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Pyrozeus Review: Is a scam?

Pyrozeus is a crypto hardware store with several issues. The store has a barrage of positive and negative reviews. And that makes it impossible to determine the truth. One reviewer claims the store used to go with multiple other names. Could be another exit scam? These are the tell signs that something is not right. And the platform doesn’t even defend its position. Here’s our candid PYROZEUS REVIEW.

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About Pyrozeus

The store claims to have started 15 years ago. At the time, no one had heard of Satoshi. Based in the Czech Republic, the store claims the owner is Ivan Kilic. The about us page claims the store is growing faster than ever before.

Pyrozeus Review Pros and Cons

Despite this claim, we have a store that doesn’t offer much vision. We have a store that doesn’t bother offering members the truth. The store ought to have come out swinging with allegations of a missed delivery.

Even lists the reviews from their page ad advisory. We feel the positive reviews are paid testimonials. It appears all the positive reviews are within three days of each other. And that’s not a coincidence.

On the homepage, we saw the platform also sells Glock guns and other accessories. As we mention in all our reviews, it pays to buy from a crypto-only store. A jack-of-all-trades is not an ideal store for various reasons.

Most of the complaints center on delivery. Either the store failed to deliver miners or didn’t deliver the complete set. In addition, there are some delivery complaints of other products apart from crypto hardware.

And this taints their image as a credible online store for buying crypto hardware. Considering how expensive it is to buy a miner, one should think twice. The best option is to go for stores with a proven track record of being safe.

Experts recommend researching a store first before making any headway. You need to ensure the store in question enjoys the backing of the crypto community. This review will help reveal how to buy from online stores safely.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pyrozeus

Like any other platform, it’s best to go for platforms offering the best services. You have to weigh the pros and cons of Pyrozeus before moving forward. We will start with the website design and feel of it.

The website seems to complicate matters with pop-up messages of purchased miners. Crypto scammers first used these pop-ups to fool investors. Next, the messages paint the store as one that sells miners.

One of the reasons we suspect this is a scam is an anonymous part. The store refuses to mention who bought the miner. And it’s only one Goldshell KD Max miner that the store seems to sell, over and over.

Before you engage with the store, you must realize the risks involved. For first-time crypto buyers, the store appears legit. Unfortunately, that’s not the case here, and the store has some damning features we need to iron out.

How can you safely buy a miner? Here’s how to check a store;

A catalog of miners

There are only three miners listed as available on the platform. The brands are Goldshell, iPollo, and Jasminer. Goldshell is the brand used to try and sell as it’s the KD Max miner. The iPollo miner is V1 and Jasminer X4.

You get a store that sells other accessories such as firecrackers and guns. The store lists prices under the Euro. And that points to a platform targeting the European crypto mining scene. With these prices, we wonder how anyone can move forward.

Listed Miners on Pyrozeus

Do you want to know how to engage with online stores? Our step-by-step guidelines will help you understand what to go for. These are the steps to follow that will guarantee your safety when buying miners.

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A safe way of buying miners from online stores

The first step you need to take is contacting the seller. Don’t be too quick to add miners to the cart without first establishing contact. That way, you get to know who is selling the miner. In addition, it helps determine whether the seller is transparent.

After establishing contact, ask for a short video description of the miner. The vendor should show the miner in action to establish proof of ownership. In addition, it helps avoid sellers who post stock images claiming to own miners.

With the video, make sure to check the condition. For example, is it a brand new miner or a used miner? Then, confirm the hashrate using the member dashboard. And that’s how you know the miner is real and ready for sale.

The next option is to negotiate prices. Before that, you should have already checked the average market prices of the miner. Do this by checking the cost of the miner from other competing stores. Avoid sellers who overprice or underprice miners.

Take the last step by asking questions regarding delivery and shipping. Will the store cover repairs if the miner gets damaged via transit? These are why you must check out the aspect of each seller.

Bulk buying

Some first-time users want to buy in bulk and create a mining farm. Scam artists are also targeting these investors. You get a scammer claiming to offer 25 to 35 off as a discount for buying ten units and above.

The underpricing is an effort by scammers to lure bulk buying. If you’re interested in bulk purchases, we recommend contacting the manufacturer. That way, you get the lowest possible price from the manufacturer.

Business holder

Despite listing Ivan Kilic as the platform owner, there’s no face to match the name. A transparent platform would have listed even the contact and social media handles. Instead, it makes Pyrozeus look anonymous.

With complaints of changing names, it pays to have a proven owner. Your reputation as a store is what makes or breaks you. No buyer will go for a store whose owner doesn’t even list their professional bio on the website.

Buyer’s agreement Pyrozeus

There’s no agreement with the platform regarding the buyer/seller contracts. We mean the store doesn’t protect the interests of buyers. There’s no buyer’s policy or refund and return terms on the platform.

Such platforms will take advantage after pointing of sale. The platform will claim once goods are sold, it’s the last of it. We have to blame buyers for not going over such terms. If a platform fails to avail of these policies, avoid it.

Client Testimony

Avoid store

Head over to and see the barrage of positive and negative reviews. The negative reviews hold weight, and the store doesn’t even bother responding. That’s how the platform is likely to treat buyers.

Contact and support

Don’t expect any contact or support from the platform. The platform fails to adhere to fair buyer/seller practices. There’s no live chat as the widget is a message board. After leaving a message, the store might take days to respond.

Delivery and shipping delays

Yes, expect delays or no deliveries from the store.

Closing remarks Pyrozeus

Please be careful with the store, let us know your experience with them.

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  1. hello, I want to buy firecrackers from pyrozeus. Is it safe to buy them with bitcoin

    • Hello, the question isn’t to buy but, whether the platform will deliver after making payment. The platform prefers crypto due to its anonymous nature. Please be careful and let us know your experience with the purchase process.

  2. This company is not a bitcoin mining company lol i buy

    • I used to buy there fireworks from di blasio elio very trusted and reliable in Europe

  3. This is not a bitcoin company lol its a fireworks store they are currently the best when it comes to f4 crackers in Europe what mining has to do with this company

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