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Shitdhebli Review: Is a scam?

Shitdhebli ( is an Albanian B2B marketplace growing beyond borders. And the reason for this growth is the buyer/seller relationships glued together by the platform. Most buyers are happy and come out satisfied with sales. However, not all of them enjoy the fruits of interacting with some of the sellers. And that’s why we have to expose some crypto miner sellers. Here’s our candid SHITDHEBLI REVIEW.

A brief analysis of Shitdhebli

Based in Albania, buyers get the call to buy and sell goods for free on the platform. And that gives members a chance to enjoy the B2B marketplace. Sellers leave their contacts, and you can reach out and buy a product.

There are some sellers, however, who will insist on transacting outside the scope of the website. And some of these are crypto hardware sellers. Therefore, you need to pay extra attention to this review that exposes the scammers behind this platform.

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Shitdhebli is an innovative B2B marketplace that offers buyers a chance to get products online. The problem we have with this platform is the failure to vet sellers. Shitdhebli fails to vet sellers properly, and this creates a problem.

Any seller can open an account and sell one unit to several buyers. There’s no client dispute and resolution center on the platform. We wonder how the platform handles disputes regarding missed delivery or no delivery at all.

Shitdhebli pros and cons

Some of the sellers are taking advantage of this and opening multiple accounts. If you have an email, you can pose as a seller on the platform. One such seller goes by Antonio Morales and claims to have every imaginable crypto miner.

Experts recommend doing due diligence before engaging with any store. You need to ascertain the store, and the seller will guarantee delivery of the product. Try and read reviews and customer experiences before making the final decision.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shitdhebli

There are some advantages to buying crypto hardware from the store. And this is so for users in the region. You can set up a meeting and get to see the product. And that gives you enough confidence to go and purchase the product.

Albanians who want to start mining cryptocurrencies can get these miners with ease. Just contact the seller and meet to finalize the sale. During the sale, ensure you check the condition and usage of the miner. We will get to the testing later.

There are also some disadvantages when it comes to buying from the store. And that includes security and lack of any warranties. We noticed that none of the sellers offered any warranty for crypto miners.

The warranty period should not be less than 180 days for those who don’t know. Sellers on the platform also fail to list the condition of the miners. Are these brand-new or used miners? You need to know the condition before moving forward.

Another aspect to check is the price point of these miners. Buyers have to know the average market price of the intended miners. Scammers will try and underprice a miner to solicit bulk orders. You won’t get even a single unit from them.

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A checklist of available miners on the Shitdhebli B2B marketplace

When you do a search on any of the reputable crypto mining hardware brands, you will find one. Sellers on the store have nearly all miners listed on the store. These include miners from brands such as Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, iBeLink, Innosilicon, iPollo, Jasminer, and Whatsminer.

Some sellers also sell GPU mining rigs and other crypto accessories. Some of the accessories we found listed include crypto containers and graphic cards. You also get to buy some of these miners wholesale.

And that brings us to the biggest issue with some of these sellers, pricing. The most profitable miner in the market right now is the Bitmain KA3 miner. A seller is claiming to sell it for €1,200.

For naïve buyers, this seems to be a reasonable price, affordable. However, this is a red flag as not even the manufacturer sells the miner at this price. We have a store that doesn’t vet these features.

The seller wants to take advantage by luring naïve buyers for bulk orders. Once you place an order, don’t expect the seller to fulfill it. These are the scammers we are talking about. You need to stay away from such.

To know ideal crypto miners prices, you must check our profitability list. It’s good to know the average market price of the intended miner. You also get to see the competitor’s price point.

Listed miners on the Shitdhebli B2B marketplace

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A guarded way of buying crypto hardware

Process 1

Make direct contact with the seller. Most sellers on Shitdhebli leave their contact details. We recommend setting up a Skype or zoom meeting for such. Make sure to go for sellers available for one-on-one meetings or facetime.

Process 2

After making contact, you can move ahead and start the purchase process. First, begin by demanding to see the miner. It helps prove that the seller indeed has the miner at hand. That way, you get to see the miner and rest assured, it’s not a stock image.

Process 3

Let the seller test the miner on your behalf. The seller should send a short video of the miner in action. The video will highlight the miner’s overall condition and maximum hashrate. You should also see the setup needed to start the miner.

Process 4

After confirming the miner is working, you should start asking about delivery and shipping. How long will it take for the seller to deliver the miner? Are there any additional fees to incur after the sale point?

Process 5

You need to ask for order tracking information as you complete payment. Make sure to also get a receipt of payment and confirmation email from the seller. You should also take screenshots of the entire purchase process.

Process 6

After the seller delivers miners, you also need to record the unboxing. Make sure you check the condition of the miner. If there’s any damage, the seller should cover the repair fees. Return the miner and ask for a full refund if you are unsatisfied with the miner.

Bulk purchases deals Shitdhebli

If you want to buy brand-new miners in bulk, contact manufacturers directly. That’s the safest way to guarantee delivery and well-maintained miners. You also need to go through the terms of use with these sellers.

Payment options

There are several payment options, including bank and wire transfers.

Closing Verdict Shitdhebli

Make sure to follow the above guidelines when you buy any miner from the store. Please let us know your experience with sellers on the platform.

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