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Rigfurbished Review: Is a scam?

Rigfurbished is a crypto hardware and retail store that sells refurbished crypto hardware. As we publish this review, one thing stands out. The platform seems to have some positive and a few negative customer experiences. We will dig deeper into that later. For now, we have to check the viability of the platform. Is it safe to buy from Rigfurbished? Here’s what we learned in our clear RIGFURBISHED REVIEW.

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About Rigfurbished

The name itself suggests the store sells refurbished crypto hardware. These include crypto Asic and mining rigs. As for the other accessories, we believe the store sells brand new graphics cards and motherboards.

Rigfurbished Not Sure about this store

On the about us section, the store claims residency in California. According to the information posted, the store started in 2018. That seems a good enough time to have garnered some traction from crypto enthusiasts.

Not everyone is happy with their services, as one would expect. There have been some delays in shipping. However, the disclaimer at the top of their homepage states that the problem was solved.

Once you land on the homepage, one thing is sure, the store has a unique web design. You get to see everything you need. The design reminds us of a B2B marketplace where users can buy thanks to the product required.

Seven product categories include Asics, mining rigs, and other components. We will dig deeper into the pricing model and how the store delivers miners. Is it worth buying from

The product claims to have sold over 200+ units on eBay on the about us page. That’s when they decided to open their platform in 2021. That goes to show the online platform has a one-year presence.

Before engaging with any crypto hardware store, experts recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out the experiences of other users with the platform. That’s the only way to ensure you stay ahead of the pack.

Advantages and Cons of Rigfurbished Store

Just like any store, there are some advantages and disadvantages to each one. You have to weigh both to help you make the right decision. No one wants to buy from a store that won’t deliver miners or overprices them.

The store also claims to have a new condition product category. Therefore, one would think that the store only sells refurbished crypto hardware and products. However, on the same page, we see these products marked as refurbished.

That could point to the store only selling refurbished products. There are some issues with these miners. Most would prefer buying new miners, but prices dictate what you get. A refurbished miner is only worthy if it miners effectively.

Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of

A List of Available Crypto Asic Miners Rigfurbished store

There’s a limited list of ASIC miners on the platform. We could only see a handful of Bitmain miners on the marketplace. There’s no indication you can get a variety of different manufacturers on the platform.

Some stores prefer dealing with one manufacturer. The problem is that these manufacturers may take time to release a new miner. Take Bitmain, for example; there’s only one release so far in 2022.

Overall, the platform claims to deal with over 115 different brands. These brands include Asus, Bitmain, Bob Cat, etc. With that, buyers can avoid buying other brands such as Avalon, Dayun, Ebang, Goldshell, Helium, etc.

As a buyer, you would want different aspects of the miner that mines some altcoins. Most Bitmain miners rarely mine altcoins. We see Bitmain only targeting Bitcoin and Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies.

With brands such as Goldshell and Innosilicon, you can mine altcoins. Today’s market is favoring altcoins such as Kadena. And that makes it vital for buyers to have a wide array of miners to choose from.

There are some other minor issues we would love the platform to solve. How about showing their store’s offices or warehouse? We say these as there is a complaint claiming the store uses a different business address.

The only way of settling these doubts is to have an explicit video of their office space. Then, the store could post their office set up on their homepage. That would lay down any fears we have of their business address.

Have you bought a miner from store?

Affiliate and referral programs?

We couldn’t find such, and that means the platform may not have one as of now. It could also mean the platform doesn’t want to affiliate or partner with others. We believe an affiliate helps increase a brand’s visibility in crypto.

Think of it this way, with an affiliate program, and you get other crypto users talking about your store. The only downside is that these affiliates are putting their reputation on the line. And thus, the store has to be transparent in all forms.

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Bonuses on bulk purchases

Here’s another missing feature we couldn’t find on the platform. Does it offer bonuses on large orders? It could be detrimental if the platform did offer bulk purchases to investors. Large-scale mining farms would love a deal on these miners.

With refurbished miners, we would love to know if there’s a money-back guarantee. But, unfortunately, we couldn’t see such details on their payment part. If it has one, does the platform also accept returns or offer refunds?

These are the issues we need to resolve as we dig deeper into the platform. If there are bonuses, the platform will surely get some traction. These bonuses should also cover other aspects such as shipping.

Business holder

As indicated above, the platform claims to reside in California. On TrustPilot, there’s a reviewer who says differently. There’s no telling who’s telling the truth. And that’s why a virtual tour of their offices would help.

A crypto hardware buyer needs to know where they bought their miners. Transparency is everything when it comes to crypto mining. We would love for the company to post even some small videos of the miners in action.

Buyer’s protection and guidelines Rigfurbished store

The disclaimer at the footer of their homepage has this vital section. These include order tracking information, privacy policy, terms, and conditions. Unfortunately, most buyers ignore this aspect of a virtual store. So it would be best if you went through them.

It’s how you learn whether the store does have a dispute resolution center. So how does resolve disputes? With the negative comments on TrustPilot, did anyone manage to reach out?

Every buyer needs to know the store intends to protect them. And that means the store will face any liability during transit. If a buyer gets a damaged miner, they have the option to get a refund or return it.

What clients say about the refurbished store

Client testimony and review

Trustpilot has several users hailing the store as a worthy crypto store. The platform does make responses to some of these positive comments. But unfortunately, no response to the negative comments so far. And that raises red flags.

Delivery and shipping Rigfurbished Store

The store claims to have solved the delivery and shipping delay issues.

Final remarks on rigfurbished

For now, we recommend that you be extra careful with the store. First, order something small such as a power cord to determine whether it ships on time.

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