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Rozetka Review: Is a scam

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Rozetka is a Russian B2B Marketplace that opened its doors in 2018. Unfortunately, a few crypto miner sellers on the platform don’t deliver.

And this is what our review is all about. But first, we must expose some scam sellers and hope the store kicks them out.

We do have some terrible sellers on the platform. These sellers don’t know what to do or say when engaging with buyers.

We have scam sellers who post stock images while others claim to be partners of leading crypto hardware manufacturers.

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With some of these sellers not ready to offer much accountability, we have to expose such features in a store.

Before engaging with any online seller regarding crypto mining hardware, you have to be extra careful.

Rozetka Review: Pros and Cons

Avoid sellers who don’t have your back. These sellers don’t want to engage in a facetime conversation directly.

It helps to create a lasting relationship with the crypto community. We have to lay the blame on the store for not protecting buyers.

The store is at fault as it fails to vet sellers properly. As a result, anyone can open multiple accounts on the platform and claim to sell crypto hardware.

As a buyer, you must pay extra attention to who you buy from and the risks available.

A brief background and history of Rozetka

The about us page claims the store went live in 2005 and has been around for over 15 years. However, those behind the platform remain unknown, which is another red flag.

A successful brand has the people behind it well known by the masses. But, unfortunately, that’s not the case with

We have a B2B store with anonymity which isn’t a feature you would want, especially when buying high-ticket items.

A buyer must get the miner they bought from a reliable store or vendor. In this case, multiple sellers claim to own and run several miners.

The store claims to have over 2.5 million daily visitors and over 6 million products available for sale.

That alone means a higher chance of losing investment when buying crypto hardware.

So, why doesn’t the store vet these sellers? Why can anyone open an account easily and sell without proper vetting from the store?

These are the loopholes that invite scammers onto the platform.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Rozetka

There are several advantages of buying crypto hardware from a B2B marketplace. And this includes a wide range of products or brands to choose from.

You also get competing prices for miners, with every seller trying to outdo the other.

And this is also a disadvantage, as some scammers will lower prices to lure unsuspecting buyers into signing up.

You will likely face these issues as some sellers claim to offer large discounts on these issues.

Rozetka Sells Faulty Miners

Despite claiming convenient delivery, that’s not the case with Rozetka. On the contrary, there are several complaints of delays and even utter loss of miners.

Before engaging with any seller, you have to weigh the pros and cons of joining the platform. These dos and don’ts will give you an idea of what to look for.

Features of crypto hardware to look for when buying from online vendors


The seller must furnish buyers with direct means of communication. You want a seller who is available to answer queries.

Delivery and shipping

You have to go with a seller who offers a maximum of 8 working days for delivery. Shipping should be fast with the seller offering order tracking information.


Compare the prices of these miners from other stores to know the average market prices. Avoid sellers who overprice or underprice a miner.

These sellers are likely to lower prices to lure buyers into buying in bulk. The moment you buy more units, the seller goes dark.

We have seen it happen countless times, especially on B2B marketplaces.

Quality of the miner

The seller must give the condition of the miner. Is it a brand new or used miner? These are the aspects that make buying a miner easy or hard.

A used miner will probably sell for less than a new miner. Scammers can also post a new miner, ship a used miner, and claim you changed the miner after arrival.

Receipts of payment

Make sure to use a vendor who is ready and willing to offer receipts of payment. That’s the best way to engage with a seller, as it shows proof you purchased from the seller.

How to safely buy miners from online vendors

Overpriced miners

Step 1

Before you place an order, make direct contact with the seller. We recommend you invest in platforms that offer reliable miners.

The seller must be willing to have a facetime meeting and ensure transparency.

Step 2

Check to see whether the miner is in mint condition. A reliable seller will give you a short video of the miner.

During the video, ensure you check the maximum hashrate of the miner before purchasing.

Step 3

Once you decide to go through the purchase, check the payment methods and the price of the miner.

We don’t recommend using crypto payment channels for first-time buyers due to anonymity.

Step 4

Once the seller happens to deliver the miner, record the unboxing. You have to share the condition of the miner on arrival.

The seller should offer a full return if there’s any extensive damage.

What to do when scammed by crypto hardware vendors

MyChargeBack services are available where a legal team can put up a formidable battle and ensure you recover funds.

Please check our scam recovery page for more about fighting back and recovering stolen funds.

Support from staff

Don’t expect any support from staff on the platform. For example, Rozetka doesn’t offer a dispute resolution center or a chat service.

Final Verdict on Rozetka

For now, you must be extra careful when engaging with crypto vendors selling on B2B marketplaces.

Please let us know if you have engaged with any of the sellers. Thanks.

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