Crypto Hardware Retailer Scams

Shop Asic Miner Review: Is a Scam?

Shop Asic Miner ( is a Bangkok-based crypto mining hardware retail store. The store is a replica of another store going by the same name. The only difference is the domain website, with the other one being These are two mining shops that will try and rip you off. Hundreds of buyers are still waiting for delivery from Learn more in our detailed SHOP ASIC MINER REVIEW.

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A Close Analysis of Shop Asic Miner

On the about us page, the store claims to have been doing business since 2018. These are attempts from the platform to try and make it appear reputable. In the eyes of customers, a long and honorable platform is ideal.

Shop Asic Miner Drawbacks and setbacks

We won’t take their word for it, and thus, decided to use a domain tools checker. Unfortunately, records indicate that the website is 172 days old as we publish this post. And this means we have a platform that fails to offer transparency in terms of their online presence.

The about us page also claims the store will become a popular crypto payment method. That’s not clear. Does the platform want to become a crypto exchange platform? The claim of having over three years of experience is false.

There’s an office in Thailand, yet the domain registration is in Singapore. It paints a picture of where precisely the owner resides. The name of the registrant is unavailable as it was redacted for privacy reasons.

On the homepage, we see a list of miners. The store claims to offer unbelievable prices. These include -$34 percent discounts to some leading miners. An excellent example is the Goldshell CK5 Miner going for $5,000.

The miner is currently making below $10 in daily profit. Take a look at the miner’s profitability stats here.

You won’t get the miner with the price listed on the homepage. It shows that the store is out of tune with the current market. Even a used miner won’t go for that. The least you can expect to buy a used CK5 miner is $7,000.

Most stores don’t even have the unit, and it’s out of stock. And this raises the question of the quality of miners to expect with the platform.

A List of Miners found on Shop Asic Miner

Shop Asic Miner claims to offer a barrage of leading crypto miners. These include miners from known and reputable crypto hardware manufacturers. For example, you get Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, Innosilicon, MicroBT, StrongU, and other miners.

Before you buy a miner, we recommend that you research the store first. First-time buyers must check out what the store offers. Try and find out what other clients are saying about their experience.

The store claims to be one of the biggest wholesale stores on the homepage. According to the information provided, the store mainly deals with offline sales. When you ask the shop for more details, none is forthcoming.

And this points to a store that doesn’t want to create trust with consumers. The store wants us to take their word for it. Even after asking for proof of the store’s warehouse, none came as the store didn’t respond.

As a buyer, you have the right to ask for proof of concept. So the store should provide a video of the mine you want in action. Even if it’s a brief 30-second video. In the video, you have to check for the miner’s configuration, dashboard, and hashrate.

All this is an attempt to ensure that the miner you purchase is of high quality. The store even fails to post photos of these miners. All we have is a website with stock photos of miners with prices alongside them.

Trying to undersell miners by claiming to offer discounts doesn’t make sense. It leads us to believe that the store is just a middleman. Even the prices quoted are not what you would get directly from manufacturers.

Shop Asic Miner Sells Defective Miners

Are terms and conditions favorable on

As the terms and conditions page doesn’t work, all liability falls on buyers. Instead, the platform redirects you to the contact page. It has a Google map which doesn’t give a reason for not having terms and conditions.

A buyer needs to read and understand the available terms and conditions. It’s a way of ensuring all parties follow a strict protocol. We suspect that the store wants to take advantage and refuse to accept returns or offer refunds.

As is the case with the members complaining of not receiving miners. These victims demand a full refund from the store. Meanwhile, the store keeps silent, not even responding to emails sent by victims.

That’s why you need to read the terms and conditions for a chance to make it. These are necessary documents that every online shop should have. Without them, it creates the jungle law where the store has supreme power.

Despite claiming to offer an order tracking system, it’s non-existent. The store won’t deliver your miner. Even after completing payment, the store fails to deliver miners. And this is the headache facing buyers.

Business holder

Despite claiming to reside in Bangkok, Thailand, there are no business registry details. As a result, we don’t know who owns or runs the platform. And this is why we have to insist on transparency.

The scenario makes it hard to pinpoint who is responsible for funds. And this is the reason why the store fails to offer refunds. We have a store that wants to take advantage of investors.

It’s why we recommend against investing with platforms that fail to have legal compliance. All we have is a store claiming to reside in Thailand. There’s no proof of ownership or national registry.

You will also note that the store fails to link its social media platform. That should be a worrying fact from a buyer’s perspective. A store should have all the correct details to ensure communication is available on all avenues.

Client testimonials and reviews fails to deliver miners

There’s no positive review of the store anywhere on the web. For all the time the store has been online, no one made a positive comment on it. And this goes to show that the store doesn’t enjoy any footing in the crypto hardware space.

Contact and customer support

You shouldn’t expect any customer support from the platform. We have a store that, instead, gives buyers a message board. The phone number listed rarely goes through. And this is a pointer the store wants no interaction with clients.

That’s the reason there are no social media links. The store fails to have any social media footprint, which is unheard of. Today’s stores all have social media links, especially a store in the online sphere.

Drawbacks of Shop Asic Miner

One of the most significant disadvantages is that the store won’t bother delivering miners. You shouldn’t even expect a refund from them. That’s why we have to flag the store down.

Final verdict

Don't buy crypto hardware miners from Shop Asic Miner

Please stay away from Shop Asic Miner or risk losing your investment.

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