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Sesterce Review: Is a Scam?

Sesterce ( is a crypto miner retailer store where buyers are losing funds. The platform is not anywhere close to being legit. There are hundreds of clones with the same name. None of them offer legit crypto hardware. And this is a problem facing nearly all buyers from the platform. You will likely face a delay in shipping or receive a faulty miner. Despite claiming to have all miners, it’s the last shop you want to buy a miner. Here’s our complete SESTERCE REVIEW.

About Sesterce

Are Miners from Sesterce Working?

According to the about us page, Sesterce wants to help Bitcoin miners. Most of the miners on their roster mine Bitcoin. And this means creating an illusion of having the best miners for mining a top coin.

What we have instead is a platform that fails to deliver on its promise. Those who have had the chance to engage rue their decision. There are hundreds of complaints regarding and its clone platforms.

Other clone platforms include and These are the platforms that will fail to deliver any promise. And that’s why you need to be careful when dealing with any Sesterce product or service.

What we have is a platform that started great and, along the way, lost its goals. The platform is now marred with controversy after leading manufactures pulled out their support. Whatsminer is one of the manufacturers that pulled their partnership with the platform.

With complaints of not receiving miners, the users placed the blame on these manufacturers. Sesterce doesn’t respond to any queries making us believe it’s an exit platform. Soon, the platform will go burst.

You need to invest in reliable miners that provide actual profit when mining. We suggest buying miners from reputable stores that have a proven track record. It would be best if you went for a top bitcoin miner that guarantees a profit.

Available Miners with Sesterce

Sesterce has a miners’ page that offers Bitcoin miners from different brands. These include four leading brands such as Bitmain, Canaan, and MicroBT. There are three leading coins you can mine with these miners.

Coins you are likely going to mine with their miners include Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. The price range from the highest to the lowest. To attract all customers, the platform promises worldwide shipping.

There are no profitability estimates with the platform. You only get a miner that has no profitability estimate. To find out the profitability of all miners, you can check for updates to confirm which miner suits you.

The problem with these miners is that they come at a higher cost than normal. You also get a used miner instead of a new miner. Most of the accessories don’t work, and you won’t get the PSU.

These are the problems facing buyers from The platform fails to deliver all pieces of the miner. You have to sort out the rest of the accessories from different stores. It will increase the cost of buying the miner.

The cost of running faulty miners is also high. Since the fans don’t work, expect high electricity costs. The chips found on the miners also don’t mine efficiently due to the high voltage. Finally, most of the miners are loud, making them a lost cause.

Affiliate Partnership

Complaints from buyers of Sesterce

In the beginning, the platform did offer affiliate programs to buyers. But, unfortunately, the platform could not pay the commissions leading to a major outcry from investors. And this is the reason why we have to shun the platform.

We, too, did not receive our commission from the platform. Despite attempts to try and reach out to the platform, there was no response. As a result, we couldn’t afford to lose our reputation and had to share the cost with buyers.

There’s no communication from the platform as to why they fail to pay affiliates. Hundreds of affiliates have already listed the platform as a scam. We, too, have to add Sesterce to our blacklist for various reasons.

Business holder

Information on who owns or runs the platform remains unknown. And this is a feature that you must confirm before engaging. You have to do due diligence before buying any miner on any platform.

We only recommend trusted retail shops that offer genuine products. There’s due diligence to follow, which includes having legal documents. Sesterce fails to deliver any information of the owner or their place of residence.

No one knows the headquarters of the platform. You will likely fail to get any information on the clone platforms as well. These are the red flags most buyers will miss when engaging with such a platform.

Most buyers get enticed easily by the aesthetics of the platform. However, you should know who handles funds in case of any refunds. Sadly, and the clones are anonymous crypto hardware retail stores.

Client Testimony

Hundreds of clients have made their cases known to the public. Sesterce is not delivering genuine mining equipment. These complaints range from shipping delays to worthless miners that fail to work.

One user has been waiting for over eleven months to receive a miner he bought in January. But, unfortunately, there’s been no response from the platform ever since he made payment. And this leads us to believe the platform has done this to other buyers.

Those who did receive the miners also have issues with the platform. Most claim the miners could only mine for a week before shutting down. However, we believe the platform is refurbishing old miners and selling them as new ones.

User testimony

Contact and support

You should not expect any support from the platform. Despite having a help tab, there’s no direct access to the platform. And this makes it a ruthless platform to have. You don’t get any contact even after sending hundreds of emails.

That’s the situation you will find yourself in if you engage with the platform. We recommend staying away from it and using reputable stores. Buyers don’t get any support with no way of getting feedback.

On the website, you can only leave a message. There’s no link to support with users directed to social media pages. On the help page, you get information on miners’ risk and purchase policies. Unfortunately, once you buy goods, the platform doesn’t accept them back.

License and Registration Sesterce

Sesterce is not a licensed or registered entity as there’s no proof of it. We did a thorough check with registry entities all over the world. There’s no company or entity registered under the above name.

Without any registration, the platform is free to operate as they wish. No government body protects consumers. And this creates a loophole for the platform to take full advantage of naïve buyers.

There’s also no insurance cover for the miners. Once you place an order, the platform acts as if shipping risks fall on you. The platform doesn’t accept any refunds, which is a huge problem for investors.

When you visit the warranty and returns page, that’s when you get a clear picture. All items are non-refundable, and you can’t cancel an order. And this goes to show how unfair the platform operates.

Miners State on Delivery

Buying Miners from a shady retailer Sesterce

After checking the miner on delivery, you immediately start spotting the mistake you made. The miner is likely used and doesn’t have a PSU. Even if you record the unboxing, there’s no way of receiving any refunds.

Our Verdict

It’s best to stay away from Sesterce.

You can instead join a platform that offers affordable mining contracts. It’s one of the safest ways to profit from mining cryptocurrency.

Feel free to drop a comment or email us with any queries.

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