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Putra Computer Review: Is a Scam?

Putra Computer claims to sell the best Antminers available. The store claims to set affordable prices for both retail and wholesale clients. Unfortunately, those who fall for their charms end up ruing the decision to buy from Putracomputer. There are several clients unhappy with how the miners turned up. Others claim didn’t even deliver some of the listed miners. We are here to expose the truth. Please continue reading our detailed PUTRA COMPUTER REVIEW.

About Putra Computer

The about us page gives us nothing about Putra Computer’s background and history. All we get is that the store started in 2015. Unfortunately, there’s no way to determine it, as the store claims to have started as an offline store.

Putra Computer Pros and cons

The website seems like a genuine crypto hardware store, depending on how you look at it. It’s not until you navigate the website do you start seeing loopholes. For the naked eye, the store’s website looks legit.

That’s what the store wants to sell to investors. Sadly, we have to ask hard questions when investigating such a platform. The store claims to have set standards in the industry which we don’t see.

We have a store that wants buyers to take their word at face value. The store claims residency in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It’s an offshore store with not many buyers from the region knowing about it.

And this points to a store that’s not known in its backyard. It’s probably because the store doesn’t have any solid footing in the industry. Some suggest that their way of doing business is the reason for their downfall.

When buying a miner for the first time, experts recommend trying and researching it. Try and get to know the features of these miners. These include algorithm, hashrate, and profitability it brings.

Before you invest, try and find out the experiences of other users with the store. It will give you an insight into what to expect. That’s why we have to expose the store for failing to deliver miners paid in full by clients.

Accessible Miners on Putra Computer

The name would suggest that Putra Computer is an electronic shop. Far from it, the store only deals with ASIC miners. There are only four brands listed on the manufacturer’s page. And these include Bitmain, iBeLink, StrongU, and Whatsminer.

When you land on the homepage, you can find other brands like Goldshell and Innosilicon. What raised our suspicion with the store was the pricing of these miners. We couldn’t believe how low the store prices some of these profitable miners were.

An excellent example would be the Innosilicon A10 Pro ETH 750Mh miner. According to today’s profit estimates, the miner makes $20 to $25 in daily profit. Here are the stats of the miner in full.

The store sells the miner for $7,700. So either the store wants to give away miners or sells used miners. And if the latter is the case, the store needs to ensure buyers know of the quality of the product.

Speaking of quality, the store has no assurance that these are brand new miners. Buyers go in thinking that the store offers brand new miners. However, upon delivery, some of these miners are far from new.

As a buyer, you need to ask for proof of concept. You need to confirm that the store owns the miner and plans to ship it to you. Legit crypto miner stores will post a short video of the miner in question.

The video will show the configuration, condition, dashboard, and hashrate in a complete setup. What we have is a store that we suspect is a middleman. The store doesn’t have or own any of the listed miners.

Avoid buying miners from Putra Computer

Affiliate and gift vouchers

To try and attract as many investors to sign up, the store offers an affiliate program. The program provides a 5 percent commission on all sales. It looks like a perfect way to earn passive income. Sadly, the store fails to deliver on its promise of paying commissions.

You will find that no professional affiliates are promoting the store. The store has ruined its reputation after failing to release commissions. It’s clear the store only wants to take advantage of your connections.

The store fails to give affiliates conversion data. You only get to know of a sale if a client gets back to you with receipt of purchase. Sadly, the buyer will likely fail to receive the miner or get a faulty miner.

You end up facing the blame for directing buyers to a store that doesn’t deliver miners. Naturally, these victims will want their funds back or offer to return the miner. Their last resort would be to file a lawsuit against the store.

If this happens, the law will consider you an accessory to online fraud. After all, it’s you who directed them to buy miners from a non-existing store. That’s how your reputation goes down the drain as a credible professional affiliate.

Business holder

There’s little information to pinpoint who owns or runs the store. And this means we are dealing with a store that fails to offer transparency. Integrity plays a huge role in ensuring all parties enjoy using a store.

We see that Putra Computer is another anonymous store. It would be best if you avoided unknown crypto stores. These stores will likely shut down soon as buyers expose their callous ways. Please avoid this and any other store sharing similar characteristics.

Buyer’s protection guidelines with

Instead of giving buyers clear instructions on refunds and returns, the store offers a form. The form is a formal request to get an RFA number. After that, you can send back the miner and expect a full refund.

That doesn’t happen; the store accepts the return and fails to offer any refund. As a result, buyers end up losing the mining hardware and their investment amount. Unfortunately, that’s what has been happening with the majority of returns.

You need to read and understand the full refund and return policies. It will help you create a more informed decision on what to expect from the store. Unfortunately, most buyers fail to read the blueprint and end up paying the price.

What clients say about PutraComputer Crypto Hardware and Retail store

Client testimony

Despite being around for over six years, there’s no positive comment regarding the store. You only get to read the reality of what buyers go through via independent platforms. Get to read articles, blogs, crypto forums, and social media rants of buyers.

We also noticed the store fails to have an excellent social medial profile. It shows that the store doesn’t have any solid footprint in the industry. We have a store that doesn’t want to connect with buyers after pointing out sales.

Crypto and other payment methods on Putra Computer

The store will insist on crypto payments. However, there are other modes of payment, such as bank and wire transfers. Once you complete payment, the store might decide not to send a receipt.

There’s no proof that you have ordered a mine from the store. You might also not get any order tracking information from the store. These are some of the issues you will find as a buyer on

Final verdict Putra Computer

After exposing all the facts, it’s clear we are dealing with a rogue platform. So please stay away or risk losing everything.

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