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Qoovee Review: Is a scam?

Qoovee is a B2B Marketplace where vendors meet buyers. When it comes to Crypto products, especially miners, Qoovee ( is not a legit place to buy a miner. The seller will try and defraud buyers by failing to deliver miners. There’s no guarantee from the store that these sellers will deliver miners. The store is a jack of all trades, making it impossible to track these sellers. Here’s what you need to find out in our detailed QOOVEE REVIEW.

About Qoovee

Crypto miner hardware buyers are at risk when buying from such a marketplace. This is because the store doesn’t have your interest at heart and only looks to profit from the sales. And there comes the most prominent flaw when dealing with such stores.

Sellers not Verified on Qoovee

If you’re a first-time crypto hardware buyer, we suggest buying from a crypto-only store. Such stores will deliver miners on time and even offer security. Unfortunately, the security in such a B2B marketplace is unavailable since the terms and conditions are unavailable.

We have to expose the store for failing to furnish buyers with the best sellers. Anyone can open an account and claim to have miners. That happens all the time, and these sellers are opening multiple accounts.

The store uses no verification process to try and credit the sellers. As a result, we see different sellers even opening accounts and claiming to be official distributors of manufacturers. And that puts first-time buyers at risk of buying non-existing miners.

If you are a first-time crypto hardware buyer, there are some key elements you need to know. ASIC Miners come with a different algorithm, efficiency, and profitability features. You also need to check the ASIC Hashrate to find which miner works best for you.

Overall, the platform does seem to have reliable sellers. The only problem is that there has been a surge of crypto vendors who fail to deliver miners. The store has become a hotbed for scams, with no one verifying these vendors.

Before you buy from such vendors, do due diligence. Try and find out what makes the store tick. That helps to give rise to the ample solution of getting a reliable miner. You can also reach out and request we do a review on your behalf.

Advantages and Disadvantages of QOOVEE

To find out whether a vendor in the store is worth buying from, weigh the pros and cons. Then, try and find out more about the store and its selling practices. It protects you from unwanted or future issues.

Some key elements must stand out with a vendor. The vendor must have a verified profile and a long-standing credible reputation. Delivery should not be more than seven days, and there should be a safety net for buyers.

The seller has to have a solid refund and return policy as a safety net. The seller must also cover repair fees if the miner gets damaged via transit. Sadly for crypto miner sellers at, that’s not the case.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons;

A List of Miners available on the B2B marketplace

Here we have a store that claims to have any imaginable miner. Sadly, that’s not the case. Instead, we see vendors who only post images or stock images of several miners. There’s no proof that the vendors own any of the miners.

You would expect the vendor to post a short video of the miner in question. The video should show the hashrate and condition of the miner. The vendor could be selling a used miner as a new one, for all we know.

It has happened before, countless times. Such vendors ought to come clean and issue a video detailing such features. How else will a buyer ascertain the condition and quality of a miner? It’s your right to ask for such details.

Crypto Miner Shipping delays on Qoovee

The pricing of some of these miners is also an issue. In an attempt to make a profit, the vendors oversell these miners. We even see some vendors selling miners that are no longer profitable. That’s no way of doing business.

One has to fault the store for failing to vet the sellers. There’s not even a rating system where buyers can share their experiences with others. The problem with that is that the seller walks scotch free.

Without verifying these sellers, we see them opening multiple accounts. Some even claim to have their stores and link them to the page. You need to confirm the phone number with the website’s address.

Affiliate and referral programs

There’s an affiliate program available that’s set by vendors. You need to open an account and link the products to the store to become their affiliate. That seems like a credible way of earning passive income.

The problem with that is that most of these vendors are not trustworthy. There’s no proof that the vendors even have access to these miners. These are stock images with people claiming to own actual miners, for all we know.

An excellent example would be the Goldshell KD6 miner available in the store. The vendor in question seems to sell computers and electronics. There’s no quote on the miner, and you can leave a quote or chat with the seller.

That said, there’s no protection from the B2B marketplace. For example, the store could be an affiliate leading to another store or distributor. With such, the affiliate will raise prices to try and meet the commission.

Those who affiliate with such stores rarely get the commissions. The people behind the stores only want to take advantage of your connections. Such stores or affiliate networks fail to offer conversion data.

As an affiliate, you rely on conversion data to know your commission. But unfortunately, the affiliate owner will move on and find another affiliate. That’s why even knowing who owns the account is a hustle.

Business owner

We don’t know the owner of the Qoovee platform and this crypto hardware vendors. It would be ideal if the owner would verify sellers on the platform. That way, we wouldn’t see the vendors as anonymous retailers.

In such a scenario, the vendor is an anonymous persona. However, anonymity should not be a feature when it comes to buying from online stores. Avoid buying from such stores as there are no recovering funds.

Buyer’s protection and guidelines Qoovee

Despite being a B2B marketplace, vendors have different guidelines depending on the product. Unfortunately, there are no guidelines with most crypto vendors we have seen on the platform. And this leaves the services open to interpretation.

It would be best to buy from a vendor who offers favorable guidelines. Without it, the seller can impose harsh conditions. Unfortunately, there’s no refund or return policy with most vendors.

And that means you will likely fail to recover funds in case of shipping delivery. Speaking of shipping, most vendors even fail to offer order tracking information. It leaves buyers on the brink of losing everything.

Client testimony

What crypto miner buyers think of

Most clients who have lost funds with the store express their anger on social media platforms. The store doesn’t offer any credible services for quality miners and shipping.

Closing remarks

Avoid buying miners from Qoovee as the sellers are invalid.

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