we have is a classic tale of an exit store.

We know for a fact that the store started great. Everything was going fine up until greed came into the picture. Now users place orders, make payments, and fail to get their mining gear. The platform has lost touch with the world.

Business Founder Print Crypto

On the about us page, we see Stephen Buckle is the CEO of Print Crypto. Sadly, the picture is a stock image or a model. The store tries to credit the face with the platform. Unfortunately, there are no videos of the founder to confirm his identity.

You would expect a platform with over $1 million sales to have a press statement from the founder. Instead, we have a picture that’s only available on the homepage. No other social profiles match the name and the face.

And this makes an anonymous investment platform. You won’t ever get to recover funds with the platform. Hiring recovery agents won’t help much as you will incur more costs. It’s best to stay away from anonymous crypto stores.

Client reviews and Testimony

A pattern will emerge when you visit independent review websites such as TrustPilot. You get to see positive reviews posted within a month. These are reviews paid for by the store to sweeten the look.

Most won’t bother to check the negative reviews that expose the platform. Yet, these reviews clearly show buyers unhappy with how things turned out. One perfect example is a user by the name of Hashir.

He bought a miner and hasn’t received it so far. The buyer now wants a full refund which the platform. Unfortunately, the platform has a strict no return policy. You can’t even return the miner, even if it’s damaged on arrival.

These are some of the independent reviews from actual users. Other Crypto forums and social media pages show different users with the same experience. It would be best if you stayed away from such a platform that fails to offer refunds and a return policy. Comment Section

Compliance and Registration Print Crypto

Despite claiming to reside in Texas, the platform doesn’t have any registration documents. You would expect a U.S store to follow consumer guidelines from users. What we have instead is a sorry excuse of a platform.

Print Crypto is not a legit platform, and you need to stay away from it. Those who sign up with the platform fail to understand the importance of regulation. When a platform gets a valid license, it means your funds are safe.

The platform ought to protect consumers and offer refunds and return policies. Instead, with, you don’t even get a warranty for the miners. And that’s what makes it a complete waste of time.

Contact and support

There’s none so far as the platform has gone mute regarding helping customers. You expect better communication from a platform that claims to make $1 million in sales. It would be best to interact with a platform first to gauge their response time.

Deposits and Payments

Those who make payments have a problem as the platform might fail to deliver your miner. So there’s a 60 percent chance you won’t get your miner on time. And this is the reason why we have to expose the platform.

Our Verdict Print Crypto

Safety of funds with PrintCrypto

After seeing what buyers are experiencing with the platform, we suggest you stay away from You are likely going to get a faulty miner or none at all.

You can also opt for mining contracts that produce desired results. Go for the best crypto mining contracts the industry has to offer.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to us.

  1. Wow what a hack job. What is this based on ? Their TrustPilot reviews are perfect, their eBay reviews are perfect, they are listed as a trusted vender on –

    I have 3 purchases that went perfectly well, and I have friends that can say the same. They actually exceeded expectations.

    This feels like a hack job from a competitor. There is zero evidence to support this ridiculous claim.

    • Despite your experience with the store, others have different experiences such as delays in shipment. The store also raises prices when the coin price of the miner (you’ve already paid for) without giving users a warning. The store won’t refund users or accept returns. Such platforms can also use paid comments on TrustPilot. Connie, we appreciate your input, would you kindly share your experience with the store so that others can read about it?

      • So before you were saying they are scammers, now you say they have shipment delays (news flash: everyone does!) and prices rise when the coin price rises… (news flash: thats how it works for most sellers!)

        Also your comment about fake reviews? Explain to me how to fake a review on eBay? they have hundreds of reviews there all positive about miner purchases. TrustPilot also polices their reviews religiously, it’s near impossible to gain fake reviews on TrustPilot. You are 100% the scammer here sir.

        • Hello Connie, there’s something known as PR stunts, despite TrustPilot policies, stores have been using paid reviews to paint a clear picture. And most platforms will usually change their domains once exposed. There’s another version of, and that’s

      • My name is Stephen Buckle, I’m the founder of Print Crypto. This page was brought to my attention by some clients.

        Without question this is a pathetic attempt to discredit our good name. I urge anyone who comes upon this sad excuse for a website to read our eBay and TrustPilot reviews:



        Print Crypto is a whale sponsor at Mining Disrupt in July 2022 in Miami. I was also invited by Bitmain to speak at the Digital Mining Conference in Dubai in November 2021. Link to my speech:


        Henry, we often do Twitter Spaces, or Discord chats – I invite you to come on and discuss your concerns with our company. Do you have the wherewithal to back up your baseless claims?

        Look forward to chatting. In the meantime, good luck at the competitor website we all know you represent. 😉

        • We will get in touch and give you the addresses of people who failed to receive their miners after spending a fortune on your platform.

          • Henry,

            We are eagerly awaiting your list of people who have not received their miners.

            It’s quite interesting to me that this “list” of people has not left any feedback on any of the public, third-party channels.

            I suggest you quit your pathetic charade, as it’s really quite sad at this point.

          • Yes, I have already made contact. Once I send the details, promise to be transparent and offer a refund or ship the miners.

          • One of the users is Zilina, and she purchased a brand new KD5 Miner only to get a new-ish miner, which means a refurbished miner. The client has to pay the full price of a new miner for the price of a refurbished one. Also, there’s a pattern that you only deliver to US citizens; if a client outside the States fails to receive the miner, you keep quiet.

  2. This review is a joke. I’ve bought 3 times from PC and never had a bad experience. This website just posts crap reviews about every site. They clearly have an agenda as everyone knows PC is legit just read their TrustPilot and eBay reviews. Also they are sponsoring Mining Disrupt in July in Miami, and their founder Stephen Buckle was invited to speak at Bitmain Digital Mining Conference in Dubai last year.

    • Despite your experiences with the store, not everyone gets their miners, and that’s a fact. The store doesn’t even offer returns. That’s the pain some miners are facing with the store.

      • Returns? No ASIC seller offers returns, not even Bitmain the manufacturer. You are so full of sh*t man.

        Please share your indisputable proof that “not everyone gets their miners”. You can’t make wild accusations without backing it up.

        Print Crypto backs up everything they offer. Their reviews speak for themselves. You? You don’t back up any of your accusations. You hide behind the name “Henry” and are clearly a shill for some competitor that has nowhere near the results Print Crypto does.

        • Marcus, despite your effort to market the store as a best-seller, there are some faults. No store is perfect, that’s what we are trying to say. And Print Crypto isn’t all that great or secure.

  3. I am curious where this Henry guy gets his data? I’ve bought multiple times from Print Crypto and have had no issue. I have referred many friends who have all had perfect experiences. I would love to see where he is getting his information from? It sounds more like he represents a competitor.

    • You might have received your miner but other users haven’t. Most of their positive comments come from the same date. An excellent example is having over 20 positive reviews on 16th November 2021. That’s a paid PR, like it or not. Also, there’s an imposter or another store with the same name,, no one has come out to distinguish one from the other or distance themselves from the clone.

      • It’s very common for a store to send out a review request to hundreds of clients all at one time, this would explain a bunch of reviews coming in at the same time. TrustPilot actually offers a bulk send option where a business can send a review request to all clients at one time.

        This is your basis for giving a terrible review?? That is hilarious man! You really are more stupid than I imagined.

        • If that’s the case, you don’t expect ALL CLIENTS to respond at the same time. You may think I am stupid but, you can’t fool me. Thanks for your response.

          • You are, most definitely, stupid sir.

            It is you who are not fooling anyone.

          • The list is on its way Chris

  4. Henry is deleting all comments and replies to his post. We have taken screen shots, of the posts and he deletes them within 5 minutes of posting. Clearly he is trying to dictate the narrative and won’t even let the founder post a reply that goes against his BS narrative.

    This is very good and trustworthy behavior from Henry right?? LOL

    • I haven’t deleted even a single comment from the Print Crypto review. You are using paid comments to try and paint yourself as a reliable Crypto hardware store. Plus, with all your positive comments, it doesn’t take a genius to know that it’s a PR stunt. All reviews come within 10 days. Does this mean buyers only bought miners for the slated 10-day period? None of these people claim to get miners to prove it with a confirmation receipt. Sure, you may have delivered miners to some users close to you but, for most, you took their funds and failed to deliver. Even if there were delays, you were supposed to notify the buyers.

  5. Darnley

    April 28, 2022

    This review is complete nonsense. I fact checked every claim made in this article and they are all false. For example, the TrustPilot reviews go back for more than a year not a month as the article states, and they are all positive. There are no negative reviews on TrustPilot as the article claims. The article also claims the photo of the company president is a fake and that he has no social media or YouTube presence. This is also false as he has a LinkedIn page and there’s at least one YouTube clip of him speaking in Dubai. I also have personally Facetime chatted with him when after making an inquiry about the Print Crypto hosting services. This article and website is complete B.S. probably created by a competitor.

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